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Good Sunday morning ladies! Sorry this post is coming out late, but I’m not going to lie…I slept in this morning. Although it is nice to sleep in some, it seems to give me a headache if I lay in the bed too long. Do you girls have that issue? Sometimes I think it’s my pillow, but who knows!! Got rid of that ole thing and then Brooklyn’s mom dropped her off around 9ish, so we are watching church from home today.

If you follow my Insta-story on Instagram, I’m sure you saw where I spent the day with my Mom Friday. I don’t get to spend a lot of time with her like that and I really enjoyed it. I live right down the road from her, but it seems I am on the go or working all the time – I MUST make more time for her! Does anyone else get caught up in “life” and fall short sometimes in seeing family and friends? This was one of my New Years Resolutions – make time for family and friends – making more memories!!

I took Mom to an appointment she had then we hit a few stores and I ended up getting the cutest Nautica Blush Crossbody/handbag! (I tried to find it online and could not, so similar items are below) I actually snagged this one up at Burkes Outlet and I have really enjoyed using it! Blush is going to be a HUGE color for the Spring!! Be on the lookout for loafers in the blush color or tawny (mild) tangerine – loafers, sandals, and heels! Grab yours up early…these will go fast!

Blush Pink Shoes and Handbags

I went to one of our stores near the NC/SC state line and took a few pictures of some of our new boutique clothes Saturday. Thought I might share some with you to give you an idea of what type of place I work at. These are so cute! These are New Arrivals and I’m not sure if they are up online yet, but I’m sure they will be soon. I will post the link HERE so you girls can check it out!

We had a blast taking the photos and there are a lot more, I really liked this old door as a back drop…it was right outside the store on an old abandoned warehouse. Beauty is everywhere…we must look closely!

I have Brooklyn and she wants to play Barbie dolls and Makeup LOL, I hope you girls have a great Sunday!! I dropped in a quick video I did to hold bangs out of your eyes below. Just a quick hair hack!!

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Thanks for taking time out of your day and stopping by my blog, hope to see you back next week!!

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