White Flare Jeans For Spring

Good morning ladies! Thank you so much for all your comments and prayers!! I am feeling much better and ready to dive into some new fashion. I don’t know about you girls, but the older I get, I am really despising going to the doctor’s office. Some of my allergy medicine got switched and boy did it make me loopy and give me the worse migraine. Who knew I would be so sensitive to a prescription change??!!

I stopped by the Boutique and got a few things done that needed immediate attention and while I was there I decided to try on a few new arrivals. The kids at the store got me to try on these white flare jeans and to be honest…I looked at them and said, “Are you crazy??”. I decided to go ahead and try them on, so I got my size and headed to the dressing room, then I got called upstairs to help with a computer issue.

I came back down and started to try on the jeans and I thought, Oh my GAHHH…I thought I lost weight..these things are tight as a tick on a puppy! One of the teenagers there asked if everything was ok and asked me to come out. I told them I wasn’t coming out with those skin-tight jeans on! I heard snickering…I told them I needed a bigger size and then they enlightened me that they switched the pants for a smaller size when I went upstairs! HA!! Kids sure do keep you feeling young HAHAHA! That is totally something I would do…payback for me I guess LOL!

I ended up liking the jeans and honestly, if they had not pushed me into trying them on I would never know I like flared jeans! I like them, but one pair is enough for me. These are YMI white distressed flare jeans and I’ve looked them everywhere on the internet. I found them at the YMI website for $42.00. they come in sizes 3-13 and are SUPER stretchy! I’m wearing a size 7. Get the jeans HERE. I have given more options if flared is not your thing in the Shop The Post below.

I am wearing a sleeveless black top that is older, so I found some really cute alternatives below. This is a really cute outfit that you could wear a longer cardigan or kimono with and flip flops or sandals and look so cute! I grabbed my Handwoven Round Rattan Bag to go with this outfit – it looks so beachy! These little bags are everywhere this summer and if you haven’t gotten you one, you need to! It’s a cute addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. This one is $39.87, I have put a cheaper version in the STP below. When shopping for these, open these up to make sure you have enough room to drop a wallet and such in. I have found that a lot of these round bags have openings that are only a few inches. Get this bag HERE.

The jewelry is simple, but makes a statement! I am loving white more and more for my jewelry color and I have fallen in love with the bigger fan earrings. These are NOT heavy at all and honestly, they are not a bad price either. I found these from Red Dress Boutique, these are the Never Overlooked Ivory Statement Earring. I have worn these a lot over the past week and they are light as a feather! These are only $22 and come in a gorgeous gray/pewter also. Get the earring HERE.

I chose the Silver Night 3 Wrap Bracelet from Jbloom Designs. If you haven’t tried a wrap bracelet, I will go ahead and tell you that you will LOVE it! Gives the stacked look and it’s not heavy or in the way when you are on a computer. It’s adjustable also, it has about 5 holes that you can choose to adjust to fit your wrist. I cut out about 3 holes with a pair of scissors – so don’t be afraid to cut it! It is $42, but I am offering 30% off your purchase with my party this month (April 2019). So if you are interested, look around on the website and let me know what you want. To shop or browse the website click HERE. To get the bracelet click HERE.

If flare pants are not your thing, I got you covered! I love these American Eagle 360 Ne(x)t Level High Waisted Jeans because the rips and tears are covered. I can wear these and still get the distressed look, but not show any skin. These are perfect for all us ladies that want to be trendy and still cover up! These jeans are some of AE’s best sellers, they run TTS and come in sizes 00-20 (short, regular and long). Get the jeans HERE.

Shop The Post

So what do you ladies think about the flared jeans? Too much? LOL!! I think I’m going to style these with a black camisole and a colorful kimono when I wear these, I think that would look cute and “Springy”. I really want to hear your feedback and I would LOVE to hear some suggestions that you might want me to style. I run out of ideas lol! I hope you ladies have a great day today! It’s Friday Eve…WOOHOO! Thanks for stopping by the blog and I will see you tomorrow! xoxo

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  • sandy

    So glad you are feeling better. Oh goodness, that probably didn’t help your headache when the gals switched your jeans as your immediate reaction would be disappointment since you have been loosing weight. Silly girls. I’m actually a fan of a “little” flare on the bottom of my pants. I think it is because of my body shape…helps to even it out a little? 😉 I still can’t get into the ripped look but I think it’s because I spent many times at the sewing machine patching the holes in my hubbies farm work jeans to make them last a little longer…LOL I can see where this outfit will be very versatile in ways to wear it. I’m anxiously awaiting warm weather and for you to style Bermuda shorts, another thing I like wearing in summer are midi and maxi length skirts/dresses. For me they are comfy and casual and a little more forgiving on me then what pants/jeans are. I will have to look around the catalog to take advantage of your gift of the discount.

    • Beverly

      Oh yes!!! I can’t wait to start styling those shorts and the dresses!! I love a dress in the summer time! I was a little upset about thinking I must have gained weight lol, but I got a good laugh out of those kids!! Talk to you soon Sandy!! Is it still cold there?

      • SandyW

        It was actually 40 deg. this morning BUT…we had .75 of rain last night so with the wind blowing and no sun, it’s cold yet this morning.

      • Gina

        Glad you feel better, chick. Don’t know if I like the flares or not…some are like the Liberty Bell and that’s a no go!. I’ve gotten so accustomed to the ankle/slim jeans. I do have a pair of slightly flared jeans and I like them because they really hug upper leg and taper down to a flare…, don’t find myself pulling them out if the closet as much as the others though. Gonna get me in trouble with that bracelet. You know I’m a costume jewelry sucker!

        • Beverly

          Lol. I’m not a flare pant girl either and this is my only pair. We will see how much I wear them this spring and summer/they may be donated if I don’t wear them enough lol. Although, Raegan loved them so she may take them 😂

  • Kelly Palmer

    So glad that you are feeling better! These pants look really good on you and I love flare or boot cut pants for my body shape.That little prank sounds like something that I would do lol. I have today off and so does my Hubby so we are going to do something exciting today and go look for a new riding lawn mower 😉 Actually, it is kind of exciting since I am the one that usually does the mowing and in the Georgia summer heat I will be so happy to ride rather than to push. Have a great day!!

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh you guys sound just like me and my husband!! I picked out the lawnmower I wanted cause I LOVE mowing grass!! Then things happened and Barry started mowing and he got frustrated with “my pick” and went and got him a zero turn. He has not showed me how to use that mower yet! I haven’t mowed grass in over a year! He ain’t let me touch it. ( I did hit a couple things on the old lawnmower 😂😂)

      • Kelly Palmer

        I read your reply to my husband Troy and he went off on this spiel about how expensive the zero turn mower would be and how we don’t need anything that special for our yard etc etc. lol. I told him that I wasn’t implying that we get one of those and that I was just reading your comment. In his frugal mind he was seeing dollar signs. I told him that if he had his way he would have me riding in a cart behind a goat! LOL 🙂 We purchased a John Deere riding mower and it will be delivered tomorrow, yay!

        • Beverly

          John Deere is a nice mower!! Barry pinches pennies like crazy!! 🤣🤣. He wanted that mower bad ha!! He’s almost got it paid off, but his excuse really was to mow our rentals. I guess it was a tax write off 😂

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