Dry Brushing – What Is It & What Does It Do?

Happy Valentine’s Day ladies!! I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful heart day!! Not much is going to be going on here, the flu bug has hit here and we have two kiddos not feeling well. I did manage to pick up some chocolates for my little valentines! Yes, I ended up getting Barry some chocolates too! That’s HUGE for me!! LOL!! We will see if he reads my blog and if I have guilted him into getting me something. HA!

Honestly, I never have cared much for exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day. In my younger years, I liked getting roses…but those days are long gone. I think it was the idea of wanting roses because all my girlfriends were getting roses. My husband could bring me a Hershey Chocolate bar and I’d be tickled pink. Well, I could take any kind of chocolate and be happy LOL!

Since this is LOVE day, I thought I would share something I actually LOVE rather than an outfit. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know it is a mixture of fashion, beauty and hair tutorials. Well, today I want to share something that helps your skin look awesome and helps get toxins out of your body.

Dry Brushing Your Skin

Have you heard about dry brushing? I first learned about this from Candace Cameron Bure. I follow her on Instagram and she talked briefly about it, so I googled it and started reading up on it. Who knew this little thing can help in so many ways? Literally takes 5 minutes a day and has so many health benefits – you will want to continue!

How Does It Work?

Your skin, the largest organ in the human body is an organ of elimination. One-third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin and dry brushing helps to unclog pores and excrete toxins that become trapped in the skin. Sounding pretty good so far, huh? So how do you do it?

Follow These Steps

1. Purchase a natural (not synthetic) bristle brush, I got mine from Amazon, it’s cheap and the bristles are not too hard, plus it works! Get yours HERE.

2. Get naked and stand in a bathtub or tiled surface to catch the falling skin. (It’s a bit gross, I know.) Honestly, I normally sit on the side of the tub and start brushing away. You’re going to be surprised just how much dead skin you have on your body! This is one heck of an exfoliation – but your skin is going to look 10 years younger within a month!

** If you prefer a longer handled brush the click HERE

3. Begin brushing by starting at your feet and moving in long sweeping or circular motions toward your heart. Always brush toward your heart. This will get your blood flowing, this helps with cellulite too! I start at my feet and brush my legs and go up my body.

If you choose to put an oil on your skin, you can – but I go totally dry. I want to see the dead skin coming off. that’s me personally though.

4. Brush several times in each area, overlapping as you go. When I brush I start with feet, then legs, then stomach and back, then arms and end up on my chest – always working towards my heart.

5. Take care as you brush over more sensitive areas, personally – I skip the sensitive areas (like the “girls”…that could be a bit painful). But, the more you brush, your skin will become less sensitive. Don’t scrub! Just gently brush – your skin will look ashy and dead skin will be falling off. You’re doing it right! It’s a simple process, it really is not painful, I just brush my skin hard enough that I feel the pressure. Some people are more sensitive – then really rub your skin gently till you work up to a good exfoliation.

6. Once you’ve brushed your entire body, jump in the shower. (I like to alternate between the hottest water temperature I can tolerate and the coldest. This stimulates blood circulation, bringing more blood to the top layers of the skin.)

7. After getting out of the shower, pat dry skin and apply the best hydrating body creme on the market, R+F Active Hydration Body Replenish. You girls know this is one of my TOP favorite R+F products. It has literally changed my skin back to looking so much younger! I go through a jar a month. I’ve caught little Brooklyn getting into and putting on her legs LOL!! Her exact words to me when I caught her the first time was, “But it makes my skin so soft”…AWEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Get the Active Hydration HERE.

FYI: Get ready to feel super soft ladies!

To See More Rodan+Fields Skincare products and Enhancements, CLICK HERE

8. Continue to dry brush your entire body every day. Twice a day is recommended for best results, but let’s be real -who has time for that? I don’t do it every day, but I do dry brush my skin at least every 2 days. Remember to clean your brush with soap and water once a week. Leave to dry in a clean, sunny spot to avoid any mildew accumulation on your brush.

