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Good morning ladies, I hope your week has been a good one. Let me start off by saying, I have been MIA this week! It really is a funny story, although it wasn’t at the time it happened.

I was getting ready for work and started feeling a bit queasy, so I decided to sit down on the toilet in the bathroom. I put my head between my knees because I thought I was going to pass out. It seemed like minutes were going by and the knee trick just wasn’t working. The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor near our shower. I had totally passed out, hit the hamper or the corner of a wall with my forehead and eye. Barry came in and freaked out, there was blood and everything! I was in shock I think, cause I was totally trying to figure out what just happened.

I literally passed out, falling off the toilet and gave myself a black eye with my butt sticking straight up in the air! HA HA!! I still can’t figure out how I managed to fall to the left of me and not straight forward? Who knows?? I managed to give myself a mild concussion and have tried to stay off my devices for a while. I’m feeling better now and it was just in time to team up with a woman I totally adore!

Today, I am teaming up with Tania with the 50 is Not Old Blog! I know you ladies have seen Tania on Pinterest...she’s all over it! Last summer when I started the blog, I reached out to her and asked for a little guidance and we have become great friends since. I love her down to earth personality and she is more than willing to help anyone for anything. I certainly feel very blessed to have her in my life! She has been a mentor helping me with the blog and she is also my “Boss” with Rodan + Fields! How lucky am I??!!! Make sure you head over and check out what she’s wearing today – she has great style – plus she has the BEST stories!

Today, I decided to feature a pair of “smoking slippers” or loafers from Sole Society. I have been saying blush was going to be huge this season, so I made sure I grabbed them up quick. These are the Jessica Smoking Slippers in Dusty Rose, these also come in Bisque, Dusty Plum and Dotted Haircalf. I must admit, they wear great! I have not gotten anything from Sole Society that disappointed me! You can always take advantage of the AfterPay program, this is a program that allows you to pay in installments so it doesn’t hurt the wallet so much!

I paired it with the Crackle Faux Leather Jacket from Cato. If you decide to get this jacket, you are going to LOVE it. It has some give to it, fits true to size and is probably one of the most comfortable jackets I have ever worn. I don’t feel restricted in it and it falls perfectly to give you a pretty silhouette. You can easily pair this with a skirt, a longer tank or wear with a dress. This is a great piece for a date night, church, or even a fancier occasion. Wouldn’t it look cute with booties!! I really was surprised at how it fits like a glove, but feels like I’m wearing a t-shirt. It’s got a little bit of sheen in it, that makes it super cute!

Love the way this waterfalls down!

I also grabbed this really cute handbag at Cato the other day. I loved the way this bag looked, I’m not much of a “white” handbag girl – but this bag really catches your eye! It’s called the Oversized Cinched Hobo Handbag and it is ONLY $29.99!! That makes it even better!! It comes in cognac and black also.

The jewelry is by JBloom Designs, the necklace I am wearing is the Galina, it’s a really versatile beaded necklace that can be worn with nearly anything. You can wrap this one around your neck like a choker and let the ends dangle down or tie it up like I did. It has gold beads and end pieces that give it a pop when the light hits it. I also chose the Ivy Necklace to give me a little glitter on my neck and chest area. I love the way this drops down and gives the outfit a little something extra. The hammered bangles I have on are Tri-Bend Bracelets, they bend at each section and it comes with 3 bangles. Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver – you can mix and match them up with other pieces to give you a great stacked look.

The Hammered Cross Bracelet is clear/gray beads with stretch, it goes on easy and wears really great. I wear this bracelet nearly every day to remind me that I am one of His! He has my back, and I can walk forward knowing that He is right beside me! Even when I pass out in the bathroom and give my self a concussion!! HA!!

I thought I would show you an alternative in shoes so you could see a different look. I really wanted to wear the loafers today, but it is a chilly day here in NC and I probably would have opted for a boot if I went out of the house. (Nevermind that closet I am working on behind me – it has way too many tanks on it, huh? LOL) These boots came from Nordstrom Rack, and are by Sam Edelman when I checked the site they only have one pair left. I found a cheaper and cuter pair by Marc Fisher, called the Editer Over the Knee Boot. The jeans I am wearing are by Old Navy, the Mid-Rise Distressed Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans– these have quickly became one of my favorite pairs of jeans.

I also want to share with you one of my favorite products with Rodan + Fields. First, I have to share just how much I have grown as a person since I decided to join the #1 Skincare Company in North America. I have personally seen changes in my skin, I will be 50 in just a few months and I’m actually looking forward to saying I’m 50! My daughter and husband have noticed the changes in my skin – let’s face it, as we get older skincare is a must!

I’ve started coming out of my shell, actually talking to people more and it’s been easier than I thought. I have no trouble talking to anyone, but offering them the opportunity for better skin or additional income was NOT one of my strong suits! I have become a part of a company and mainly a group of women that I love! Every time we talk they make me feel invincible! I have found a group of women that are my tribe! I love that!

