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Happy Hump Day or better known as Wednesday! Mid-week with just a couple of more days to go to the weekend! It has been a real rollercoaster this week having a little one in the house for more than a few days. I have learned so much this week just talking to Brooklyn. I knew she was funny, but boy-she is wiser than I thought. The things kids say!! HA! I bet all of you grandparents out there say the same thing about your little ones – aren’t they precious!

I wanted to share with you girl the PERFECT Camo jogger and it is only $12.85, in fact, the entire outfit is under $60 for the clothes and shoes! Now ladies…that’s a deal! What’s even better, all of these items are from Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime that means FREE Shipping! I ordered these joggers about a month or so ago and haven’t tried them on until yesterday – and they are the bomb! Does anyone say that anymore? Showing my age now ha!

The knit joggers are so comfortable, you could sleep in them. These are Always Women’s Drawstring Jogger Sweatpants from Amazon for only $12.85. This is an investment you can’t pass up if you are looking for some really comfortable joggers in camo. I have a pair of jean type material joggers and I love them, but these…ohhhhh, these are like wearing loose leggings. I promise you will fall in love! These are super cute with a little heel, sandal or tennis shoe. You can pair it with a T-shirt, a camisole and denim jacket, or even a button-down shirt half tucked. There are endless ways to style these for comfort and style. Get the joggers HERE. I have a couple pics below to show the fit and the stretch in these, I am wearing a Medium and am wearing a Size 8 right now.

I chose to pair it with the T-shirt bundle I got from Amazon for $20. I have shown these T-shirts numerous times and to show you girls that these tees can be a staple in your wardrobe for Spring and Summer. This is a simple outfit, but (in my opinion) looks really cool! What are your thoughts?

The 2 T-shirt pack is the Daily Ritual Women’s Midweight 100% Supima Cotton Rib Knit Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt. I have washed thee numerous times and they are holding very well. I do not dry my t-shirts, I hang them to dry because I never have great luck with any knit top when I dry them. I end up giving them to Raegan because they always shrink and that’s wasting my money on my clothes -it’s a WIN for Raegan though LOL!

The T-shirts come in a 2-pack and come in 18 variations of colors and stripes to choose from. I chose the black tee with the black stripe tee (the black striped tee looks great with jeans and leopard print flats!). Get the Tees HERE. To see Stripes + Animal Prints click HERE to read.

I wanted to accessorize my jewelry in color and a little flash (just a little flash and bling lol). I chose the Blue Sky beaded long necklace and added the Brass tassel charm to give it a little pop. The Blue Sky necklace is gorgeous by itself, I just wanted something to stand out just a bit. There is a variety of charms to dress up any necklace or bracelet and they range from $8.00 to $50.00 depending on how big of a charm you are wanting. See all charms HERE. Get the Blue Sky necklace HERE.

I love a bar earring and this Fae Wire Wrapped Earring went perfect with the Blue Sky necklace. Notice I am not wearing any blue – but this is super cute with greens, blacks, whites or beiges! These are $22 and very lightweight. Get the earrings HERE. I love the turquoise color on these earrings!!

I showcased these sandals before and I really want to emphasize how great these sandals are. Not only are they only $27.99, I have worn these shoes with flare jeans, shorts, dresses and now these joggers – I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of these babes! Plus they are super comfortable and I can walk in them all day at work! These are the City Classified Chunky High-Heeled Dress Strap Over The Ankle Sandal, they have about a 1 1/2 inch heel, which is actually the perfect heel for when you’re out and about! Get the sandals HERE.

Tomorrow Brooklyn goes back home and I am already missing her. Even though we have played, been on the go nonstop, I am going to miss her little energetic self around here. I guess that means back to the gym and back to the normal humdrum things old married couples do-LOL! Did I mention how tired I am?? HA! Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope you girls like the camo joggers! I know you girls have liked the camo outfits in the past, so I knew I had to share this cool and cheap find with you girls. I hope you have a great Wednesday and I will see you tomorrow on the blog! Stay safe!!

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  • sandy

    LOL…not sure if anyone says “they are the bomb” anymore BUT…I knew what you meant so that ages me also!!! What a terrific price on the joggers. I went to see what other colors they came in, if any, because I just haven’t jumped on the camo bandwagon yet…I know, I know…I should just order these and try them because now would be a good time. So when I hit on the link, does that take you to the exact ones that you have on because there are a lot of different ones and they all look so similar but I like yours. You have it styled so cute with the black top and love how you accented with the necklace. I probably would wear them for just around the house or on a lazy day unless I step out of my comfort zone ;). Enjoy your last evening with Brooklyn. It’s always so fun to have them but to get things back in order and back on schedule is always nice too.

    • Beverly

      It should take you to the exact ones that I have on. I just checked the links and it did for me. You will love them and they are SUPER soft!! We still “the bomb” around here ha!! We are old up in the house though haha

      • sandy

        Thank you Beverly. I have them in my cart but…have not hit order yet. I’m asking myself if I want them because they look cute ON YOU…or do I want them for me? To be honest with myself, I don’t like the feeling of leggings and even though these have stretch and the price is so good, will I actually wear them knowing I don’t like things hugging my legs. I’m thinking I “know” the answer but don’t want to admit it…LOL

        • Beverly

          These are more like jogging pants -they don’t hug your legs. They remind me of soft jogging pants we used to wear way back in the day. It is not tight to your leg at all. I hope that helps. Size up and they will be looser!

  • Kelly Palmer

    These look so cute on you but not sure for me. I am enjoying the camo t-shirt that I recently bought 🙂 Having the grand kids around is exhausting but also so hard to see them go back home. Glad you had this time together!!

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