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Happy Sunday ladies!! It seems like the weekends keep going by faster and faster – if this keeps up, it won’t be long before it’s 80 degree days again! I got an inner smile writing that! I LOVE Summer, longer days, everything is blooming…I get to ride Ziva and Brooklyn on the golf cart around town…LOL!!! Those two LOVE the golf cart and with Brooklyn turning 5 this year, my little love bug will be driving that golf cart around in the yard soon. Time STOP!

I did not write out a blog for Saturday because I was busy getting outfits together with pictures for a Spring Capsule for you guys. I am working on a blog post that showcases about 8 outfits and I think you girls are going to really enjoy it. I’m still gathering some accessories to pull the looks together so it won’t be long before it goes live.

I ran by my Mom’s house and spent a little time with her Saturday and really enjoyed it. My Mom is almost 80 years old and boy does that lady know the Bible! She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Bible, she’s been saved since she was 21. WOW!

She was telling me about a preacher that she liked to watch on YouTube from Charlotte, NC. His name is Loran Livingston and if you like “old-timey” preaching then you will like him. I sat there and watched part of a sermon and I liked him so much I followed his sermons. I think they are posted by the church secretary or media person, her name is Elena Baygulow. If you search his name, he will pop up first in your search, her name will be the publisher.

I left her house and headed off to Walmart to pick up a new hairdryer. Mine stopped working a few weeks ago and I have been using Raegan’s and honestly, I do not care for her dryer at all! As I walked in the store (in the rain lol) I realized my daughter had my debit card and she was at work. I had only brought my keys with a change purse attached to it that held one card – so I was out of luck and had to go back home for my purse. I stayed at home LOL – the dreary rain got the best of me and I didn’t pursue my needs any further.

I said “didn’t pursue my needs any further” for a reason. How many times have we been in the valley and prayed, and prayed and prayed? When we got through the valley and we were on the mountain top once again, how much did we slip in spending time with the Lord? This has been something I have struggled with over the years.

Matthew 6:6 But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

When things are going great, I tend to slack off reading the Bible or slack in my prayer life and then BAM…here comes another hurdle in life. I lacked in being consistent, I lacked in perseverance. As I was going to Walmart, I started praying asking God to lead me where he wanted me to go with my blog post today. I pray for all of my readers, I pray that I can be of some help in some small way every day. I had no clue that I would be sitting here blogging about how I slacked up in my spiritual walk through my life.

But here we are! Honestly, I do not think I am the only one. I thought about my Mom and how she was so persistent, dragging 3 kids to church every time the doors were open, taking time out every day to spend time in the Bible all while taking care of us. I’m sure she faltered at times, but I never saw it – all I saw was a Mom as the secretary of the church, singing in the church, teaching Sunday School, working in the Women’s Ministries and more.

James 4:8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you…

I know times were different 40 years ago, life is now faster paced, both parents working, single moms working 2 jobs, and let’s not forget all the activities our kids are in now. It’s crazy busy, and that’s why it’s so important that we stop every day and take time for ourselves and time for Him.

Hebrews 4:16 Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Know that when we do this and keep ourselves accountable then He can finish this work He has began in us. That is my ultimate goal, for Him to finish the work He began in me. To pass from this life to the next and to know that I will walk into Heaven and see Jesus. I can’t even wrap my mind around how awesome that must be.

Once I got home and I decided to stay home and “not pursue my needs any further” it hit me what my blog should be about. My need is to take each day and get closer to God, for He will get closer to me. Instead of “needing” the Lord when times are bad, I needed to fulfill the “need” in my spiritual being and be consistent in spending time with the Lord. In good times and bad…

In writing all of this, I see a huge need I am not fulfilling in my spiritual life like I should. I know the Bible, scriptures and can quote many of them. But am I feeding my spiritual man daily and forming a relationship with the Lord like He would want me to? My physical needs do not compare to my spiritual needs. If I fulfill my spiritual needs, I will be the person God intended and fulfill the work He began in me. I cannot put these needs on the back burner – they must be at the forefront of my mind at all times!

