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Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been a wonderful one! We are back home, Barry is gone to work and I have been washing clothes -you girls know how I feel about washing clothes LOL! It’s so nice when you get it done and you can actually put that aside for 12 minutes – then here we go again HAHA!

I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to write about today and I keep going back to sacrifice. We sacrifice daily for our families, friends, spouses, giving to charitable causes and so much more. I got to thinking about what it means to sacrifice when you are a Christian. I tithe, I give to others when I can ( I love to give – it makes me feel good), I put aside times in my daily routine to spend time in the Bible (not like I should, but I am working on it), and prayer time.

I was laying on the couch at the beach, Barry had already fallen asleep and I thought what do I sacrifice for him? He sacrifices daily for us, he always makes sure we have, he does most of the grocery shopping, he will run errands when I need him too. Overall he sacrifices more than I do at times. I know marriage is a give and take and sometimes marriage is not quite the fairy tale we thought it would be.

I thought about these small sacrifices we all do each day, but it will never compare to the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us. It says for us to be more like Him, even in the small things. People notice these “little things” and why is that important? Because the non-believer can see Jesus in us.

So slow down, open that door for a stranger (even if they don’t say thank you), let a car in when things are backed up, pay it forward when you buy your meal, it’s the little things that just may touch someone. And that’s when God can swoop in and use that gesture to plant a seed in their heart. It sounds so simple, but those little things can be used by God. And that is what we want- we want God to use us, whether it is small or big.

I notice the things about Barry that totally get on my last nerve all the time HA! Rarely do I tell him the little things I notice that he does that mean so much to me. I think that may be from being married so long and we get comfortable and used to each other – or maybe I’m just lazy in giving him thanks. I laid there on that couch and made a promise to myself, I would tell him something positive daily. (I wonder how long it will be before he notices it??? – I will let you girl know LOL). They say these type of things are contagious, so if I can spread something – I will spread love and gratitude!

Have a happy Sunday ladies – do you find yourself thinking like this? Getting comfortable and not saying anything because it’s the “norm”? It’s so easy to not say anything, to not say hello to strangers, but it is so gratifying to show someone they mean something and they matter! To be sure I can do this at least once a day HA! All kidding aside, I think it will build stronger relationships, so I am going to try this positive reinforcement with the kids too! Brooklyn already gets all this, so she is good!! LOL!!!! Talk to you later girl!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a safe and relaxing Sunday!!


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  • Cheryl Meyer

    I think I will try to follow your lead. Great idea of gratitude towards my husband. But first I’ll start with saying I am thankful for you. Since I found you through Tania, I read your post daily and just love your style as well as your writing.

    • Beverly

      Oh wow Cheryl!! What a compliment!! Thank you so much!!! We have something in common-my middle name is Cheryl!! Lol. Thank you again and have a great day!! ❤️

    • Kelly Palmer

      So glad that you had a good time and made it back safely! It feels like forever since I have commented although I actually only missed one day. I worked yesterday 8-3, today 8-2 and tomorrow will be 8-3 again. Today is my hubby’s birthday so a coworker came in a little early so that I could meet up with him for a movie and dinner. Waiting in the parking lot for him now so I wanted to say a quick hello 🙂 Today’s post was great! I am really good about giving compliments, smiles and words of encouragement to our customers at work but am lacking in giving Troy the kind words and encouragement that he so greatly deserves. Thanks for the reminder and I too will be trying to do better. Have a wonderful day!!

      • Beverly

        Tell Troy Happy Birthday!! Kelly-I am the same way, I give compliments out like candy to everyone, but I lack in acknowledging Barry. He is a great guy and I take him for granted at times. Also, I figure if I pour on the attention he will pour it right back haha!! Just kidding!! Have a great date night!!!

  • sandy

    This is such a great reminder as I KNOW I could do better both to people I don’t know and those I love. I too sometimes take my hubby for granted because you think that after 38 years of marriage they already know “your thoughts” but I also know how “I” like to actually hear them, Terry I’m sure does too even though his love language is to do for others before having them do to you. He sets such a good example so that’s why I know I can improve in that area. Your Sunday posts are always such great inspiration and reminders so “thank you” for that! Just returned from our trip to our granddaughters dance recital and Terry headed to the field to plant more beans and I’m going to make him a chocolate cake for his birthday treat for when he comes in.

  • BJ

    It is a ‘mindful’ act for me because I get so caught up in my day to day routine, that I forget to perform kind acts toward others, I need to be more mindful of others, too. Enjoy your blog so very much.

    • Beverly

      Thank you so much BJ!! You are right, we get caught up in our day to day routine and it’s so easy to let those little things slip. Have a great day!

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