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Happy Friday everyone! We finally made it to the beach and we have had a great time since being here. At first, it was so quiet, no kids talking, no dogs running around, no constant activity. I got depressed and bored real quick! Who knew I would miss all the chaos of having kids running around? Barry could tell I was kind of quiet so he offered to take me to Tanger Outlets – that perked me up real quick LOL! We shopped and browsed around and I know he did that for me, cause he HATES shopping! I was so impressed with him, I had to smooch on him a few times today HA!

I wanted to pick out a couple of outfits that were “beachy” looking (I had a bunch of clothes coming in, but they arrived after we left for our trip), so we improvised! I made sure I got a quick picture of Barry and I out on the beach to show you girls. He’s a pretty good guy most of the time…I said most of the time LOL! Just kidding – I know he’s probably going to read this blog HAHA!! Girls, this man right here is the one God sent me – I sure enough love him and I am very thankful for all he does. He is the one that keeps all of “Hoyle Nation” running and we all are very blessed to have such a loving and giving man in our lives. OK, I’m sure I have boasted his ego a bit now, so let’s get to the outfit. (smiling now lol)

We looked around and looked around and we ran across this gauze type Split Neck top with bracelet sleeves at The Loft Outlet. It’s a relaxed fit top, hits right at the hips and looks great with denim shorts. It would also look good with capris, Bermuda shorts, cropped jeans or even colored ankle pants. I did not try this on before we bought it, so I was hoping it would fit ok. I purchased a Medium, it is a relaxed fit and I probably could have worn a Small, but I like the relaxed look. This was $54.99 (40% off in stores), but online it’s only $21.99. Plus you get an extra $10 off a $100 purchase with CODE SUNNY. See the top HERE.

I chose the Denim Roll Shorts in Indigo to pair with it. These have a 3 1/2 inch inseam but can be rolled down to be longer if you like it better longer. They are 5 pocket styling and have 1% Elastane to give you some stretch, and 99% Cotton. These are reg $49.99, on sale online for $29.99 and dont forget the Code mentioned above!! See the shorts HERE.

I grabbed up my R+F canvas tote to throw some shoes and a hat in and of course, Barry’s stuff LOL! Moms and wives carry bigger pocketbooks for a reason! We carry everyone’s stuff! You can tell the wind was really blowing and I mean it was BLOWING! We thought it was at least 25 mph wind if not a tad bit more. My hair got whipped around everywhere and every way! But I didn’t care – I had my feet on the sand! We stayed at a condo our friend owns, it’s right on the beach and we certainly thank him for allowing us to stay here a few days! (I’m really shouting out today huh LOL).

The sunglasses are from Quay, I got these in my FabFitFun box last month. They are a $65 value and I have been loving them! See them HERE.

Get your FabFitFun Box HERE, your first box is only $29.99 and you will receive well over $200 in products, and you can choose which main items you want.

The espadrilles I am carrying in my hand are the Vince Camuto, Kathalia 1 inch wedges. I wear these a lot and they are so cute with shorts, cropped jeans, and dresses. I am styling a gorgeous maxi dress tomorrow!! I can’t wait for you girls to see it. Barry was already talking about where he wanted to take the pictures! How do you like the pictures when I’m outside the house? I enjoyed it and hope we can continue to do these -he seems to enjoy it, so I hope it’s something we can do together!! See the Espadrilles HERE.

This last picture was his favorite, I think he likes the water behind me. I’m hopping off here and we are going to get on the beach for awhile. I may take a picture of the bathing suit I picked out this season and show you. It’s a very modest suit, I am very shy and do not like to show a lot of skin. I never have, I think it is the way I was raised. The suit is a tankini with full boy shorts, so I’m covered very well and I LOVE it. Brookly helped me pick this one out – I think she did pretty good!

You girls have a fantastic Friday and thanks for stopping by the blog! And thank you ALL for your birthday wishes, prayers for my headaches and overall friendship! Love you girls!! XOXO



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  • sandy

    I love everything about this post!!! Barry did an awesome job with the photos and I’m loving the outdoor/beach photos. What is it about outdoor photos that really make photos pop or is it just because you are so cute in all of them. I like that you took the photos in the wind as you made these photos “real” that way and makes them look so natural. That is really a cute top and even though I have been trying that front tuck, I am still NOT getting it. The back of my shirt still isn’t laying right for some reason. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…LOL That beach bag is super cute. What a sweet hubby for being able to read your mind about missing everything from home and knew that shopping would perk you up. Beverly did I miss your actual birthday day or is it happening this weekend??? I really think you and Barry need to find a time slot for him to do more outdoor photos…tell him he did good!!

