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Happy Tuesday everyone! Boy did I have an interesting Monday! You guys know we were putting in a generator and all was going well for the majority of the day. Up until around 4:30 when the gas truck came out to dig a trench for the gas line. This was a big work truck with a big Boom or crane on the back, the crane swings out to the side, it sticks out about 10 feet at least.

When the gas man tried to crank his truck back up – nothing happened. The battery wasn’t dead, but something definitely was going on with the engine that wasn’t good. To make matters worse, the Boom was sticking out and it won’t pull back in unless the truck is cranked. We ended up calling a HUGE wrecker to come out and they got to our house around 7pm. Getting the Boom pulled back in was a huge undertaking, to say the least. Fluid was flying everywhere in our yard and it was cold and a Vermont WINTER!

They had to drain hydraulic fluid, I’m assuming, out of the crane, and get it manually pulled in somewhat before they could get the truck lifted on the wrecker. I’m standing out there the entire time and I slowly felt each toe go numb as each hour passed by. I felt so bad, I couldn’t just walk away and sit in my warm house. That would be rude! I did feed the gas man and offer drinks and all that good stuff…I felt horrible for this man…who happened to be my brother. LOL! By 10pm they were finally getting the truck hauled off. What a night…Geez…I felt so bad for all my neighbors. All the lights flashing and loud beeping noises had to bother them. So if any of my neighbors read my blog…I’m SORRY!!!

Herringbone Vest Outfit

I wore the outfit I’m spotlighting today a week or so ago and it has had a huge response on Pinterest and Instagram, so I thought I’d share it with you girls. Click on either of the highlighted links to get to my Pinterest and Instagram.

I bought this Herringbone Vest off of Amazon around Christmas time and have worn in a couple times. Get the vest HERE. We had this vest at the Boutique I work at but missed out when they went on sale. This is quilted with nice pockets and great detail. I sized up just to make sure the fit would be good. I can handle bigger, but too small just won’t do LOL! I also purchased the striped tunic I am wearing from Amazon also. It has the suede patch detail on the elbows of the sleeves. I like this top, but honestly, I wish I had of sized up with this one too, just for more room in the chest area. I don’t wear crew neck much, so that’s probably my issue. Get the tunic HERE. Looser fitting tunics is featured in the slider below.

I love pairing different patterns together, the would look great with a plaid button down also. Another cute look would be a redshirt underneath with a leopard print scarf. This looks well with jeans, leggings and a long shirt underneath or pants for work. It’s very thick and will keep you warm for sure. It does not give any, that’s why I sized up.

I paired it with Rockstar Skinny Jeans from Old Navy if you have not tried these jeans – Ummmmm, you need too! They feel like butter on your legs – like leggings!! I personally like the pullup jeans the best out of all of them, but I won’t ever turn down a pair of the Rockstar Jeggings. Trust me, you will thank me when you slide these on and you can eat and still feel comfortable! Get the Rockstar Jeans HERE.

I grabbed up my Toms Wedges to go with it, I told you, girls, I was liking these more and more! And yes, I did move them to the front of my shoe section in my closet!! You can also wear these wedges with a cute summer or spring dress too – we are looking for pieces that we can use in multiple ways!! More bang for our buck!!! Plus, these actually wear really good and are very flattering on your feet. They look great with jeans too!! Get Toms Wedges HERE.

What’re your thoughts on this outfit? Curious what you girls think since it went crazy on Pinterest. Drop a comment below and let me know!

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  • Johnna

    Another outfit that screams ME! I’m a big Amazon fan and like that you get things there. I can copy your look easily. Lol!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Love this outfit and have written down quite a few items on my wish list to buy 😉 I too really appreciate that you show things that are affordable. Thanks so much for sharing and continuing to inspire me!

  • Sandy

    My thoughts on this outfit… LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I too like that you shop Amazon so I can go right to the link if I want to and thank you for telling how the sizes fit. Wish I had the problem of needing tops with more room on top.. 🙃 oh.., love your hair style with this outfit too.. you are too cute!

    • Beverly

      Aweeeee!!! Ok Sandy, you girls are making my day lol!! Thank you for the sweet comments!!! I am so glad you girls started following-it’s like getting together with your girlfriends every day lol

      • sandy

        It for sure is like getting together with your girlfriends and it’s so nice that you take the time to reply because that makes “my” day! I’m on my last day of vacation but I’ve had to make sure that I read your blog sometime during the day or I feel like I’ve missed you!

        • Beverly

          I see good friends in the making here!! Lol. I will always reply because that’s what bloggers should do!! Some do and some don’t. I know it can be hard sometimes, but you girls take time out to read my blog-so I should respond. Plus, I get to build friendships and that’s what is making this great!! All you girls!!! I hope your vacation has been great!!! And warm!!

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