April Favorites!

Happy Tuesday ladies!! I had a wonderful day with little Brooklyn, we had a lot of errands to run, she got to play at the park and then we hit that bed for a nap. Oh my gosh – that was the best nap I have ever had !! HAHAHAHA!!! She is growing so much it really surprises me, I cannot remember looking at my own kids and thinking – Chase grew an inch in the past week LOL Although, I do remember him growing 3 shoe sizes in one school year- his 10th school year. He had his growth spurt kind of late – did any of you have that happen? I grew almost 2 inches after I got out of school – after age 19! Talk about a Debbie Downer! I thought I was never going to stop growing haha!!

I wanted to show the Top 10 items combined from the Blog, Social Media, and the LikeToKnow.it App. These are the most popular items so far this month. Some of these items you may have seen on the blog, but a lot these of only on the Liketoknow.it app. If you are interested in the app, download it on your phone and you can see special items plus outfits. Tania is on the app too!!

These Camo joggers have been the Most Popular item on the blog this month, you can read The Perfect Camo Jogger post HERE. I think these were the hottest item on the blog because they are just plain cool! They are from Amazon and they are at a great price point! Get th joggers HERE.

To my surprise this off the shoulder Boho Top and been VERY popular for the last two months. It has bell sleeves, loose and a flowing top and literally looks good with jeans, white pants, shorts and more!! Get this Umgee Top from Amazon HERE. I promise you that you will love this top! If you feel funny about off the shoulder, it is super cute with a racerback tank underneath!!

Next in line were these SUPER comfortable khaki pants, CHIMIKEEY WOMEN’S SKINNY STRETCH STRAIGHT LEG CASUAL FLAT FRONT CROPPED ANKLE PANTS. These are also from Amazon and have super great stretch in them and the pants do not get baggy in the behind. Read the entire post HERE, Spring Trends & Flutter Sleeve Tops. Get the ankle pants HERE. The flutter sleeve top is from Old Navy if interested get it HERE – it comes in a few more colors also.

Next up is the – MUNDI AVERY CONVERTIBLE SMALL WOMENS RFID CROSSBODY WALLET PURSE WRISTLET. This is an everyday wristlet or crossbody that has been a huge hit on Instagram and Pinterest. It is also from Amazon – get it HERE.

This was one of my favorite and most comfortable outfits of April. This blew up on Instagram and Pinterest, I’m not sure why, but it did. The top was a favorite for many!! It came from Old Navy, has a cute V-neck and can be tucked in, untucked, or half tucked. I think it looks crisp with the white shorts and belt. You can read Ruffle Top & White Shorts (with gladiator sandals) HERE. Get the ruffle blouse HERE.

White Flare Jeans For Spring was a huge hit on LiketoKnow.it and other social media outlets. Read the post HERE. Honestly, I was kind of shocked, I had no clue that flare jeans was going to be so popular this Spring. The black top shown below was in the Shop The Post and boy, did all the ladies like this! It’s from JustFab and you can get the blouse HERE.

OK, now we are at some shoes that I practically wear every day! When I say these shoes are comfortable on me – they are very comfortable. They are definitely my “go to” sandal. I love them with shorts and especially with jeans. It gives me a little height making me outfit appear to be a bit dressier than it really is. I like that!!! Cause the bottom line is I am VERY comfortable! These are also Amazon and made by CITY CLASSIFIED CHUNKY HIGH-HEELED DRESS STRAP OVER THE ANKLE SANDAL. These are a great price point and you will not be dissatisfied! Get the sandals HERE.

I have worn this cute little frock more than once this month and it can be worn with a jacket and sandals, or dress it down with cute tennis shoes! I wore this dress the other day with tennis shoes and a white long sleeve shirt tied around my waist. I loved it!! This is shirt dress from Old Navy, you can look more at the dress HERE.

The earrings that have gone viral on Facebook and Instagram are these leopard print hoops from BaubleBar. I featured these in my Insta-stories both on IG and FB and received numerous messages on how to get them. I even caught Raegan walking out the door Easter with them on – needless to say, I made her put them back!! These are around $35, very well made, lightweight and wear very comfortable! This are a decent size, I will post a video to show the size below. Get the earrings HERE.

These KanCan jeans have been popular since January and I mean POPULAR! I love these jeans and looks like you ladies have been loving them too! These are the distressed ankle cropped jeans that are from Amazon and fit and feel like leggings! These were featured in Spring Blazers & Distressed Jeans, you can see the post HERE and check out the jeans HERE.

Bonus Items & Special Mentions

I have not shown this belt on the blog, other than it appears in a few of my pictures. This is not a real Gucci belt, it is a replica I purchased off of Amazon and I absolutely love it!! Plus I saved $600!!!! It’s around $23 and well worth it!! Check it out HERE.

These are the Rockstar olive pants from Old Navy and my picture went viral on Pinterest. I had to throw these in as an honorable mention. Yes – they wear GREAT! Just like all the other Rockstar jeans – they are soft, stretchy and comfortable!! Get these jeans HERE.

