Spring Blazers + Distressed Jeans

Happy Monday morning ladies! It’s back to work today, whether you’re going to a job or working in the home, Monday’s always seem to be the hardest day to get up and go. I guess it’s the entire idea of getting up and being somewhere that is so hard, cause those lazy weekends sure are nice!

It was finally 70 degrees here in NC and we wasted no time in pulling out Spring clothes. It was so nice and pretty outside, I spent some of Sunday on my patio listening to the birds’ chirp. I love that sound and I cannot wait till I can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning sitting outside. Speaking of coffee, we are stuck in a rut with Donut Shop K Cups. What are some really good coffees? I love all kinds, so give me some ideas of what’s good! Please…

I decided to share an outfit that I can wear to work or wear out on date night. I got a white blazer from The Loft a few years back and it has been a staple in my wardrobe. If you don’t have a couple of Spring blazers or jackets, I highly suggest getting some for your wardrobe. These can be worn to work, to church, with jeans on the weekends and they are a great way to dress up a cute dress. They look super cute with the sleeves rolled up too! I found some really cute white blazers (and they have multiple colors in some) that are in the SHOP THE POST below.

I chose to pair this white blazer with a tangerine colored camisole. The camisole I am styling today came from our Boutique, it is not available online yet so I found some comparable ones for you in the SHOP THE POST below. What makes a great camisole for me, are straps that are adjustable – that is priceless on camisoles and tanks! I love tanks, but I do not like anything tight on me if I am wearing a cardigan or blazer right now.

I am in the process of trying to lose a little off my midsection right now so I’m all about loose and flowy. Oh, I will be starting the Faster Way To Weight Loss March 11, we will see how that goes. I tried it once and I couldn’t make it past the 2nd day. I’m more dedicated now…I hope! LOL! I may need you girls to cheer me on. I have seen other bloggers who have had great success with it, I’m just hoping I can give up my late night bowl of cereal. HAHA!

The jeans I am wearing are Kancan Ankle Distressed Jeans. These are SUPER comfortable and fit TTS. The hem on these is so stinking cute to me. These jeans have a lot of stretch to them, so they are really comfortable when sitting or after you eat. Yes, I ate a big ole dinner wearing these one night and I gave them a 10 on the comfort scale. They have just enough distress in them to be edgy, but not too much for women over 45. If distressed is not your thing no worries, I have other options in the STL below. Get the exact Jeans HERE, they are $49.99 and come in sizes 5-11, see below for similar jeans.

I decided to wear the 206 Collective Women’s Eve Kitten Heel Dress Sandal with this outfit. The heel was low, these shoes are new and I wanted to wear them lol, plus I thought a nude heel/sandal would look really cute! Get the Kitten Heels HERE. They come in different colors, plus they are on Sale for $55.28 – down from $75.00 last week. These are the heels I styled last week in the Coated Jeans Post.

Shop the Post

I decided since my jacket was white, I would wear the Penelope necklace. This has become one of my favorites – I love wearing it with the whites and nudes that are so popular right now. Get the Penelope Rose Gold Necklace HERE. I wanted to go very simple with my accessories today, so I chose to wear the Tri-Blend Bracelet Set. This includes 3 bangles, each in a Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. I have worn mine so much, I think I need to clean them! I will put that on the List…ha! Get the Bangles HERE. They are $38.00 for all 3.

This is the last week to get the JBloom February Customer Special for only $20.00. This month we have featured the Cube Necklace and you can personalize it FREE. In fact, all personalization is free on any piece of jewelry. To see the items you can personalize Click HERE.

Don’t forget Rodan + Fields launched the new Spotless 2 Step Regimen for teenagers and young adults. This has been a HUGE hit in the skincare industry. R+F is the #1 Skincare Company in North America and rightfully so. See the results below…these are amazing Before and After pictures! To see more about Spotless Click Here. If you have a teenager or young adult that has acne or has breakouts now and then, this would be perfect for them. Raegan is almost 19 and has an occasional breakout, but will not dedicate herself to a 3-5 step regimen. This would be perfect for her and other teenagers that want a fast process and fast results. My daughter and her friends are all about buying masks from Walmart or Target thinking a one-time treatment will solve their problems. It won’t! We all need to use a regimen to keep our skin healthy. It’s a process for young and old. I don’t skimp on my regimens, my wrinkles didn’t come overnight and I can’t erase them away in one night. Consistency is the key! Thanks for all the comments girls, I really enjoy hearing from all of you! You all are so sweet and I feel like I have new girlfriends I chat with each day! I’m off to work and start getting ready for the Atlanta trip coming up with Tania from 50 Is Not Old. Have a great day ladies!! See you on the Blog tomorrow!!

