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Greetings from North Carolina ladies! I figured I would shake things up a bit and change my salutation…lol! I’m in a playful mood today, this can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing. I am the type of person that comes into work always in a good mood. I like to play and joke around and make things fun, for me and for my coworkers. My kids, well, they don’t like me being playful…they think I’m just mean at times ha!

When I say mean, let me give you an example. When the kids were smaller we had a little Maltese names Gizmo. Gizmo was all about me, he was definitely a lap dog and he usually stayed in mine.

I am that Mom that would call a child (namely Chase) and ask him to pick Gizmo up and take him with him. As soon as Chase would put his little hands around Gizmo to pick him up, Gizmo would growl. A deep little growl for a 7 lb dog. Of course, I would bust out laughing and Chase would say…”You did that on purpose Moma”. Chase, my oldest, is below – totally a picture he wasn;t expecting to take. But I like it for some reason.

I did and I still get an inner snicker out of those days. Are you guys like that? Do you play around with your kids like I do? I do Barry like that too! I usually put him on FB, but I have given him a break for a while. My family says Barry must REALLY love me haha!!!

I put in that part about my husband because he just told me the other day, I never post about him. I’m sitting here giggling typing this. Barry wants to be on the BLOG so I’m adding him in today ladies! I know he’s reading this, so…hey honey! (smile) This is one of Barry’s favorite pictures of us taken last summer.

Back to the Blog!

Now, let’s talk Spring colors! Coral is going to be a big part of this Spring and Summer color trends. Remember when I went to Atlanta at the first of the month and told you girls coral was everywhere? It is! I was in my local Cato store looking around and found a few cute pieces I thought I would share today. I actually took these pictures on my way out the door this morning and I must say that I really liked wearing this top!

The sleeve detail is what makes this top. It runs a tad big so I would size down. I bought a Medium in this top and have plenty of room through the waist and bust area. It falls right past your bottom and can easily be tucked in, half tucked or no tucking at all. The color to me is coral, although Cato calls it “Citrus”, I got a lot of compliments on the color and I think you ladies will really enjoy this one. Get the top HERE. I did a half tuck with my shirt, but I wanted you to see how long it was in front if you don’t tuck at all.

The necklace I am wearing is also from Cato, it is a layered heart necklace. The length is long and this length looks great when you wear a jacket or blazer. They did not have any online, but they did have a similar one HERE. If you like this necklace, I would check out my local Cato, it was only $9.99! Here is a picture of the necklace in case you want to check it out.

I wore American Eagle Super Soft Super High Waisted Jeggings, these are the BEST wearing jeans I have ever worn. I like my jeans ladies and I have a lot of different styles, but these stay at the top of the rotation list. I love the coloring of these jeans, they have a bit of “wear” look on these. See the pictures right at my hips, you can see the lines that are faded looking. These are so, so soft and they hold you in and up in all the right places! That’s always a plus! If you don’t like them tight or snug, I would go a size up in these jeans. They are roomy enough, but if you feel uncomfortable with your pant legs fitting snug – go up a size. Get these jeans HERE.

If you are looking for a pair of jeans that are durable, yet very flattering and soft – these are some jeans you might want to think about. They are $49.95 and right now they are Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF. Plus, if you join their rewards program, for every 5 pair of jeans you buy, you get 1 FREE. that’s how I got these jeans! I only paid for shipping!!

I decided to wear my Dusty Rose slippers (Jessica Style) from Sole Society with this outfit, but if you have purchase leopard print shoes this season, they would look so good with this outfit! Another “leopard print” idea is a scarf; wear the scarf with nude, blush or beige shoes – that would look very cute! These are well made and worth the $89.95, I purchased these with the AfterPay service Sole Society offers. They divide the total amount up into 4 payments and it’s much easier on the wallet.

This post is a casual everyday look, but if you throw a jacket on with it then your look will elevate instantly. this top would also look great with white jeans and if you’re out at night throw a denim jacket on. In fact, orange goes really well with gray if you have some gray slacks or gray denim. I have been really talking up jackets this month!

