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Good Thursday morning! WOW, can you girls believe today is the last day of the month? This month flew by, even though it was a short month it still feels like it went by in cyber speed. Although it went by fast, it certainly came with some unexpected surprises – the biggest one was the FLU! I want you girls to know that I really appreciated all your comments and emails – that meant more than you will ever know.

I thought I might show you a little “behind the scenes” of blogging and what the blogger actually sees. I get asked a ton of questions all the time about how blogging works, so I thought I would share a few insights with you. Hopefully, it will be interesting for you to see what all my followers are “collectively” looking at on the blog. I find this type of stuff fascinating, that may be my accountant side coming out – who knows! As soon as I typed that last sentence, I immediately had the thought, “Oh God- you are such a big nerd” LOL!

Let’s Look at the Most Read Posts and Most Popular Items that YOU Ladies LOVED!

I thought I would hit some highlights of the month and things you may have missed. This month was a great month for styling transitional clothing. The highest ranking blog was Must-Have Spring Jacket and honestly, this is one of my favorite outfits from this month. Not only was this the “Most Read” blog post, but it also had the “Most Popular” item of the month.

In this post, I decided to go with this cute Linen Utility Jacket from Cato. The color is Walnut (looks OLIVE to me) and it cinches at the waist and has the option to roll your sleeves up or leave them down. This is a thin jacket, almost like a heavier button-down shirt and it snaps down the front. I have worn this little jacket numerous times since this post. I can throw it on and head out the door if it’s a little chilly outside and I don’t need a heavier cost. this will be perfect for March and April.

This blog actually had 2 items that were at the top of the list. The number one item in February was the black and stripe T-shirt set called the Daily Ritual Women’s Midweight 100% Supima Cotton Rib Knit Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt, 2-Pack. These come in a variety of colors, stripes, and solids. The best thing about this t-shirt is not only it wears GREAT – you get 2 t-shirts for only $20!! Ten dollars a tee…Umm, yes please -who doesn’t LOVE a deal???!!! Get yours HERE!

The jeans styled in this blog came in at Number 3 and let me say – that I have really enjoyed these jeans. I have worn them right much and it’s been kind of chilly at times here in NC. I know some of you still have snow on the ground – (I’m so sorry-cause it was a lot of snow for you) and a lot of us got rain- but I still wore these jeans with boots that were either to my knee or to mid-calf length. The cropped jeans fell right at my ankle- so these jeans can be worn all year round if you choose to do so. The jeans I am wearing in the picture above are from JustFab called the Button Front Vintage Slim Cuff Jeans in Aqua Frisa. They fit true to size and the length comes right above my ankle, I’m 5’7″. They cuff is sewn in and it has a ragged hemline to it. These are perfect for Spring and Summer, they aren’t really thick jeans, and they have “give” in them. Get the Cuff Jean HERE.

The second most popular item was the Natural (non-synthetic) Bristle Brush from Amazon for Dry Brushing. Love Yourself With This Little Beauty Tip came out mid-February and was on the Top 10 Posts of the February.

Excerpt from Love Yourself…: Your skin, the largest organ in the human body is an organ of elimination. One-third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin and dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete toxins that become trapped in the skin. Sounding pretty good so far, huh? So how do you do it? Read it HERE.

The Most Popular Shoe was my favorite transitional sandal, the MVE Shoes Women’s Chunky Heel Cutout Bootie -Comfy Pointed Toe Boots. This is a great “shootie” that can be worn through Summer. It has been a favorite of mine for over a year now. I have 2 colors in this bootie – I’m on my feet a lot and this shoe has been stylish and comfy.

This shoe was featured in the #2 Most Read Post, 3 Different Looks With 3 Items. Read it HERE. I will be doing more blog posts like this one going forward. You girls seemed to really like seeing how you can wear a piece a few different ways. I would like a little feedback if you are looking casual outfits, workwear outfits or a mixture of both. I do have some posts coming up that are outfits that can go from Day to Night. We all need those types of outfits at times.

The Most Popular Sunday Blog Post, Coffee & Girl Talk Sunday was on Unconditional Love. This tells a bit about my past and how God watches over us all in times we are going through the storms of life. It posted the Sunday before Valentine’s Day and was a “right on time’ post talking about love. To read it click HERE.

The most popular jewelry item was the February Customer Special, I knew it would be since it was such a great deal. JBloom featured the 15′ – 18′ Cube Necklace that can be personalized on the blocks for FREE. Today is the last day to get this deal, so don’t wait! It’s only $20 (a $12.00 savings!). Get the Monthly Special HERE.

This was my very first Month in Review, so if you girls like to see what’s going on let me know. If not – this will be the last one LOL! I am heading out to work then I have to get the house pulled together and I’m headed off to Atlanta for the R+F Convention. I will be sure to get some pictures with Tania from 50 is Not Old blog and get them up Saturday and Sunday. I want to show you girls all that we do – since Tania is a blogger, I’m sure she’s willing to get pictures and maybe some videos together. I’m driving down to Atlanta, so say a prayer if you will!! Have a great Thursday and stay safe!

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    • Beverly

      Thank you so much, Linda! Sorry, it took so long for me to respond – my phone crash landed yesterday and it was a traumatic day LOL!! Have a great weekend!!!

  • sandy

    What a busy day for you but sounds like a fun weekend so it’s all worth it. This was a very interesting read this morning looking back over the month so yes, I enjoyed the post! Since I’m not tech savvy, I didn’t realize you can keep track of “the numbers” so I can see where this is very interesting and helpful to you so I don’t think it’s nerdy at all. And yes, I loved seeing one outfit styled three ways and for me casual looks is what I would love to see but that’s only because I am at home everyday so don’t wear workwear outfits. I still love the outfit you did this month and how with each piece it changed the look!! I’m sure you are anxious to meet up with Tania and it will be fun to see photos from your convention.

    • Beverly

      I found your comment!! LOL It’s really neat to see the analytics with the blog, it helps give me an idea of what I need to show more. Sorry, I’m just seeing this comment!!!!! I took a break to get some coffee – so I’m back on the road, have a great weekend Sandy!!!

  • Johnna

    Good morning. I enjoyed the month in review. Those were some of my favorite posts. I like casual clothes best so more of that works for me. I like to see other dressy looks too. Safe travels and hi to Tania. Look forward to seeing pictures of you both. She hooked me up to your blog and I’m sure glad she did. I truly enjoy it. You two are only ones I read. 😊

    • Beverly

      I like the casual clothes the best too. I wear jeans to work, but I do have some workwear also for meetings. Thanks for the feedback-I thought it was interesting!! Those were some of my favorites too!!

  • Johnna

    By the way I bought the Galena glass bead necklace and it’s beautiful. However, do you just wrap around your neck or am I missing something? Thanks.

  • Kelly Palmer

    I enjoyed today’s blog and seeing what was popular. I like seeing the casual outfits most since I work at CVS we can only wear their shirts and khaki or black pants. This month did seem to fly by and today is actually my “baby girl’s” 33rd birthday. She is the youngest of my four children and I don’t know where the time went! I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to Atlanta. I too found you through Tania so thank her for me please 🙂

    • Beverly

      I like casual better too!! I wear jeans up work also. Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!! Sorry my response has taken so long. My phone crash landed yesterday and it took a long time to get a new one and get back home. I will tell Tania all of you said hello today!! Happy weekend Kelly!!!!

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