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Happy Saturday everyone! We are up early this Saturday morning and off to get some training on the New Spotless Regimen for Rodan + Fields. Most of you know that I am here with Tania from 50isnotold and the fabulous Leigh Ann (commonly known as Tania’s friend, the energizer bunny).

Friday night we had a “Meet and Greet” or a Business Opportunity night. Mostly consultants were there with friends or customers that are interested in joining R+F. It was interesting to hear the stories being told by old and new consulatants. I was really amazed at how many women have come out of Corporate America to venture out in direct sales to make their own destiny. While we were waiting, we took a few cute shots and videos we posted to Instagram and a few below. By the way – Tania said to say Hello!!

After our Business Opportunity Meet and Greet, we headed over to a restaurant called Seasons 52. Oh my gosh – if you are in the Metro Atlanta area, stop by the mall and find this restaurant! Their menu changes with the seasons and it didn’t disappoint. We all tried different things on the menu and had some really good girl bonding time. We laughed and laughed and ate…and ate…and then the dessert came. In full disclosure, I am addicted to any type of desserts. I was in “hogs heaven” (that’s Southern Slang LOL!!) and I think the other girls were too.

That was basically our night, a bunch of talking, mingling and a BUNCH of eating. Oh, for those of you that don’t know; even though Tania and I have talked several times, texted and I have worked under her in R+F- this was my first time meeting her face to face. Yes, Tania is just as lovely in person and she is on the Blog! Being with Tania and Leigh Ann was like seeing your high school girlfriends – it was like I had always known them!

Since the is a fashion and beauty blog – I will point out that Leigh Ann had some rocking shoes on! We were all very tired last night but had a great time. I’m heading out to my last class this morning and it will be business as usual tomorrow on the blog! Looking forward to Coffee & Girl Talk Sunday!! Have a great weekend ladies!

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  • sandy

    Sounds like you are having a great time in Atlanta and how fun for you to finally get to meet Tania in person. That has to be so fun to be able to travel and take in these events for a business that you are involved in. Trying new restaurants is always an experience and having delicious food always makes it so worth it. And….full disclosure…I too am addicted to any type of dessert! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  • Johnna

    Looks like you girls having a blast. And all of you look so pretty. Been reading Tania’s blog for couple years and even though I’ve never met her I feel like I know her. I bet she and her friend were loads of fun. I’m thinking of being consultant since I use products. I’m on the fence. Enjoy rest of trip.

  • Kelly Palmer

    It looks like you are having a wonderful time! I don’t eat sugar of any kind (I only use Stevia due to candida issues that stem from having Rhuematic Fever as a child and taking penicillin from the age of 10 to 15. Anyway, all of that to say that I don’t eat desserts but I absolutely love to bake! I bake for friends, family and for my co-workers birthdays. My husband Troy is my official taste tester and of course doesn’t mind that at all 😉

    • Beverly

      I love to bake too!!!! I like to eat it to, that’s the problem lol. I just got back home from Atlanta-whew. What a fast 2 days!!! Hope your night is going well!!😊

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