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Happy Saturday ladies! It’s finally the weekend, time to relax and spend time with our families. Or lay around all Saturday in pj’s or sweats and binge watch Netflix or my favorite, The Hallmark Channel! I really cannot get over the overwhelming response from yesterday’s post with Tania from 50isnotold. Tania has some really great followers and wonderful internet friends! Go girls!!

For all of the new followers, I thought I might catch you up a bit about me. I was in the Fashion Industry for 15 years, I am a licensed Cosmetologist, but do not practice anymore. My degree is in Business Finance and I tried to retire out in 2014 to no avail! I got bored and went back to work traveling the States as a Corporate Trainer. Traveling was nice, but it sure doesn’t leave much time for grandkids! So last Summer I started this blog, it went live in late July and here we are! I do work as a Marketing Director for a local Boutique here in my home town part-time. I have learned I am not the type of person that can stop work! I need to interact with people daily! LOL!

Simple Accessories Can Change the Entire Look

When I worked in the Fashion Industry, one of the biggest problems that women had, was pulling an outfit together. Some could walk in and grab up a few items and BAM, they were good to go. Most women needed a little help, whether it be visual or us talking to them giving them ideas of items that would make a cute outfit for work, church or weekend, etc. Most wanted to know how to make different outfits out of a few pieces.

When I was getting ready this morning, I thought I would show how I take a few simple pieces and totally revamp an outfit. I picked out a burgundy turtleneck sweater, I got this one from my local Walmart, and paired it with distressed jeans from American Eagle. I chose grey suede booties from Amazon, MVE Shoes Women’s Chunky Heel Cutout Bootie -Comfy Pointed Toe Boots, they are around $25.99. These “shooties” are VERY comfortable, they are so comfortable I went back to Amazon and bought another pair. I have had these for a year and they still look great! I have the gray pair in the pic and a tan pair. I wear the tan pair way more than I ever wear the gray.

The Tassle Necklace I’m wearing is by JBloom Designs called the Naomi, Click Here 

To give the outfit a little pop, I added a scarf. This scarf is called The Giving Scarf and I received it at Christmas from the Boutique I work at. I love this scarf, not only for the story behind it but the colors in it are amazing! I looked this one everywhere on the internet and couldn’t find anything that was close except this one. One little accessory can make a huge change in an outfit.

In the next picture, I added a blush crossbody with the scarf, this would be a great outfit if it’s not too cold out. The crossbody is by Nautica with pebbled leather, I purchased this from Burkes Outlet a few weeks back. Here is one that is similar.

If it is colder out, my favorite jacket is a black puffer vest. I throw this baby on with everything…right down to my athleisure wear. That sounds so sophisticated, huh? Us country folks call them leggings! HA!! Brooklyn, my granddaughter who is 4, chose this outfit as her favorite.

Looking at the different outfits by themselves, they all look cute. When I put them in a picture collage, the difference really stood out to me. I added the 3-picture collage below again. I try to follow what Coco Chanel said about accessories, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Well, I took off a bracelet hahaha!!! Is this too much? I loved this dressy-casual weekend look. What are your thoughts ladies?

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Brooklyn and my daughter, Raegan (she’s 18) were in the kitchen area behind me making cookies while I was taking these pictures. So if you notice bodies and flour everywhere – it’s just them making memories! Ha! I’m so glad you stopped by the blog today and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m spending mine with little Brooklyn – I get so excited when she comes over!! Talk with you girls later!

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  • SandyW

    Hi Beverly…checking out your blog since Tania sent us over yesterday. After reading just two of your blog post, I have subscribed and look forward to following you (even though I am 62 I feel I can pick up tips from you “younger” gals)! And oh my…you are so right in how much you can change an outfit with just adding pieces. I have to agree with your granddaughter that the last one with the vest added is my favorite! Because of that, I already have in my head my outfit for church tomorrow !!!

    • Beverly

      Haha!! Yes, my little Brooklyn is a girlie girl -she gets in on the posts sometimes!! I’m so thankful you like the blog, it is a mixture of fashion, hair and beauty. All geared towards 40 and over. Mainly my age (49) and over lol. We girls have to stick together lol. Thanks so much!!! Have a great weekend!!! Look forward to more of your comments ❤️

    • Beverly

      Thanks!! You’re right about affordable pieces need to be included. I shop cheap a lot!! I only splurge if I really want something. Plus, the average woman does not Siena $225 on a pair of pants lol. That’s my cable bill 🤣🤣. Thanks Stacey!!! See you tomorrow lol

  • Johnna

    Love all 3 looks and can’t believe the sweater is from Walmart. It looks so nice. I have found a few things there myself. I’m a shoe person and those are darling. Going straight to Amazon to check them out. I can see that I’m going to enjoy your blog. You seem “real” and are easy to identify with. Many bloggers don’t have that and that’s why I only read Tania’s until she introduced you. Good luck. I look forward to more. 😊

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Johnna thank you so much! My husband tells me all the time , I know no strangers! Lol I love talking with people. I am really down to earth and A LOT like Tania. 🤣 That’s why I loved her blog so much-she keeps it real. Thank you girl!!! Have a great weekend!!! 🤗 oh-you’re going to love those shoes. I wear them year round, unless it’s freezing cold outside 😄

    • Beverly

      That scarf is an infinity scarf and I doubled wrapped it around my neck. I will do a video and show different ways you can tie a scarf this week. Since Spring is coming, we can still wear the thinner scarves and I think this is a great idea to help ladies! Plus these are great pieces for transitioning into Spring. Thanks for the idea! Love it!! Have a great weekend!

  • Alex

    Hi there! Sweet Tania said you’re great, so here I am. So glad she sent us, because you’re a doll and I love your style! So I signed up! Looking forward to looking at your previous posts. I don’t even own a puffer vest. Will have to try that. Love all the looks!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much!! You are way too kind and sweet! I love the puffer vests, I literally throw one on all the time. I hate feeling restricted from bulky coats-unless it’s freezing outside lol. Thanks for signing up!!

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