Hair Mask Tips for Women Over 40

Happy Tuesday morning! I hope you girls are having a fabulous Tuesday so far! I have been trying to get work done so I can enjoy this weekend without taking out a laptop each night or making notes on my phone constantly. Not to mention getting the house taken care of before I leave out. I’m also a little bummed that I will miss Brooklyn, but hopefully, I will see her Sunday when I get back.

I wanted to talk about hair after 40 today. I have a lot of hair tutorials and pictures on Pinterest and get a lot of questions on taking care of hair. One thing that I think is a necessity for women over 40, is a weekly hair mask to condition our hair and scalp. Going through menopause can wreak havoc on our locks and this is one way I have been able to combat it. Our hair thins and it breaks off more easily as we get older, so it’s imperative that we have some sort of regimen for it. We have to take care of our hair and make sure we are giving it the nutrients it needs. You may also want to take Biotin if you are starting to see thinning. I, along with a lot of my friends have or are experiencing this. You can halt this in its tracks by doing a few simple steps once a week.

Considering the amount of torture we put our hair through on a daily basis with heat styling, teasing, and coloring, we should all be using a hair mask. But the truth is a lot of us are still nervous about using masks on a regular basis, in part because we aren’t quite clear how best to use them. What if it makes my hair greasy? Will it wash out when I try to take it off? Do I have to sit still for five hours if I use one? And on and on and on…

Once a Week Will Do

Even if you think your hair is relatively healthy, the change of seasons can be hard on your strands, so it’s good to get in the habit of using a mask weekly to make sure you’re giving your hair the moisture it needs. Being a former stylist, this is something that I learned in cosmetology school and I have done this once a week for the past 25 years! It works ladies!! You will see improvement in the overall health of your hair.

Not All Are Created Equal

There are a lot of “masks” on the market today, so be careful to read the directions. Some may be marketed as masks but actually require daily use, while others are heavier and therefore should just be used once or twice a week (depending on your hair type and amount of damage). Others still ask to be left in for 1-2 minutes or 15 and up, so choose which ones you can see yourself sticking to before you make your purchase. I will give you some of th4e best sellers below, for daily, weekly and every 3 months.

The key here is finding one that will realistically work for your routine. One of my favorites and is one of the top-selling deep conditioners is Joico K-PAK Deep Penetrating Reconstructor. This is a powerful five-minute reconstructor that rebuilds and strengthens stressed, physically and/or chemically treated hair. Get it HERE, it’s $20.99, but it’s also Buy 2 Get 1 FREE at Ulta right now.

Applying to Dry Hair Is Fine

If you’re willing to make a time commitment, apply your mask to dry hair and let it absorb for about 20 minutes. This is a great Sunday morning activity before you take a shower. If you don’t have 20 minutes – at least give your hair 5 minutes. The changes in your hair will be well worth the time invested in fixing the damage. Plus, you can grab a cup of coffee, put the hair mask on, and read my blog on Sundays LOL!

Sleep in Your Hair Mask

If you think your hair is especially dry, try sleeping in a hair mask. Simply apply the mask at the end of your shower (or apply it to dry hair), and cover with a shower cap or silk scarf you don’t mind using for this purpose. Rinse out in the morning and you’ll have silky, soft hair. I recommend the shower cap and pinning it with hairpins to secure it. One that I have really liked was Bumble and Bumble Bb While You Sleep Overnight Damage Repair Masque. This is a little pricey, but it lasts a long time. I only use this once every 3 months, it’s a great deep conditioning treatment you can do at home. It’s $49.00 normally, but it will last you well over a year and a half.

It’s Not an All-Day Event

Keep in mind that applying a mask does not need to take hours. You can put in a mask for two minutes as you’re shaving in the shower and get the moisture boost that your hair needs. One of the best daily hair masks available is It’s A 10 Miracle Hair Mask. You can use this daily and use a larger amount for intensive deep conditioning. It’s developed to respond to the demands of color treated, heat styled, and otherwise processed hair, It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask is a simple-to-use, it’s a conditioning treatment made to enhance softness and smoothness. Flexible enough to be used as a daily conditioner and intensive enough to be used as a periodic deep-conditioning treatment, the Miracle Hair Mask actually delivers results for dry, damaged, or over-processed hair. This runs around $30 and you can get it HERE. I put a smaller tube in the STP below that is $12.33, it’ more like a travel size if you wanted to try it out first.

Shampoo and Condition After

You’ll always want to shampoo and condition your hair after you use a mask in order to make sure you won’t have any leftover product build-up.

Comb the Mask Through

As a reminder, you should always be using a wide tooth comb when handling wet hair. It also comes in handy with a mask. Comb the mask through to the ends to make sure you’ve applied it to every last spot before you let it sit.