If you do like a body scrub, here is one I have used and it has over 4K reviews on Amazon with a 4-star review!! It is a 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub with Organic Coffee, Coconut and Shea Butter – Best Acne, Anti Cellulite, and Stretch Mark Treatment, Spider Vein Therapy for Varicose Veins & Eczema. Get that HERE.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

1. You’ll exfoliate dead skin. 

YES!!! You will love this – plus this beats just using a scrub any day of the week! And lasts longer!!

Forget your in-shower loofah and body scrubs, this will ensure you have silky-smooth skin all year round!

2. It stimulates your lymphatic system. 

Dry brushing your skin will kick start your lymphatic system, which helps you remove toxins from the body. The stiffer the bristles on the brush, the better the lymphatic stimulation you’ll create.

3. Dry brushing helps to reduce cellulite. 

Cellulite is simply toxic materials that have accumulated in your body’s fat cells and are trapped, unable to be eliminated from the body. Forget lipo, dry skin brushing helps to break down any trapped toxins from within the body and help your body eliminate them through its usual elimination channels.

4. It unclogs pores and de-congests skin. 

Dry skin brushing unclogs your skins pores and helps your skin absorb more nutrients. Daily skin brushing promotes healthy, breathing skin. It’s a real treat for the largest organ in our bodies!

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I’m sharing this beauty tip because IT WORKS! I’ve been doing it for well over a year now. I slack up sometimes, but overall – I do a pretty good job with my dry brushing. You can even go to Spas and have this procedure done. So why not know how to do it and save your self money! Plus you’re getting rid of toxins and helping your lymphatic system – this all huge pluses for me as I get older!

Happy Valentine’s Day again ladies!!!! Have a wonderful day and know that you are loved!!

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  • Tammy GRavis

    I’ve been wanting to do this and Have read many benefits of it. Thanks for the info – the products you mention are very affordable!

  • Johnna

    I have never heard of this but I try very hard to take care of my skin so I’m buying a brush today and starting it. The Active Hydration cream is my favorite R & F product and is reason I started using the Redefine regimen and other R & F products. I can’t say enough about it. Thanks so much for this tip. I look forward to results. Happy Valentines Day 💕😊

    • Beverly

      Happy Valentine’s Day!!! This is a good tip!! You will like it and will be amazed at the dead skin just sitting on our skin. And you’re right -ain’t nothing like the R+F products lol

  • Gloria

    Very interesting. I’ve never heard of this but I have very dry skin due to a thyroid problem so I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Beverly

      My skin is horribly dry! Especially my legs since I’ve gotten older and this has helped a lot. It gets blood circulating too and the benefits are great!! Don’t rub too hard at first just-as you do it you will know how hard to brush. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  • Johnna

    Could you send me an actual J Bloom catalog? It’s easier for me to look at jewelry and I really like this brand. I’m not huge jewelry person but this has caught my eye and is something I’d wear or give as a gift. Email me and I’ll give my address. Thanks.

    • Beverly

      Yes!!! Send me your mailing address to [email protected]. I just ordered new catalogs and should be getting them soon. I will send you one out as soon as they get here!! It’s much easier looking at the catalog to me too!! I like to see it on someone lol

  • sandy

    I literally just bought this exact brush from Amazon two weeks ago. Only used it a few times before leaving on vacation and did not take it with me so after reading your post I am now so anxious to be faithful about using it. I had never heard of dry brushing until I read it on a essential oils blog as I use some of the oils and I did put a drop on the brush the couple times I used it and that’s probably why I didn’t see the skin drop off. Might have to try it without the oils first to get the dry skin off. I haven’t figured out how to do my back though with no handle on the brush? Thank you for sharing this at just the right time because now I know I will use it since you are so happy with it. Happy Valentines day…I bet your hubby will enjoy his chocolates!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I used to do dry skin brushing daily but haven’t done it in a very long time. Thanks for the reminder and I plan on starting again tomorrow morning 🙂

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