Mostly due to what I have seen in the Fashion Industry – so if you’re thinking about a white jacket, but want it more casual – go with a white denim jacket. This is a timeless piece and it will be a staple item in your wardrobe. It can carry you year-round honestly. I just talked myself into hitting Amazon and getting one LOL!! I’m getting this one, it’s just like the denim jacket I share sometimes. It is not a boxy cut, so it is a flattering style with plenty of stretch in it. I bought a Large. I am a little broader through the chest, so a Large fits perfect for me.

Thanks for all the coffee suggestions, I am definitely going to be getting some of all of them. You girls have a great Wednesday (Hump Day) and I want to leave you with something I heard on a movie Tuesday night. When I heard it, I wrote it down in my Notes on my phone – I did not want to forget this! I hope you girls like it to! See you tomorrow!!

**God provides the opportunities, but it is up to us to take them.

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  • sandy

    I was afraid I was going to miss your post this morning. When I opened it(with my first cup of coffee), it gave me a page error so tried to get there via different routes but still page error so am so glad to try again and you are here. I love the color coral so am happy to hear that will be easy to find this spring and summer. I want to make a trip to the city to try on these jeans since they are one of your favorite but I know I will have to try on a couple different sizes so will be easier to go to store then to order. And your movie quote got me to thinking…did God provide “ME” an opportunity and “I” missed taking it??? I’ve been trying to find something for one day a week to get out of the house but nothing has really popped out at me so I hope I didn’t miss an opportunity without realizing it! Loved the photos of your family! My hubby is the one that is the teaser in our family and our boys have also inherited that quality from him but it sure makes for a fun time when we are all together!!

    • Beverly

      Lol. I don’t know what was going on with my site this morning. I had a couple emails telling me there was an error. So I had to resubmit the post. Thanks for going back and checking on it. I figured you girls would get to know me better if I show you us. Ha!! Chases eyes in that picture crack me up lol. That quote has made me think too!! You will love those pants and make sure you sign up for the rewards. Between Raegan and me, I get s free pair a couple times a year!! Woohoo lol!!! Have a great day Sandy!!! 🤗

  • Johnna

    I love coral and am happy it’s going to be the “in” color this season. Cute top. I want those blush shoes!! Had to comment on a blog post you did on addiction in August. My sister just lost her 33 year old son in January and it has devastated our whole family. He suffered with addiction for many years and although we all tried he just couldn’t seem to break this habit and it ended up taking his life. The saddest part is that he was so sweet and had such a good heart. He’d do anything for you but he just couldn’t stop. Thanks for that post because it helps to know we’re not only family that has suffered with this. I’m so happy your son recovered.

    • Beverly

      That is so sad!! I’m so sorry!! Barry lost his son December of 2013 and my cousin lost her son in August of 2017. It is horrible how the devil is trying to destroy our children. It was a very hard time and I’m so glad you were able to read the post. Oh-get you some of those shoes!! I love mine. Lol. Happy Hump Day!!!😘

  • sandy

    The pictures do help because now I can “picture” your family member when you talk about them and I can tell you and Chase were having fun with that photo. Now…I have to see if I can find if you did a video so I can “hear” your voice when I read your blog and posts 🙂 I have to say that our mall has an American Eagle but I always think of that store as being for the “younger” generation so usually don’t go in but I will now when I am in the city! (I live in a town of 500 people so have to travel to do any major shopping)

    • Beverly

      I grew up in a small town too!! I do have a country accent lol. We went to Hollywood years back and a cab driver whipped his head around and said where are you from? I never knew I had a southern accent till then 🤣. I try to control it now 🤣🤣. I will be making more videos soon. And getting pictures outside. Come in Spring lol

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning and Happy Hump Day!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your son and husband. It is nice to have a face to put with the names when you speak of them in your posts. I found yet another thing that you and I have in common in that I too am a jokester and absolutely love to laugh! My husband, children and grand children are never quite sure what to expect from me next 😉 I like the top and the color coral but as a redhead I am leery of wearing it. I would be hesitant to order this color online and would need to go to the actual store and try one on to see if it works for me. Fortunately for me we now live so much closer to shopping opportunities which could be a good and a bad thing (bad for the budget that is). Love the ideas for Spring 🙂

    • Beverly

      Oh I’m a jokester for sure!! You are so sweet-yes-when I lived near a mall it was never a good thing!! I bet green would be gorgeous on you!!! And khaki or neutral tones.

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