5 Things to Make You Look and Feel Younger

Good morning girls! Boy, this post is going out kind of late! I have had a bought with migraines this week, I think I mentioned this earlier this week, but boy it was horrible yesterday. I ended up having to get a shot and that helped a lot! But, it pretty much put me out for the majority of the day. Last night I woke up at 1AM with another one! I was so worried we were going to miss our trip! I sat up in the recliner and kind of dozed most of the night. I was feeling well enough to get on the road this morning, so I figured I would drop a quick post for you girls as we are driving down.

This probably won’t be the most elegant of posts HA! But, it is a lot of what I learned on a fashion webinar for older women. I personally thought it was interesting – and some I blew off. I took really good notes, so let me know what you think about what the fashion experts in NYC and LA say about how women over a “certain age’ should do to make you look and feel youn ger!

We’ve all read the lists of things we shouldn’t wear over 50 and we’re constantly bombarded with don’ts.  Life is to be enjoyed ladies and we should wear what makes us happy. Today I am sharing 5 things to wear over 50 which you may not have considered that I am trying to embrac.


Embrace texture and pattern. Wrinkles and sun damage may be hard-earned badges of midlife and we’re lucky to have earned them, but we may not want to accentuate them. Wearing texture and patterned fabric reduces the appearance of texture on our face. I love smooth and shiny fabrics but since they enhance the rough texture on my skin I choose to wear them further from my face. I seldom chose patterns until I discovered the fun they can add to an outfit. I was never a huge floral lover, but I have been finding some prints I am actually loving, and giving me more options with my wardrobe. Plus the floral top will be the “eye catcher” and not my wrinkles lol! It’s all an illusion and a trick that “tricks” the human eye.


Black is always chic and oh so easy to build a wardrobe around. Trust me, my closet was filled with black when I was in corporate America. Sadly, that dark color can pull the life out of our complexion as our natural coloring fades, ever notice how black makes you look very pale in the winter? The stark contrast that black creates can easily wash us out adding years to our look and making us look tired. Opt for a navy, deep gray, chocolate-brown or olive as an alternative to black, especially in the colder months when we are not getting sunshine. They are often more flattering so experiment with color and don’t forget lighter neutrals too. (I am a work in progress on this one LOL).


By this time many of us have developed foot problems. Years of abuse from wearing high heels, ill-fitting shoes, injuries, and weight changes often cause bunions, hammer toes, arthritis or simply painful feet. I have had my share of foot issues from wearing high heels and standing mostly on my feet during the day my entire adult life. Now’s the time to invest in comfy shoes. I used to think comfortable was synonymous with ugly but no more! Shoe companies are wising up and designing shoes we can wear that look fashionable. Opt for, toe boxes, cushioned soles and insoles, and shoes with arch support. Some of the best brands I have found are Dansko, Vionics, Aerosoles, and Lifestride to name a few. I love the Vionics below.


Many women believe they should lighten up their makeup as they age. The truth is our natural coloring is fading, see above, and the boost we can get from makeup is nothing short of fun. I stopped wearing full coverage foundation because it settled in my lines which enhanced them, that was not my goal HA!! My eye makeup has gotten deeper in the creases and corners and my lipstick normally is in the rosy color family. I will wear more neutrals in the Summer, as I tend to tan very easily and I have my “color” back for a few months. Opt for bright rather than dark lipstick (dark mauves, browns, etc. will make you look older) and matte rather than glittery eyeshadow.


Classic fashion pieces are the backbone of many wardrobes and stand the test of time. However, I believe adding a small touch of trend keeps us looking modern;  and can be an inexpensive, relatively simple way to freshen our looks each season. Keep your staple pieces and if you are wondering what they are…I will be putting that post out this month along with how to dress for your body type. Keep an eye out for the email!!

Ok girls, I am logging off as we are almost there. I bet Barry has gotten tired of hearing me peck this keyboard HAHAHA!!! Thanks for stopping by and I will see you soon!!


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  • Johnna

    Hope you are feeling better so you can have fun on your trip. Thanks for the useful tips too. Safe travels..

  • Kelly Palmer

    When I didn’t see your post this morning I thought maybe I didn’t personally receive it again. Good to know that it came through ok. So sorry that you are dealing with migraines! I used to get them regularly and most of the time it coincided with my menstrual cycle. I would get ocular migraines so even closing my eyes didn’t help to get away from the visual shapes and colors pulsating. The only thing that helped me was acupuncture and now I very rarely get one. Thanks for all of the tips today. It’s funny how some things like wearing less black and wearing more color and texture has just come naturally for me without even consciously thinking about making the change. I sure hope you feel better and can relax and enjoy your vacation. Lots of love and prayers being sent your way!! Maybe I will actually beat Sandy at commenting today since it is later she may already be out mowing it something 😉

  • sandy

    LOL…Kelly….yes…I went to google Beverly blog also this morning thinking I didn’t receive it and I am getting ready to head out to mow the front half of the farm but wanted to check one more time before I head out since I won’t be back in til late afternoon. I have not had a migraine in ages but I did get one last week due to having trouble with bookwork coming out. I hate working with financial numbers anymore but my hubby won’t fire me from the bookkeeping job. (sigh). I grabbed the ice pack and closed the shades and finally 1.5 hours later I didn’t feel like I had to puke anymore. These tips are very helpful Beverly and after having my colors done this past February(yep, I gave myself a birthday present as I thought it would be fun to see what my “colour” was and black is NOT one of the colors that does anything for me. As much as I love leopard, I found out that washes me out also so it’s been fun…but yet challenging for me to change my mindset to wear some colors that I always thought made me stick out but yet found out that they actually accentuate my skin tones and make me look “younger” and who doesn’t want that. I’m not sticking to my colour pallet to the tee…but trying to do better about wearing more colors in my color wallet so that’s when you post a top, I will go to see what colors it all comes in. And…I haven’t taken all the black out of my closet yet because my color wallet is meant to be a guide and I think I’ll get my blacks out for winter(once in a while). Ok…got to keep moving here. Beverly, I’m sure that did not help being on your computer typing this post while moving in a car so hope your migraine didn’t return. Not a good way to start off your trip so please rest and enjoy even if that means not chatting with us for a day.

    • Beverly

      Lol-I kept books for 8 years and I will never do it again ‼️‼️. I’m doing much better, Barry has gone to get me some nose spray do hopefully that will help. I’m loving this view!!! Lol. Hope you have a great day!!

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