3 Casual & Affordable Summer Outfits

Happy Hump Day! Boy, I have been waiting for this day to get her for the past week! We are heading to the beach tonight and I couldn’t be happier. have I said I was excited about turning 50? LOL! I have no clue why, but for some reason I am anxious and excited about this birthday. I was a little depressed when I turned 40 and I’m the exact opposite at 50. Were any of you girls like that about those big milestone birthdays?

I have been getting outfits together this week for extra blog posts and I thought I would share a few affordable finds with you. I was looking for a new bathing suit, some extra towels, and a small crossbody to take to the beach and I found some inexpensive items at Burkes Outlet. if you have one near you and you like the skorts, you need to head over there because they had all kinds, colors, and patterns. I found this white skort with pockets and the cheetah print top for under $30! the skort is only $14.99 and the top was $11.99. See the skort HERE. I loved the black trim on the leopard top and thought it would look good with this skort, dress pants or jeans. I looked online, but they did not have it listed. I found a few alternatives below.

I found these B.O.C. sandals at Burkes also, but when I looked on Amazon they were a few dollars cheaper. I have never had B.O.C. sandals, but have heard they are a great show for arch support. I will say that they have a lot of cushion in the bottom of the sandal and it is worth the $18! Have any of you heard of this brand of shoe? Have you tried them and if so, how did you like them? See the sandal HERE.

I decided to pair the white skort with a grey cold shoulder knit top and my new Lucky Brand espadrilles. I wore this yesterday and I can tell you the skort was well worth the $14.99! It is stretchy and a very soft feel to it. I liked it because I could bend and move around in it and not feel restricted. It is a little shorter than I normally wear, but I thought it would be ok to try out for the beach.

These Lee Rider shorts – oh my! Girls, I found them at Walmart the other day when I was running errands and they fit great! These have a 5-inch inseam (which we like LOL), they are not tight on your legs and the waist gives! It’s not elastic in the waist, but it’s not a regular waistband. If you are looking a very comfortable short, I would recommend these. They had a variety of colors and these come in Curvy sizes also. See the shorts HERE.

What do you girls think about these 3 budget-friendly outfit ideas? I’m off to finish up my work, sorry the post is short and sweet – I have a lot to do before Barry gets home Oh my, I just remembered I need to go to the grocery store for the kids…sighhhhh. Am I the only one that needs a “to do “list before you leave, even if it’s only for a few days? LOL

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope you ladies have a great day! I’m going to finish up packing and get ready to stick my toes in some much-needed sand LOL!! See you tomorrow on the blog!

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  • Johnna

    I like all three outfits too. I can’t choose my favorite. The leopard top is really catching my eye though. And you always find the best shoes! You’re breaking me up. Lol! Birthdays never bothered my at all until I turned 50. It hit me hard for some reason. I’m glad your experience is better than mine. But my Dad always says its either have a birthday or the alternative. I suppose he’s right and I should be thankful I’m given another year. Enjoy your much deserved, I am sure, vacation. I hope you all have a blast. I wish we could get away for a while but not this summer. John is in a “boot” from foot surgery and my granddaughter is due in June so no traveling for me for a while. And, yes, I have to have my to-do list or I won’t remember a thing.

    • Beverly

      Lol!! Those to do lists ha!! It was great seeing you in the Zoom call last night. I like seeing you on there!! I have to slide the new shoes in my closet so Barry doesn’t notice them haha!! He’s as bad as me about shoes-we have an obsession. Hope your husband is doing ok. Bless his heart!! Bless your too cause I know you’re taking care of him. Tania and Leigh Anne will be at Myrtle too, so I’m hoping we all can get together some. I love hanging with them and I want Barry to meet them. Have a great day!! BTW-the leopard was my fave!! I saved that shirt for the beach lol

  • Tammy GRavis

    I hope you have a happy birthday it’s a big one. I was excited too and now I try to get my two miles down to a few seconds less with each passing year. Age is something else. If I can keep my body moving with it I’m winning. I may buy a new outfit for 55 in July and post a pic but not sure. LOL Whatever we do we’ve earned it. I’ve been blessed but seem to be crankier these days. lol

  • sandy

    This is just a real quick check in while I scarf down lunch. I just returned from my trip to the city for granddaughter graduation and decided to stay over and then have breakfast with them before they went to day care. Long trip home due to road construction and now feel like I have so much to catch up on from being gone one day but priority will be to get on the mower again and do half of our farm. My hubby is out getting crop in the field as they have a really WET forecast for us starting Friday so what we don’t get in in the next couple days….YIKES….not sure it will happen. I hate that farmers have to depend on weather so much. Ok…off my soap box and back to your outfits. I’m probably going to go with the short and leopard print…shorts not matter the length always look terrific on YOU. Yes..I start a to-do list and take along list at least a week in advance!!!!!!!! My 40th birthday bothered me the most because I can remember when I was a teen I thought my aunts and uncles that were 40 were “old”…boy have I changed my tune on that one since I’m 62!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate..someplace warm and meeting up with friends. ENJOY and safe travels.

    • Beverly

      Haha!! Sandy I have changed my tune on age also. I thought my parents were ancient at 48-ummm no!! Lol. Wow-you guys work so hard. And I am so appreciative for all you guys do!! Pat your husband on the back for me. Lol. I’m glad you had a good trip. Sorry it’s a long drive home. Yuk!! Have a great day!!

  • Julie

    I felt the same about my 50th birthday, although I anticipate that 60 will be challenging. 😂 All these outfits are cute, but the leopard is my favorite on you. Have a great time at the beach and a very happy birthday!

    • Beverly

      Hey Julie!! I think that was my favorite you!! My husband turns 60 in September and acts like it’s nothing. Unless he’s keeping it all in, you know guys don’t share feelings much ha! Thank you for the birthday wish!!😘❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    I just got home from work not too very long ago and when I checked my email for your post nothing was there. I had to go to your main page and click on today’s post. Not sure what happened. Anyway, I like all 3 of these outfits 🙂 I am excited for you that you get to go on vacation and celebrate your birthday! I didn’t get too upset about turning 50. I will be 58 in October and the closer that 60 gets I am thinking that will be another story altogether. I am most definitely a list maker! I like to write out lists for EVERYTHING with paper and pen. I like the satisfaction of crossing things off my list as I get them accomplished. When we travel I have a few lists cause we not only take clothing, toiletries and such but since I have issues with what I can eat I also take food with me. I pray that you have a safe trip, beautiful weather and an absolutely marvelous time!!

    • Beverly

      Kelly, you sound so much like me!! If you don’t get my email tomorrow let me know. I will put you bank on the list. I know sometimes servers are busy and you may get the email next week!! Sighhh!! I’m excited about leaving and getting there. I hate the unpacking then going to get necessities. I have my lists lol. Thanks for this comment!!😘

  • Gina

    Cute outfits. I am on the hunt for some beige/tan sandals with a wedge heel or block heel , not over 2 inches, that do not hurt my feet. No luck yet. Have tried on different ones, but haven’t found any yet that I could wear all day, which is the only reason I’m leery about ordering. But I’ll find some eventually . Come see us while down here!

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