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Good Wednesday morning!! Woohoo, it is HUMP DAY!! Which in writing that makes me think of the Geico commercial with the camel…anyone else?? I worked with a girl that could sound just like that camel, just a tidbit of information that no one really cares about huh? LOL!

I want to say that I thoroughly enjoy the comments that you girls leave. It has been so nice getting to know all of you and I feel like I’m forging friendships that will last a long time! You girls are awesome in other words!!

A lot of you like the fact that I show outfit ideas that are at a reasonable price, so I thought I would share some workout gear from my local Walmart. I started back at the gym in late December and I needed some new leggings and tops. Well, I thought buying new workout clothes would help motivate me… and it did! I buy a lot from Fabletics and Old Navy, but these outfits I’m showing today cost me only $100 for everything.

Since Camo is hugely popular right now, I could not pass up these cute leggings! Walmart is sold out online, but I found some that are almost identical on Amazon, get them HERE. I love wearing sweatshirts or hoodies around the house and this cowl neck white with grey sleeves went great with the camo. Walmart is out of the white and grey online, but they are in stock with a heather grey cowlneck, get it HERE. If it’s a little chilly out I throw on my back puffer and I’m not only sporty, I think it’s a cute little “Athleisure” outfit. Get the puffer vest HERE. If you’ve read my posts then you know I think Athleisure Wear is just a fancy word for leggings and a hoodie! HA!

OK, check out the pooch looking around the corner of the sofa…meet Kilo. Kilo is my son, Chase’s, dog. Chase was transferred from Texas back to NC and when he came back, Kilo was right behind him. Barry and I were not happy with another dog being brought into the house – especially me! I’m the one that does the majority of the walking the dogs, training, feeding, etc. Kilo is an attention-hungry puppy, who thinks he’s 4 lbs and trust me…he’s NOT!! But apparently, he likes to check me out when I’m taking pictures LOL!!

If you have not found some leggings that have pockets on the side, you MUST get you some. I ordered a pair from Amazon and loved them so much, I went back and ordered a couple more. These are around $19.98, free shipping with Amazon Prime, they fit true to size also! It does take about a week to get these delivered, but totally worth it! And an added bonus is they come in cropped and a rainbow of colors! These are ODODOS HIgh Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants, Get them HERE.

The grey and navy outfit is all from Walmart. These leggings are fleeced lined or thin-sulated. These are great for walking outdoors or for runners. I personally bought them for the pockets, but have worn these a lot on the weekends when it’s been colder. These are a size Large I’m wearing and they are a tad too big, but that’s ok you can’t really tell it when I have them on. And with these wide waistbands all of these leggings have, they hold you in and make your stomach feel flat and that’s always a plus! Plus they are a really great fit.

The hi-lo top and the leggings are both made by AVIA. The Core Active Short Sleeve top comes in coral, lavender, and spearmint also. Get the top HERE. Get the leggings HERE. These come in four different colors also.

The green athletic top and black leggings are also both from Walmart. The black leggings have a stripe down the side that is mesh and really cute! They do not have the pockets on the side – only downfall, but they are super cute on!! These are only around $15, get the leggings HERE. Get the Green Pullover HERE.

I paired the same black leggings with the mesh stripe down the leg with a burgundy pullover. Walmart is out of stock online in burgundy, but have them in blush, olive, grey, and black. Get the pullover HERE. The tennis shoes I am wearing are from Brooks along with sports bras that will be in the “Shop the Post” Section below. Have a great day ladies and get comfy on the weekend – or workout – or just sit around and binge on Netflix!! See you tomorrow!

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  • sandy I have that camel commercial in my mind. Sooo, do women either love leggings or hate them? I just don’t feel comfortable in them and maybe it’s an age thing OR is it the fact that I don’t like how I look in them? I agree with you that if you are wearing something cute, exercise would be more fun so I think I need to invest in some “cute” exercise clothes even if I do exercise at home and I do my walking on our country roads and I’m loving that wide waist band on those leggings. You have put suggestions out there at very affordable prices. I wear Brooks shoes also they are so great for walking on gravel country roads. Heading home today so will definitely need to get back into morning exercise after all the food we have consumed on this trip. Have a great Wednesday!

    • Beverly

      I love walking outside!! We live near a park and it has a walking path and I love it. Yes-either women love them if they hate them. I don’t look the best in them, but I don’t care lol. I like wearing them with the pockets so I can slide my phone in there and listen to my music while I’m walking. Brooks are the best aren’t they!!!?? Glad you had a great vacation and have a safe trip back home.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy hump day! Thanks again for sharing and I love the photo bombing pup 😉 We have 3 dogs and 4 cats. I love all of our fur babies despite the constant struggle with the pet hair.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh. It is a struggle isn’t it! I love my dogs though, Ziva the goldendoodle is the hugger. She’s likes to comfort you if she thinks you’re upset. I’ve seen Barry have a bad spell thinking about Austin and she jumps up on his lap and hugs and kisses him like crazy. Dogs are very remarkable in many ways.

  • Mary McCoy

    I am enjoying your blog, I am new to it. I am glad that you share affordable clothing. Some blogs I follow have great clothes, but way too expensive. By the way, some of your links today were not working. They were taking you to a site that was not the correct one.

    • Beverly

      Thanks for letting me know that!! I will recheck them…. oops

      I’m so glad you like the blog!! I show a mixture when it comes to a price point, but I try to show affordable outfits. Plus I know there is at least a 300% markup on clothing-I’ve been in Fashion a long time. It’s ridiculous, but I guess that’s how companies make their money. Thanks again for the heads up on the links!!

  • Johnna

    I was in Walmart other day and noticed all the cute leggings & tops. Now I’ll have to go back and get some. Love the ones with pockets. That’s what caught my eye, actually, when I noticed them. Just got my first pair of denim jeggings from Amazon recently and boy are they comfy. I want to wear them every day. They feel like leggings. Cute as always today. 😊

  • Jayne Finkbohner

    I absolutely love your blog!! The fact that you share your faith is a huge plus because your blog inspires dressing in up to date styles that are so attractive & flattering, yet attest to your faith. You remind me that there are beautiful Christian women out there who are women of virtue. Thank you!
    I too want to be cute but comfy when I am home and enjoy wearing cute workout outfits. It is nice that you have cute choices from Walmart. Helps me to realize I don’t have to pay a fortune to look well put together, whether I’m working out or hanging around my home working on projects.

    • Beverly

      I just sound this comment in my spam folder. Thank you so much for your kind words!! I love talking and sharing with all you girls!! Thank you again and I’m so tickled you like the blog!!! XO!!!

  • Nanachel

    I am new to your blog, is there somewhere that tells a little bit about you? Like where you’re from and possibly sizing. It’s so helpful when I know how tall you are and your normal size and then you tell what size you are styling. It helps me determine if I need to order up or down in a size. Do you sell clothing also, I thought you mentioned that in your market post. Awesome blog!!

    • Beverly

      I have an About Me section but it’s not that detailed. I will update that!! I’m from NC, I wear a size 10, a medium or large in tops and I’m almost 5’8”. I am on a low carb diet right now so I hope to drop at least 10lbs soon lol. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼. I’m so glad you like the blog -if I can help in any way let me know. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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