Ok, the product that I am loving right now. I had high hopes for this product and to my surprise, it did not fail me! It’s the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex. I have very sensitive eyes and with allergies, they can get puffy very quick. This product has totally changed the puffiness under my eyes…I can tell when I skip a few nights. I am human and every now and then I fall into an “Oops, I forgot” mode. The results have been amazing though, you want to look fresh, give this a try! Check out the results below.

The first picture was around October when my eyes were really taking a beating with my allergies. The second photo is only 2 weeks in with full makeup on. The third photo was a month in. I used this product day and night and can definitely see the results. Tania bout passed out when I showed her my results! HA HA!!

Side note- check those lashes out – Lash Boost is killing it! I will share this story, Barry and I was in line at Lowes the other day and he was looking at me and kept looking at me. I was beginning to feel like I had food smeared on my face somewhere – then all of a sudden he says, “Dang, your lashes are long”. SCORE!!!

Don’t forget to stop by Tania’s website, 50 is Not Old and see what she’s wearing and styling today! Trust me, you will LOVE her stories, especially about Joe, her husband. LOL!! Thanks for stopping by the blog – have a great day ladies!

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  • Daphne

    Good morning stopped in to check out your blog learned about it from 50 is not old enjoyed your post hope all is okay with you now .you truly don’t look 50 your just beautiful .anyway subscribed to your blog looking forward to getting to read it.

  • Cheryl peffer

    I’m on Tania’s blog and way older than you both but still want to keep updated. It’s always fun to read about the happenings in people’s life’s. Glad you’re feeling better. What a scare . Take care.

    • Beverly

      Thank you so much! I am so pleased to have you visit my site!! Thank you for the well wishes – YES!! It was a scare and I’m sure this will be brought up at family gatherings LOL!! I’m the “butt” of so many joke–no pun intended haha

  • Janet Batchelor

    Hello! Another new friend from 50 is not old! You look AMAZING for 50 and like a true friend would tell you-go to the dr to get that fainting spell checked out. Love your blog, love that you are a sister in Christ too.

    • Beverly

      I laughed when I read the “go to the dr comment”, and my heart jumped at the Sister in Christ!! Yes!! I have to shout that from the rooftops lol!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! Thank you for stopping by!! Isn’t Tania the sweetest thing ever!!!!

  • Lisa B

    Just saying hello. Stopping in from Tania’s blog. She is so right, we never have too many friends. Have a great weekend!

  • Johnna

    Hi. Since Tania recommended your blog I had to take a look. I’m not a big blog reader. 50 is not old is only one I read regularly but after reading yours I think I’ll stick around. I just got the same eye cream couple days ago because I have dark circles (hereditary, ugh!). I’m hoping it works as well for me. Your results encouraged me. Cute, cute outfit. Love it with the boots. I look forward to more of BandB blog. Best of luck!

    • Beverly

      Wow!! Thanks Johnna!! I love Tania’s blog, I’ve been seeing her for a few years and just love her stories!! I bet you will have good results too. I make sure I use mine day and night lol Can’t wait to see your results!! Thanks for stopping by and those kind words. Have a great weekend!! Oh, and thanks for the compliment on the outfit!!!

  • Peggy

    Hi Beverly. I came over from Tania’s blog. So glad she spotlighted you on her Friday with Friends. I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to more. I subscribed! Have a great weekend.

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Thanks Peggy!! I am so glad she did too! Her followers are so nice, I have been on cloud 9 today LOL!! And I am especially glad that you loved the blog…I will keep it coming LOL!! Have a great weekend and thank you agan!

  • Judy Stallings

    …just stopping by from Fifty is Not Old. Love reading Tania’s blog every day. Your blog was great too; you look AMAZING. It’s great to meet another Sister in Christ! ❤️

    • Beverly

      Thank you for stopping by!! I’m very humbled by the response from he followers. WOW!! And yes!! It’s always great to meet a Sister in Christ!! Hope you stop back by!! Have a great weekend!!

  • Kristi Tandy

    You are so cute! Tania, asked me to check out your blog. I love the outfit! Knee high boots are my favorite. You can never have too many pairs of boots, right? I can’t wait to follow your blog. Have a great weekend!

    • Beverly

      Thank you Kristi!! I love my knee High Boots!! My daughter is forever stealing them lol. I’m so glad you came over to the blog!! So exciting meeting all these ladies!! I love it!!! Check out tomorrow’s blog!! I think you might like the outfit 😍

  • Kathleen

    Hi. I visited your blog after seeing Tania’s post on 50 is not Old. I loved that jacket so much I went and purchased one for myself. 🙂 Cute outfit! Thanks for sharing.

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Thank you so much!! You’re going to LOVE the utility Jacket tomorrow then lol. Thanks for stopping by!! And you’re going to love that jacket. Every time I wear it, I love it more!!

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