I’m not really sure if this blog post can be considered a post, maybe more thoughts I am having – but I really thought this may help all of us. If I struggle at times, I’m sure some of you do too. I have found some really great Sisters In Christ since starting the blog and I feel like we all are there for each other. No matter if we are states or countries apart – we have someone to help pray with us. Love you girls and hope you have an awesome Sunday! Remember – I got your back in prayer! XOXO

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  • Ramona Puckett

    Thank you, Beverly, I needed to read this today! I really enjoy your posts, especially the Sunday ones. Have a blessed day! XO

    • Beverly

      Thanks Ramona!! That makes me feel so much better. I always worry about my Sunday posts, I want to make sure I’m in His will. You confirmed for me that I am. XO!!! Have a great Sunday!!

  • Tammy GRavis

    So many times in my life I’ve prayed for strength, wisdom, guidance and encouragement. I’ve been amazed at God’s goodness and mercy many times. I fall short on reading the Bible and doing as I should be God is in my heart. I quit looking left or right a long time ago for help because it’s not there. I only look up these days. Great post.

  • Gloria

    So glad you shared your thoughts with us today. It was truly beautiful to read on a Sunday morning and allows me to connect with you on a different level. I wish I could spend time with my mom today but she’s been gone for 10 yrs now and I miss her dearly. But hearing you describe your mothers faith, gave me an amazing memory of my mother who was very similar. I only follow a few bloggers and only those I feel a connection with. So thank you and have a wonderful Sunday.

    • Beverly

      Thanks Gloria!! I am so glad you liked this post. Aren’t our moms such special people? My mom is an old timer Christian and doesn’t sway lol. I disliked growing up so strict, but now as an adult I am so glad her and my father did!! Happy Sunday!!! 🤗

  • Johnna

    I too fail to bring myself to the Lord for no reason but to be in fellowship with him each day and grow in my relationship with Him. I know how you feel and reading your blog highlighted that for me. My mother, who turns 80 in June, is so devout and set such a good example for me and my siblings. I wonder why I don’t always follow in her footsteps. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and inspiring me to do better in that area of my life. I want to become what he has planned for me. Happy Sunday 😊

    • Beverly

      Oh gosh!! That’s exactly how I feel Johnna. My mom is really something else, and sounds like your mom is too!! I’m seeing that we have a lot in common! Boy am I glad mom is the way she is. Sounds like our moms would be buddies lol

  • sandy

    I could relate to everything you wrote about today. I was brought up in a Christian home and you didn’t even have to ask if we were going to church on Sunday morning…that was just who my folks were and that’s how we raised our boys too. But as I read your post, there is so much more then just going to church on Sunday and I needed this reminder that I need to do more on filling my spiritual life on a daily basis, not just once a week. I loved all your visual photos this morning also because a lot of times a picture says a thousand words. Have a great Sunday

    • Beverly

      Thanks Sandy!! I’m so glad you girls enjoy it!! I liked the visuals too-they always seem to fall out of the sky when I’m doing my Sunday post lol. Thank the Lord!! Happy Sunday!!! Oh, and I was raised just like you and although I didn’t care for it way back then-I’m so thankful now!! I strive to be more like my mom. Weren’t we blessed!!

  • Mitzi

    Thank you Beverly! Prayers and the Bible helps me everyday…..good days or bad. I love all your post but I really look forward to your Sunday post. Thanks again and you are in my prayers too!!!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a wonderful week! I know I will Tuesday is my 25th wedding anniversary!!!! So very blessed!!

    • Beverly

      This touched my heart. I am so blessed to have such sweet followers. Happy Anniversary!! 25 years. Wow‼️ Thank you again and especially thankful for the prayers. Have a great Sunday and a fabulous week!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    When I didn’t see a post from you yesterday I prayed that you hadn’t gotten sick again. I worked today from 8-3 and when I got home and sat down the first thing that I did was look for your post. I too am guilty of neglecting my devotionals and prayer time when things are going well. It is encouraging to hear that I am not the only one and there is help for me yet. I am so happy for you that you still have your precious mom to share life with. My dad passed in 1991 and at that time my mom moved in with us until she passed in 2006. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of them and miss them both so very much! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and heart with us. I am so happy that encourage one another and lift each other up in prayer 🙂

    • Beverly

      I was wondering where you were today lol. My dad passed away in 1989-I was 19. Boy, we do have a lot in common!! I figured I wasn’t the only one that slacked up here and there. I like Sunday posts because it’s refreshing to know all of us are struggling with nearly the same thing. A Sister’s Club lol. You’re going to like the outfit for tomorrow lol❤️

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