Floral Tie Top + Denim Cropped Jeans

Happy Friday! Is it me or is this year flying by? It seems like I blink my eyes and the entire week is gone. So here we are again heading into the weekend. Brooklyn left today and was soooo happy to see her mommy, I was kind of sad to see her go – who am I going to watch Wonder Woman with? LOL! I’m glad her Mom was able to go to Ireland and experience a wonderful trip. Who wouldn’t LOVE to go to Ireland?

While I was at the Boutique today I ran across a cute little outfit that I wanted to share. I love the idea of tying up your kimono and making a cute top with a tank and some cropped jeans. That’s exactly what I did today. This is one of the best ways to cover your backside and camouflage your tummy. It’s a pretty flowy top that you can wear with cropped jeans, skinny jeans, or shorts – dress it up or go casual, this works both ways!

This is a Floral Print Sheer Kimono, the sleeves are 3/4 length and comes in 5 different colors. To see more options click HERE. I paired this with a blush PJ Harlow Cami, this is a loose flowy camisole that is long enough to be tucked in or left out. These come in 10 different colors and the price runs from $17.00 to $40.00 depending on colors. Check out the camisoles HERE.

These jeans are made by Black Label and we do not have these on the website at this time. When they are available I will be posting a link if you are interested. I did look around on the internet and I found some that are very similar to these, that are in the Shop The Post below. What I love about these jeans is the detail with the zippers at the hem. I think this type of jeans are super cute and look very trendy. The KanCan jeans below are very similar to these jeans. I personally like KanCan jeans better because they fit you better than these. I guess it does help to have someone try on clothes and tell you their thoughts. So, my thoughts are if I had the option to buy the Black Label or KanCan, I’m getting the KanCan every time! What are your thoughts ladies? Do you like the zippers or would you rather have a cuff? Have any of you tried KanCan jeans before?

I happened to walk through the shoe department and ran across a pair of Vionics that I had not seen before. I literally saw these and instantly fell in love with them. I love the wedge heel, which these are not too tall – about 2 inches maybe 2 1/4 inches. If you have ever had a pair of Vionics then you know these are specially made for comfort. These shoes will literally give you all day comfort! These are the NEW Ariel Sandals and these come in Black, Beige or Red. If you are looking a great sandal that is geared to arch support and comfort – please check out the Vionics website. These are the go-to shoe for so many women! I never heard of them until I started working at the Boutique and these are top sellers, not only for us but in the US period. Check the Vionics out HERE.

What are your thoughts about this outfit girls? I thought giving the kimono a different twist would be super cute. I am heading off to work and I hope you girls have a great day and an early start to the weekend. Thanks for taking time to stop by the blog! Stay safe! XOXO

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  • sandy

    Oh what a CUTE outfit! When you tie the kimono in the front, did you fold the back up so that it is the same length all the way around? If I tried this, it would keep it from falling off my shoulders !! I have not tried KanCan jeans or ones with zippers at the bottom but would be open to trying either. I know our little boutique about 15 min from us carries them but I haven’t tried them on. I like the little wedge shoe you added with it and I can picture a flat sandal with it if you want to make it a little more casual too. I think cleaning house is on the agenda for today.

      • sandy

        Okie dokie…scrunch it up!!! You are showing way tooooooooo many cute things and I’m wanting tooooooo many of the things your showing. I think you looking cute in everything you show makes me want to go out and buy everything 🙂 Oh dear…prayers for your daughter that it’s not something that will last too long.

        • Beverly

          Awe!! Thanks Sandy!!! Barry told me to lay off our credit card ha!!! So I’m going to be doing some dressing room stuff more. At least that gives more options. I hope she’s ok. She may Have endometriosis, so we’ve got to look into that ASAP. Thanks for the comment!! Happy Friday!!!!

          • sandy

            Oh your silly husband but…that will work for us girls to show us dressing room stuff for sure. I just received the fringe cuff boyfriend jeans and they do not look as nice on me as they did you. Thinking I might need a bigger size but worried they won’t fit in the waste then so I think I better slow down on sweet treats…ugh. Oh goodness, that sounds painful for your daughter. I think God was watching down on her so that it didn’t happen while she was in Ireland. Happy Friday to you also!

  • Johnna

    This outfit rocks! Like everything about it. And you know I love my shoes and those look great. I want a pair. Stylish and comfy. That’s a no brainer. Happy Friday 😊

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Friyay!! I too feel like this year is already flying by. I like the outfit and think the sandals are so cute. I have never heard of Vionics and would like to try them. Today will be a day of housework, laundry and grocery shopping. I have the weekend off so at some point Troy and I are going to do a date of some sort. There doesn’t seem to much of anything of interest being shown at the movie theater right now so maybe we will do putt putt golf or bowling and either lunch or dinner out. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Beverly

      You’re going to have a fun weekend!!!! All that sounds fun. Raegan just got up sick with something. Ugg, I do believe I’m going to have to take her to the ER. Say a prayer Kelly. Have a great Friday!!

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