On the Road Again…

Good morning ladies! It is EARLY Friday morning and I am about to hop in the car and head toward Atlanta. I’m grabbing me a cup of java now and going to spend a few minutes with you girls. I wanted to take the time to tell you girls Happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend.

I have to tell you girls what happened to me Thursday. If you are like me, you always have your phone on you. It’s like my mini laptop – I work from it, take pictures, email, spreadsheets – you name it, I have an app for it. As you know, I handle Marketing and Social Media for THE Boutique in my town.

I am constantly taking pictures, videos, even making GIFs – so I NEED my phone. Plus, it is a HUGE part of the blog. Let me set the scene for you. Our Store has an upstairs where we handle the shipping, monogramming, and our offices are located there. If you are standing upstairs you can see out into the store, the stairs are slightly winding and it shows a beautiful view of a lot of our products. In other words, when I stand at the rail, if I look down I see the bottom floor. And it’s a long way down!

I was coming out of my office, you girls know I’m ADHD and move pretty quick, and normally I have my phone in hand with a grip. NOT THAT DAY! I saw my phone slide out of my hand, through the rails and fall (in slo-mo BTW) fall all the way down to the tile floor below. Then BAM and BOUNCE and BAM again.

As I looked over the rail with my mouth wide open some of the girls that work there walked over (smiling HA) and said…”You dropped something”! It crushed the phone, cracks, part of the back was off and it bent the frame. I just stood there in a silent stage of shock.

Since I’m heading to Atlanta today, I had to go get a phone. I had to drive about an hour away to an Apple Store and wait and wait. Finally, I chose a phone and got it going. Once I got home I had the dirty task of figuring out passwords and getting logged back into my apps. Needless to say – it wasn’t the best of times, but I do like this new phone. I got an iPhone Xr.

So…I’m writing to tell you that I will be taking pictures and possible videos with Tania tonight and posting them in a blog post for tomorrow. I’m leaving kind of early so I’m not able to write a full post with any great topics.

Make sure to head over to Instagram and follow along – the Instastories should be pretty good. Follow along HERE. Thanks for stopping by, say a prayer for safe travels and be sure to check out tomorrows blog!!

Have a great weekend ladies and Happy Friday!!!

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  • sandy

    Oh nooo…I can just picture you standing there watching your phone fall. I’m sure that’s the last thing you had planned for yesterday since you were leaving this morning but glad you found a phone. I will be interested to see how you like your new phone as I’m wanting to upgrade mine. I need to see why your email notification didn’t come through to me this morning and I’m wondering if my post showed up yesterday to you as you are so good about responding back. Just in case it didn’t, you wanted feed back about yesterdays blog and I did like the monthly review and I like casual outfits since I’m home (on the farm) every day. I still love the outfit you styled 3 ways!!! Safe travels to you girls and have fun!

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!! I’m still getting notifications coming through today for some reason. Oh no-you didn’t get my email notification?? Ugh. Technology!! Lol. I’m all about casual too!! I wear jeans daily or casual outfits-it’s my jam gurl!! Lol Thanks for your feedback and if something happens where I don’t respond-something is up!! I try to make sure I respond to all of the comments. I have followed bloggers and asked questions or made comments and no one responds. So that was very important to me to make sure I engage with my readers. I want everyone to know I’m listening and I care!! Have a great weekend Sandy!!! Be sure to check out Instagram tonight or tomorrow for the instastory. You will see these country bumpkins in Atlanta HAHA!!!

      • sandy

        Beverly after hearing all your phone issues yesterday, I perfectly understand if you didn’t get responses posted because you are SO GOOD at replying back and that’s just one more thing I love about your blog….you take the time to respond to all of us even with all that you have going on, even if we don’t ask a question 🙂 I hate to admit that I am not on Instagram and not really sure how to connect to that but I think you have now challenged me and I will see if I can figure out how to follow along with you on that…LOL

        • Beverly

          Lol!! You made me smile today!! Thank you so much. Oh my gosh. I love Instagram, it’s mainly just pictures, but I love watching the Stories, they are mostly videos and some pictures. You get to see cute stuff. I follow a lot of Hallmark stars. They are so humble!! I can’t wait to see you on Instagram!! Happy Friday !!!

  • Johnna

    Oh my. I know how you feel about breaking your phone. I’m walking my dog the other day (with my phone in my hand texting) and he decides to take of in a sprint. Well there goes my phone flying through the air and landing face down on the blacktop. I yelled and panicked. Poor dog was scared to death. But luckily my phone survived even though it went black for a minute. I spent rest of day petting on him I felt so bad about yelling at him. Safe travels. Hi to Tania.

    • Beverly

      Lol!! It’s amazing how we are so reliable on our phones these days. So much information is kept on them and when they are gone, it’s like losing an arm. Well not an arm, but you know what I mean. Glad your phone survived!! I bet you were petting that little bundle of love ha!! I would have been too. I will tell Tania!! Have a great weekend!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Friday morning! So sorry to hear about your phone. I am sure that is probably the last thing that you wanted or needed to deal with while you are preparing for your trip. I have been praying for you to have a safe and wonderful trip and will continue to pray until you are safely back home 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!!

    • Beverly

      Awe!! Thank you Kelly!! You’re such an awesome person!! Be sure to check our instagram accounts. I know we will be posting as much as we can. Have a great weekend!!

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