If We Only Had a Beeper

Happy Sunday girls! I hope your weekend is going well and you have rested up, had fun and all that good stuff. I’m sitting here typing out my blog while Brooklyn, my granddaughter, has been jumping around like a little toad frog lol!! Proof below! That mouth wide open…LOL!

How do kids have all this energy bottled up inside them? Boy has she kept me hopping this weekend. I think she might be going through a growth spurt also because the ole girl has eaten and eaten and eaten some more. Then we have the 2 dogs – Barry and I have Ziva, the Princess Goldendoodle, and my son’s dog, Kilo is here.

Kilo is still a puppy, a Pitbull mix, and dear LORD that dog is a handful! If my son knew I was blogging about him today, I don’t think he would be smiling, to say the least. LOL He’s a very private young man…Thank God he doesn’t read my blog haha!!

Kilo is a very smart dog, but he is very curious. He likes to roam around, look at everything, climb up and sit with you, especially if there are only 2 inches for him to sit! And let’s not forget he likes to tear up a shoe or two here and there. I don’t know why that dog likes my shoes, but he is bound and determined to chew up a pair…and, not an old pair! Do any of you have dogs act like this? Ziva is the exact opposite, she’s easy going, will hug you like a human, lay beside you and only plays with her toys. Personally, I think I trained mine better than he did… don’t tell him! (I’m inserting a SNICKER and a GIGGLE HERE)

Ziva in all her glory as Princess of the Hoyle home…haha

I’ve grown to love this grand-dog – it took a little time since he’s torn up about 5 pairs of shoes, but we overcome our obstacles and are little buddies now! I’ve learned to keep my closet door closed and my bedroom door locked at all times since he can open the door (we don’t have round doorknobs – but we have LOCKS)…sighhh! We are trying to train him to stop messing with things and only play with his toys, so we bought a beeper to go on his neck. We have to beep it when he gets close to things he should not and he comes back and is doing really well with this method. Surprisingly!

I have 4 inches and he made room – look at that face…lol

I was watching him today as he was about to pounce on a Barbie Brooklyn had been playing with and I beeped the little control and he came towards me and laid down at my feet. It got me to thinking, it sure would be nice if we all had beepers and God could beep us when we were about to step out of line. I know we are cautioned internally and have “gut” feelings we tend to follow, but a loud BEEP would have been really nice at certain times of my life. Who wouldn’t want a “do over” on a few things??

Then I got to thinking just how fortunate we all are, that we can make a mess and somehow God can make Beauty out of Ashes! He can turn something horrible completely around to work in our favor. A door can shut and He can open another one in an instant. I know over the years I have certainly learned to lean on Him in the tough times and looking back on my life, I am glad I was able to go through those storms. If I had not gone through those trials (and some felt like an eternity), I would not know the magnitude of Him! Nor the love he has for me. Just like we as parents want to keep our kids on the straight and narrow, we still have to let them mess up and learn from their mistakes.

No matter what is going on in your life, He can help sustain you and hold you up through tough times. Lean on Him, for He is an ever-present help in trouble. I keep this verse on my desktop, to always remind me.

Isaiah 40:29 “He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

Oddly, the verse above was in my devotion this morning – so I had to put it in the blog today. I have met so many fellow Sisters in Christ over the past few days, I can only thank the Lord for surrounding me with such wonderful women. I know you are scattered all of the country and some in different countries, but I am loving every minute blogging and talking with you girls! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and are blessed beyond measure! I’m off to worship this morning and spend my last day with Brooklyn for a few days. See you girls on the blog tomorrow!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    I loved your post and the scripture this morning. I really needed to hear those words so thank you and have a blessed day!!

  • Johnna

    I really enjoyed this post. It’s a good reminder how God can take our sorrow or trouble and lead us through to peace and understanding. Sometimes we need that. Have a great Sunday.

  • SandyW

    Loved your post this morning Beverly…especially the reference to God and beepers. Oh my…that would be wonderful wouldn’t it. Hope you’ve had a great Sunday.

    • Beverly

      Yes Lord that would be nice!! Lol. When I was little and I was doing wrong, my Dad could look at me and I knew to straighten up. I didn’t have that in my adult life, boy it would have been nice ha! I’ve learned to listen to that little voice inside me over the years. I think I ignored it a lot in my younger years lol. Hope you’ve had a great Sunday too!!! Thanks for the comments❤️❤️

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