Stripes & Animal Print

Happy Wednesday and happy ponytail day!! I know you girls notice I wear my hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun a lot. It’s the easiest way for me to get out the door quickly in the morning LOL! I actually washed and dried my hair this morning and it’s very limp the day I wash it. My hair does better on the second or third day. Do you girls have the same issue on the first day you wash your hair? Curious if I’m the only one…

I had a busy day at work yesterday, getting things ready for Miss Tania, from 50isnotold blog to come down with Leigh Ann (that’s Tania’s BFF). I’m going to get as many pictures as I can and post on the blog for you girls. Those of you that don’t live around here and enjoy the pictures and videos. This is a HUGE event for us at our store and for Rodan + Fields! I’m very excited…can you tell???

Since I was working all day, Barry took off to play golf with his brother. Did I tell you guys that Barry is a twin? Barry and Larry LOL!! Remember back in the day, all the twins had rhyming names?? They look just alike still to this day and they are turning 59 this year. The only difference is Barry is a little bigger than Larry, he says he sucked up all the nutrients when his mother was carrying them. HA! If you know my husband, then you know that he can crack a joke on demand. He always has something humorous to stay and is always ready with a comeback. He says he met his match with me 🙂 You can’t see me but imagine me rolling in laughter right now!

Stripes and Animal Print

This morning this striped tee shirt was staring me down and I had to wear it. I got this one from Amazon from an Amazon Prime Wardrobe try on, it was one of the most liked items and most liked outfits in February. It’s called the Daily Ritual Midweight Short Sleeve T-Shirt, it comes in a pack of 2, numerous colors, fits TTS and is only $20!! Get it HERE. I like it too, so I decided to style it with a black cardigan since it was a little chilly today. That’s as far as I got while I was looking into my closet… then I looked down and saw my leopard print shoes and I know I was pulling a different look together today!

I grabbed this Kancan Distressed Jeans to wear today. 1) Because they are some of the most comfortable pants I own and 2) they were the first pair I saw in the closet HAHA! Seriously, I bought these pants in February and have truly worn them multiple times since then. They have the BEST stretch in them, plus they give in the waist! I like that since I am sitting a lot during the day, so I am always comfortable. This outfit would look really pretty with a pair of darker washed jeans, cropped jeans, or nice pair of ankle pants. White would also look great as a complimenting bottom for both the cardigan/stripes and the leopard flats. If you’re bold- go with red or mustard ankle pant.

Jeans sure have come a long way since we were little! You girls that are around my age, do you remember how STIFF a new pair of Levis was? It took forever to get them to be soft and they never had any stretch in them. It took years to get the “distressed” look! Come to think of it, those jeans certainly did last us years and years way back then. Times certainly have changed over the past 3 decades…Ugggg that hurt saying that! (it’s really more like 4 decades).

For my accessories I chose to wear the Danielle earrings from Jbloom Designs, I LOVE these earrings! They have just enough gold, tassels and length – they are not heavy at all. (these come in a cream color also) I like to wear these when my hair is up, I can really show them off then! For my necklace, I’m still wearing the Thea, this is a silver pave necklace on a snake chain. I have told you girls I got this a few weeks back, well, I’m still loving on it! It’s perfect when you’re going for a simple look and it’s a perfect piece when layering.

For my bracelets, and I rarely do not wear bracelets nowadays, I chose the Gold Rhea Bracelet in Shadow Antique Gold. It’s the bracelet with the “diamond” looking stones. You can wear this snug on your wrist or loose, the chain to clasp it is about 2 inches, so you have some play with it. I paired it with the Silver Stretch Hammered Cross Bracelet. I know I wear this a lot, but it goes with everything. It is a great way to show your faith in a bold, but quiet manner. I type on the computer most of the day and it never bothers me. My wrists are right under 6 inches if you’re curious about how it fits.

Let’s talk about these SHOES! I am a LOVER of animal print and leopard print is right up my alley! I got these back in late December or early January and I have worn these almost every week since. These are the Macy’s from Sole Society, they are $79.95 and come in a few different colors. I love the contrast in this outfit. I am asked a lot about putting outfits together that has different patterns. Leopard print can go with solids, stripes, and some plaids. Don’t worry about patterns (unless it’s florals), you can pretty much combine them, especially if it is a muted pattern like these stripes.

OK ladies, I am grabbing cup of coffee and heading out the door. I hope you all have a wonderful day, stay safe and I will see you back on the blog tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me!!

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  • sandy

    Loved your story about your hubby and his twin and yes…back in my day…if you had twins they had rhyming names! His nutrition comment was great 🙂 I agree with you that hair is always easier to style the second and third days but unlike you, I do not have enough hair to pull it back and make it CUTE like yours in a pony tail or messy bun. Todays outfit is so versatile and I can’t get out of my head how cute it would look with red pants like you mentioned. We were given a cross rope bracelet in church Ash Wednesday night; the one you are wearing is still calling out my name 😉 We are getting rain this morning and they are talking flooding since we still have snow and frozen ground so could get interesting….UGGG

    • Beverly

      Still snow??!!! Oh my gosh. That’s terrible! Once that snow starts melting it’s going to be worse!! Wouldn’t the red pants look so cute!! If I had red pants I would have worn them!! Lol. You would love the bracelet!! I’m putting in an order Friday 😆 you should have an online party. You only need $100 in orders and 3 orders. Then you could get it free or discounted!!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Cute outfit! I recently bought a striped shirt with 3/4 length sleeves and love wearing it with a pair of jeans, a black boyfriend cardigan and my white Ked sneakers 🙂

    • Beverly

      Oohhhh!!!! I love that!! I just ordered some Converse sneakers but I ordered the wrong size. I needed to go down a size with Converse and I forgot. Thankfully Raegan’s feet are a size bigger than mine so she’s getting them. I guess I’m going to be ordering me more. I have NO regular white sneakers. Well, I did but Raegan has stolen every pair and once she wears them -they get dirty and stretched 🤣

      • Kelly Palmer

        My youngest daughter, Katie wears the same size as me and when she was a teenager she would wear my shoes. She has wider feet than me so it would stretch them out and they would then become her shoes. Now she is 33 and when she comes here to visit from Florida she still checks out my closet to see what shoes she can snag. 🙂

  • johnnypsmom

    I love all the leopard print shoes! I bought those exact ones back in January and the ran big. Went to order my size and they have been sold out! Bummer! I remember rhyming twins and stiff jeans that scratched your legs almost. I am short so double wammy that they were rolled (it was not the style). I was a real vision😂

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