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Good Friday morning!! I hope everyone has had a great week and looking forward to a quick Friday to get the weekend started! Brooklyn is coming for an entire week today and I am so excited! Her mom is going on a trip to Ireland – I am so jealous! Meanwhile, back here in NC…I stayed home yesterday and spent the day going through boxes of clothes to start trying on. Truck Club, Amazon Prime Wardrobe and Stitch Fix came in one day. I was overwhelmed, so I pushed all the boxes to the side and decided on the Truck Club box.

‘This Truck Club Box was HUGE ladies, this was my first one and I was very surprised with all the clothes that were in it. I did manage to pick out a few pieces that I liked for the blog. A few pieces were just NOT me at all and some pieces looked so horrible on, I could not gather the nerve to snap a picture or out you girls through what I saw LOL!

Trunk Club

The Try On Haul

This is a Gibson X International Women’s Day Rebecca Scalloped Wrap Top, whew…that was a long name! This comes in Curvy and Regular sizes and is super cute on. When I first pulled it out of the box I was not thinking this would be a top I liked. Once I got it on, I did think it was cute and would look super cute with lighter washed jeans. This is a great top for work or church. I liked the wrap style, it’s shorter in front and longer in the back, so it gives you the “half tucked” look. It’s $59.00, you can get it HERE. It fits TTS also. Notice the neckline – it is scalloped and looks so feminine!

I’m not much of a tie-dye type person, but I kinda liked this tee! It runs a bit large, so if you like this Tee, I would size down. It’s called the Perfect Vintage Organic Cotton Tee, it is really soft and I could see myself laying on the couch eating popcorn, binge-watching Netflix in this! It’s $28.00 and comes in sizes XS-XL. If you like a good Tie-Dye Tee, then this is a good one to add to your wardrobe! Get it HERE.

Notice the white sandals I am wearing. I disliked these sandals from the get-go! They were hard to get my foot in, they didn’t feel right on my foot and to top it off they are $127.95. I could not believe the price on these sandals! They are Maelynn Slide Sandals by Rebecca Minkoff if you look closely in the picture you can see where my foot won’t slide all the way in. Heads up on these! NO!!!!!!!

This was Barry’s favorite outfit out of all of the pieces I received. I did like this top a lot, but I promised myself I was only going to buy one item. This top hangs on your hips and waist perfectly! The ruched side detail is so cute and I loved the wrap front. This is by Chelsea28, called the Wrap Tank Top, it’s $59.00 and very well made. This comes in a gorgeous artic blue, a coral pink, leopard print and the tan cashew that I am wearing. The blue is GORGEOUS! I’m not going to lie, I may end up getting this one! Wouldn’t this look super cute with some white skinny jeans and cute sandals?? I think I just sold myself on this one HAHA! Shop the blouse HERE.

The jeans are NYDJ Ami High Waist Stretch Skinny Jean, these are on sale right now for $76.30! They are nicely made skinny jeans and these have the lift-tuck technology that slims you from within. And boy do they! These jeans kind of lift you up in the bottom and pull you in around your stomach. If these are in your budget, I would highly recommend getting these! Get them HERE.

The outfit below was probably my favorite outfit out of everything. I really liked the Vince Camuto black top and the Hudson jeans fit perfect. I liked the top because of the side detail, it didn’t look like a normal top and this blouse can be worn both casual and dressy. So this one stayed with me! The Hudson Jeans(Collin Skinny Jeans) are some of the best fitting jeans I have ever put on and they feel very expensive. They have 2 buttons at the waist and cute pockets in the back, they have a good stretch in them also. I went back and forth about buying these jeans, but I’m going to end up returning them – I just can’t justify $125 on a pair of jeans. Maybe I’m too tight LOL!! If these were a denim color, I probably would have kept them. get the blouse HERE and the Hudson jeans HERE.

The Vince Camuto Mixed Media Tie Front Top is on sale for $39.99 right now. They also have it in a slightly longer sleeve in coral, blue, peach, sage and tulip lilac and they are very Spring looking! See those blouses HERE. I do not think they are on sale, they are $69.00.

Can we just talk about these shoes?? When I first saw them they did not appeal to me not one bit. After I tried them on and saw how they looked in the mirror, I was starting to change my mind. These are by Toms and called the Junie Slide Sandal, they are $99.95 and come in a gorgeous orange cabana color, I will drop a picture below!! Get the Slides HERE. Tall girls – you’re going to feel like a GIANT in these shoes! I put them on and instantly felt like I was 6’4″. You girls know these went back, I have to keep things that I’m actually going to wear on a weekly basis and these are not. They are cute on, but they are cuter in that box! I’m really keeping it real with you girls today, huh? LOL

Help solve the debate between Barry and I..the black top or the wrap tank top??? HELP a sista out ladies!!! xoxo Thanks for stopping by the blog and ladies I wish you all a wonderful day and weekend and on top of everything -stay safe!! See you in the morning!!

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  • sandy

    I was tempted to get a second cup of coffee as I kept scrolling back and forth between all of these and also looking at the different colors offered in the different tops! I’m liking ALL the tops…and I too have not worn tie-dye in a long time but for a casual top to run to town would be perfect. The first blouse is so cute with the detailing around the V. I’m torn between the black top or the tank because the tank is probably my favorite but “I” would have to wear a tank or something under because of how open it is in the front but I like the detailing and styling on it. The black top is more my style with a high neckline and not having to worry about the front draping open and I like the side detail on that one so I”m not sure I’m much help because I would even have a hard time deciding for myself. In the end it would come down to price for me I suppose because as cute as the tank is and as much as I love it, I know I wouldn’t be able to justify the $70 for it. And I have to tell you how GOOD those white jeans look on you!! WOW! That is the style and type of bottom I love on my jeans but I too will not spend 125 for them. 🙁 A week with your granddaughter…you will be a tired grandma but oh what fun!

    • Beverly

      What’s up Sandy!! I just got a chance to read your comment! I liked all the tops in the blog and those jeans!! Wow!! But no!!! 🤣 I like the tank top the best in the attic blue-that was so cute!! Like you though, the neckline in the black suits me better for church and social gatherings. Thanks for the compliment. Hugs to you !!!! And yes, I can’t wait to get little Brooklyn!!

  • Kim

    Simply love this post because there are sooo many cute things, but I am too practical to spend that much at once on so many things. But I do love seeing so many things that I love! Those shoes are to die for and those white jeans!

  • Tammy GRavis

    I like the tan wrap shirt. I couldn’t afford any of that. Lol but it sure is pretty.Those shoes omg and the white jeans wow. Oh well, back to writing, maybe one day. lol

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