Concentrate on the Ends

Your ends are the most fragile part of your hair (split ends anyone?), so always concentrate your mask to the ends of your hair as they are most likely the part that needs the most loving. I like to think of my ends as the grandparents of my hair strand. the root is like a baby. Since on average, hair grows 1/2 inch a month, if your hair is shoulder length that’s some grandparent ends! LOL

Sidenote: The VitaFusion Biotin Gummies is what I have been using for about 2 years now and have had great results. I get the 100-count from Amazon and it’s normally around $9.55. It lasts me about 3 months, so that’s not a bad investment to help with my hair. Plus it helps your skin too!! Have a great day ladies!! If you are having issues like I have with hair, I hope this helps some!! XO

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  • sandy

    I too want the house in order before we take off for a couple of days and Brooklyn is probably just as bummed that she’ll miss grandma. How long were you a stylist Beverly? I definitely could show my thin hair some love and it also needs a new style. I have never heard of a hair mask so this was interesting to me and I need to give it a try. Ironically, I get caught up hitting on previous links of yours as I read your daily blog and drink my coffee and last week I was reading about the hair products you talked about so I can add this to my list for when I go shopping. Now….if you could just suggest a new hair style for me 😉

    • Beverly

      Lol!! One thing I can say is buy professional products. Over the counter ones are good, but over time they leave a build up or strip your hair of moisture. A lot of them have alcohol in them and it dries your hair out. I cut hair for almost 4 years then I went back to school for Business Finance. I’ve kept my license up though!! You’re going to have a blast on your vacation. Mine is only for a couple days lol

      • SandyW

        I had to come back and let you know that we just took a weeks vacation the beginning of February and I made sure the house was all picked up and cleaned before we left. I guess the way I worded it in my first post did make it sound like we were getting ready to leave….I wish since it’s so cold here. So are the same name products that are sold like at Walmart different from the ones sold in a professional salon? That was a good idea to keep up your license just in case you ever want to use it again.

        • Beverly

          Haha!! I remember when you were on vacation!! The ones at Walmart name brands like Big Sexy-they are the same. Plus I think CVS, Walgreens and Target carry a few professional lines too. I hate going inside Walmart lol, I shop from Ulta a lot -it’s my little treat. I love that store, but it gets expensive very fast! I have to take classes each year to keep it up, I’ve thought about doing it again part time. Who knows. I cut my families hair and mine mostly. And I do all my hair color. It saves me some $$$ 🤣

      • Vickie

        Beverly, I enjoyed this post and wanted to tell you I too use the Joico K-Pack color therapy. I’ve been using it for at least a year (once a week) and can see my hair looks and feels better afterwards. I am a new reader (from Tania) and enjoy your fashion tips and beauty advice. Also your Sunday messages I find very meaningful and make me think about my life and walk with God.

        • Beverly

          Awe!! Thank you Vickie!! That is such a sweet comment-makes my heart smile lol. Oh and the K-PAC is so good!! Try those Biotin vitamins (I have to have gummies lol) they did wonders for my hair. Thanks for following along!!! Look forward to getting to know you!!!❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Morning! This blog post is so timely for me. I have naturally curly red hair and for most of my life I have fought against it and tried to do straight hairstyles. Especially in my teen years when Farrah Fawcett’s hair style was so popular. When I was younger it seemed like every time that I got a hair cut the stylist would exclaim that I was so lucky to have naturally curly hair then proceed to poof and fluff my hair up to a style that made me feel like an old lady. Anyway, about a year ago I just got tired of flat ironing etc and decided to just go natural. I got sooo many compliments from family, friends and customers at work (I work at CVS). I would get compliments on my new “hair do”. I would tell them that it is my “hair don’t” cause, I don’t blow dry, I don’t flat iron and I don’t fuss with it anymore 😉 Recently I have started following The Curly Girl Method, from Lorraine Massey’s book “Curly Girl”. The Curly Girl way of taking care of my hair uses products free of sulfates, alcohol, silicone, parabens, brushes and heat styling tools. I just picked up a bottle of As I Am brand Leave-In Conditioner from work last night and plan on using it today. I know that I need a deep conditioning treatment and wasn’t sure what product to try for that. I am not sure what the ingredients are in the It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask but I do know that we carry it at our store and I would get a colleague discount. Somehow you seem to know just what I need to read about in your blog for the day. Thanks 🙂
    P.S. I have wasted so many years of fighting against what the good Lord naturally gave me. It just goes to show that God knows what he is doing when He made us the way that we are. Now if I could just learn to embrace my height issue! 😉

    • Beverly

      My hair is naturally curly too, I can straighten it out when blow drying-but if it’s humid-my hair curls like crazy!! People always tell me my hair looks better when it’s curled. Although, I prefer it up in a bun HAHA!! I still have issues with my height, but I’m getting better about it. Remember to stand up straight and don’t slouch-it takes 10lbs off instantly. At least that’s what my mom always told me 🤣🤣. God made you perfectly beautiful. I was told one time that God thought of me and knew how he wanted me. And that it would take my mom and dad coming together to help create me. So I should always remember that I’m exactly what God intended. An old manager told me that when I was younger and I never forgot it. ❤️Have a great Tuesday!!

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