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  • Johnna

    You make everything look so cute. Even distressed jeans, which are not a favorite of mine. A little is ok but too much just isn’t me but you make it work. I have shoes very similar and love them. Glad you’re having nice weather it’s been flooding here in Ky where I live. It’s finally getting back to normal. Thank goodness.

    • Beverly

      Johnna we haven’t had flooding, but it seems it has been raining nonstop for over a week. Everything is still muddy!! Gosh, I’m so sorry you guys have had flooding. That’s horrible. This distressed look is a little more than I normally wear- not going to lie!! Thanks for the compliment though!! Kentucky huh? We’re practically neighbors lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Monday morning! Another cute outfit and I like the shoes with the shorter heels (yay!). I live in the Atlanta area and we have also had sooo much rain and fog lately. The sun finally came out yesterday and again today but I think we are in for some more rain again soon 🙁 I just want to add that you don’t look as though you need to loose any weight at all! Have a wonderful week!!

    • Beverly

      Lol!! I’m going to Atlanta Friday!!! Thank you for the compliment!! I want to lose a layer of fat 🤣🤣. Plus, my husband is a health fanatic and we are going to do this together. We shall see how it goes-I seriously have a problem with late nights! We are expecting more rain too sighhhh!!! The low heels wear great and they looked really cute on in person. Have a great day Kelly!! Talk to you tomorrow lol

  • sandy

    OMG 70 deg…we were single digits yesterday here in Northeast Nebraska. I can’t wait to have my morning coffee outside and listen to the birds chirp. I have been using K-cups that I get from a store called Bomgaars and not sure if you have those in your area. It is an 100% Arabic french roast and I get the “dark” roast as I like my coffee strong and black. You can get Medium and light roast also. 50% of the profits of from these supports military families which I liked about it also. I love the camisole with the button down detail and never thought to get a blazzer with the roll-up sleeves which would be so great for two ways to wear it. Cute hair 🙂

    • Beverly

      I love dark roast!! I will look that up online. Single digits. Oh my gosh!! I just talked to a girl on Instagram from Nebraska and she says they got 30 inches of snow. Whoa!!! Even though it was nice yesterday it’s getting colder here and they are calling for snow next week. Geez…no wonder we stay sick here in NC 🤣

      • sandy

        Beverly I forgot to wish you good luck on your new weight loss journey but having your hubby do this with you will be so much easier. Even though I can tell you I think you look soooo good; if you are not comfortable with how your clothes are fitting, it doesn’t matter what people tell you. A person has to “feel” it for themselves. That’s where I’m at right now. Trying to decide what I need to do different after menopause that will make me “feel” better from my mid section down. And speaking of cereal…I just had that for a side for my lunch…ugh. We sure can cheer you on in your journey!

        • Beverly

          Hahaha!!! We are keeping it real with the cereal thing 🤣. Yes, it will be easier with him. I don’t want to lose a lot. Just a little and tone up. Menopause is for the birds plus we are now starting to lose muscle too. Ugggg lol. Thanks Sandy!!!! I love your comments ❤️

  • Michelle

    Good Morning from Glen Burnie, MD. Love those cute Kitty Heels and the whole outfit was just adorable. On my way to work and reading your Blog. We woke up to 3” of snow, 😡 I am not a winter or cold weather person at all. I pray for warm sunny days. Have a great weekend Bev!

    • Beverly

      LOL!! OH MY GOSH!! SNOW…I wish we had gotten just a little this year. One day off of work would have been awesome LOL!! Thank you so much for your kind word – I am loving getting to know everyone. Be safe and have a great weekend!!

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