    • Beverly

      I’m smiling so big right now!!!! I loved the outdoor photos and I’m so proof of him!!! Thank you thank you!!!! 😘 my birthday was yesterday. But we are celebrating all weekend haha?! We are going out to eat with Tania tonight woohoo!!!

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!! I write a big ole comment and I hit something and it went away. Uggg!! Ok, my birthday was yesterday, but we are kind of celebrating this weekend. We have to be back Saturday night cause Barry has to work Sunday. Didn’t he do good on the pictures!! I was so proud of him!! He enjoyed it too!! I really didn’t think he was going to enjoy it at all, I figured I would be hearing huge sighs, but he was getting in to it like a professional haha!! I love and I mean LOVE taking pictures outside so hopefully I can work it around where him and my mom can go “out” with me and I can take pictures outside from now on. I love it!! Thank you so much for this comment. Made my day!! Lol

      • sandy

        Well now I have a SAD face on as Beverly I am SO SORRY that I did not wish you a Happy Birthday yesterday. HOW did I miss that the day was on the 16th?????? I DID know you were celebrating your birthday with this little get away and I assumed it was happening while you were at the beach. So HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BELATED birthday to you. But you do know….if people keep giving you birthday wishes belated…you get to celebrate “longer”. (trying to make myself feel better for not acknowledging your special day yesterday). I’m glad that Barry enjoyed it and the more he does…he’ll either love it or hate it…LOL. Enjoy your outing tonight with Tonia. I can’t imagine that there won’t be lots of laughs and good conversation tonight. ENJOY !!!!

        • Beverly

          Awe!! Thank you Sandy!! You’re right, I can keep celebrating as long as I keep getting told Happy Birthday lol!! I was going to “announce it” but I thought that might be a bit too much lol. Thank you thank you thank you!! I told Barry what you said-let’s hope he continued to like it lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy belated Birthday!!! I was just about to ask you when the actual big day is but as always Sandy beat me to it! lol. I too love the outside pictures and tell Barry that he did an excellent job but he also had a beautiful model to photograph so how could he possibly mess that up? You two are an adorable couple!! My hubby Troy’s birthday is this Sunday the 19th. We have a lot of May birthdays in our family. You and I are so much alike because I look so forward to going away but once I am at the destination I am homesick for the hustle and bustle of home and get bored very easily. As like you the offer to shop always perks me up too 😉 Today’s outfit looks so cute and relaxed. Enjoy the rest of you getaway and tell Tania hello!

    • Beverly

      Thank you Kelly!! I think you and I were sisters somewhere in time lol. Thank you for those comments. I was reading them to Barry and when I read the part about the model being cute (haha) he rolled his eyes and said Dear Lord 😂😂 He makes me laugh so much. We’ve stayed pretty busy these past few days. I seem to be getting another headache from the heat so I think I need more water. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! If you girls have trouble pinning anything, something is going on with Pinterest. For some reason I can’t pin anything. I’ve sent an email so I hope they get that fixed soon. Have a great day ! Tell Troy Happy Birthday!!

      • sandy

        I’m so glad to hear the Pinterest problem is on your end because I still can’t pin and I didn’t know what I needed to change because I hadn’t done anything different. Phew…you are smarter about knowing how to fix it then I am so I will wait for your end to clear up and then just go back and pin. Oh dear girl…NO migraines on your birthday celebration are allowed. Hope the water helped.

        And Kelly ….my hubby’s birthday is also Sunday the 19th !!

        • Beverly

          Oh my gosh!! This is crazy -your and Kelly’s husband bday’s are on the same day!! I emailed Pinterest again last night. I can’t pin anything and I mean anything!! Hopefully they will clear it up soon!!

    • sandy

      Awe…thank you Kelly. HB to your hubby also since I didn’t say that in the last post. I usually make him a chocolate cake which is his favorite but we will be at our kids this weekend but will be out and about so don’t think we will get a chance to eat it so I will make it next week for him.

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