These are the gladiator sandals worn in the flutter top with white shorts posts. If you are looking for a great sandal that works with jeans, crops, short and dresses – look no further. These have been huge on every media outlet that I am on If it continues these will end up the Most Popular for April!! Get them HERE.

The most popular top on the LiketoKnow.it app has hands down been this top. Why wouldn’t it??? I love this top, the sleeves, the ability to wear it on or off the shoulder and the tie in the front adds just the perfect detail that makes it perfect!! Get the top HERE.

I’m off to work today and I hope each of you have a wonderful Tuesday!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you girls like the April Faves!!! Drop a comment below and say hey!! Don’t forget your coffee ladies!! LOL!!!

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  • sandy

    How could I forget my morning coffee with you 🙂 Loved the recap of April and….I again did a little shopping while I was here and put some things in my cart from ON. Have you shopped from JustFab? I’ve seen some of their things on my side bar and they are cute and that lace blouse is really cute. Also…I just put the Liketoknow.it app on my phone but think I downloaded the wrong one so another one is downloading now. I have not heard of this one before. I find it so interesting that you can gather all this information to review for the month. Loved your little earring video and bet Reagan was disappointed when she didn’t get to wear them! I can’t remember back to school days and if our boys grew in spurts or all at once. I CAN remember how my body is changing though as I age…ugh. Oh well. Going to meet a cousin for lunch today so need to get a few things done around here this morning. Going to be a sunny day and warmer so I will enjoy that too.

    • Beverly

      Lol!! Raegan was a little disappointed but she took it in stride ha!! The app is black with white bars around a white heart. Then you can follow who you want -I can tell you how yo shop screenshots later. They took me a day or so to get the hang of it lol!! Yeah-those kids are something else!! Whew!! Oh- I buy from JustFab all the time. I’ve done quite a few posts on their clothes. I love them!!

      • sandy

        Ok…I have the right app downloaded now but….I think I’m going to have to google “how to use it”…LOL And…I’m going to have to do a search here to find your post with JustFab items 🙂 I’m usually not a big on-line shopper if I have to pay postage to return it so need to read how ordering on-line from them works. That’s why I like Amazon…I can return postage-paid if something doesn’t fit ; and I have been finding out that things look so much cuter on you then they do on me when I order clothes that you are styling 😉 But…I’m not giving up, I will keep trying for those cute outfits.

        • Beverly

          Lol I’m going to go over how the app works this week!! Just to give you girls the low down lol. I will look through my justfab stuff-they are super cute!!! See you in the morning!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I loved the recap of April too! It sounds like you had the perfect day with Brooklyn and got a nap too!! Lol I have an appointment to see my doctor this morning and would appreciate your prayers please. I have had issues with my health and immune system for years. After moving to this area I began seeing a new Naturopathic doctor and have been making good progress. As of this past Friday I started getting worse again and it was horrible trying to get through the last 3 days of work. Please pray that the Lord will give her wisdom and knowledge to know for sure what is going on and the right course of action to take. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I am back from the doctor and got some answers! I will try to make a very long story short. When I was 10 years old I had Rhuematic Fever and was put on Penicillin from the time I was 10 until 15 years old. Anyway, it pretty much wiped out my good gut bio and I have been battling with it ever since. I can’t even eat fruit because anything with sugar even if natural gives the candida something to feed off from. I have to be careful that I don’t eat too many carbs and nothing with yeast. Anyway, I got a bit lax and ate some things that fed the yeast and made me sick. I called my doctor’s office on Saturday before I went to work and she wanted me to start on something to get the yeast under control but wasn’t able to actually see me that day. I started the stuff and the first day I started to feel better but then when I woke up yesterday I felt so much worse again. It turned out that the amount of stuff (fungus from candida) was being killed off faster than my body could eliminate it which caused me to have very strong detox symptoms. When it gets out of control or when I try to get it back into balance, either way it makes me feel horribly sick and like I have a bad case of the flu. It was especially awful trying to work like that. Anyway, hopefully things will improve soon and I am so very thankful for your prayers!!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh!! I just had time to read the rest of the comments. Kelly!!! Oh lord girl -bless your heart!! I will be praying for you. Reading this it makes me think how small my little problems are. I wish I could give you a hug. 🤗🤗

  • Johnna

    Enjoyed the recap. I ordered the camo joggers myself and they are so soft and comfy I understand why everyone likes them. Plus I’m in a big camo phase right now. Go figure. I’m getting the Liketoknowit app today. You wear so many pretty clothes and put them together so well it has really helped my get out of a rut I’ve been in for a while. I want to dress better even if I’m just going to Walmart these days. (Who does that?, Weird) Your encouragement and inspiration has been good for me and I bet other readers would agree. Keep up the good work.

    • Beverly

      Girl-I went to Target the other day dressed up cute lol. Although I was there to put outfits together for you girls ( some of that is tomorrow’s blog)-I still wanted to feel cute lol. You are so stinking sweet!!! I can’t wait to meet you one day!!

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