Floral Shell + Cropped Jeans

Good morning ladies and Happy Tuesday! You know today is really Happy Taco Tuesday! And I do believe I’m going to be going by our local Mexican restaurant and donating to the cause! I want to get it one last really good, overeating meal in before I run by the grocery store. I have signed up for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program and this week is learning about the plan. Next Monday will be my official start date – I’m excited and nervous. I am not a huge “eat healthy” person, but I know as I’m getting older I need to focus more on a lifestyle change. So here we go…wish me luck LOL!

I spent the majority of last night educating myself on this program. I’ve seen a few other bloggers have great success with it. Susanne from The Thompson Hill Blog has done exceptionally well, so I reached out to her and decided to try it out. Susanne and I will be working together late April doing a Spring blog for you girls – I can’t wait! So stay tuned for that one!

It was a beautiful day yesterday and to top it off we got to keep Brooklyn again. This was a big surprise to us, so Barry got to spend time with her for a while. He dropped her off with me at work for a few hours then they went and got ice cream. I must admit I have one heck of a grandchild (shout out!!!)!!! She played with her toys and watched a movie and was quiet as a mouse. I bet our next grandchild is going to be “heck on wheels” HA!

I decided I wanted to get into the Spring feeling, so I opted for a semi-Spring outfit today. I chose a Chelsea Cardigan from NY & Co to wear with a floral blouse from The Loft. They have sold out of the blouse that I am wearing but had it in a different color HERE. The cardigan is from last summer and NY&Co has not put their short sleeve Chelsea Cardigans online yet. I did find some 3/4 quarter cardigans that I absolutely LOVED! And remember, the Loft sale is still going on, Use CODE NEWNOW for an extra 40% off! All the blouses below should be mostly from THE LOFT, so grab that 40% off!! ***Also, the top I linked above is only $15.88!!!

I love a cardigan, no matter what time of the year. I find myself wearing them all the time. I love to pair a short sleeve cardigan with a camisole or sleeveless blouse in the summer. With shorts, jeans, capris or a skirt – it’s always in style! AM I the only one that does this? There has to be a lot of women out there that love a cardigan in Spring and Summer – I see them everywhere in the stores. So consider this item a staple piece in your wardrobe. Always have a cardigan that you can throw on! If you want to be California “chic”, throw that aby over your shoulders and let it hang. Anyone remember that look in the 50’s? I LOVE the style from those years – everyone was always so classy looking- even when doing dishes HAHA!

Last but surely not least is the ever so popular Cropped Cuffed Jean. I told you how popular this jean has been on the blog yesterday. I must admit, I ordered another pair of these jeans the other day. They are a great price point for only $29.99 and I decided I wanted to get the dark wash, I thought that would go really well with my white blazer. I can dress up a pair of darker jeans so much easier than a lighter shade. Get these jeans HERE. How do you girls dress up your jeans for date night? I’m curious, plus I’d love to try some of your styles out on the blog!!

You girls loved the cheetah print espadrilles so much, I decided to show them again. I did choose to wear these again (they are so comfortable!), but this outfit would look cute with flats, sandals, or even the Keds double-decker slide on tennis shoes. These are the Keds below, I have some similar to these, but these are cuter. Get the Espadrilles HERE.

I did want to tell you girls that Tania, from 50isnotold Blog is coming to Dunn, NC to do an event with me at the Boutique for R+F! We are also offering 20% off all women’s apparel if you live near the store. We carry a lot of named brands, Vineyard Vines, Simply Southern, Girle Girl, Costa, Spartina, Vera Bradley, SCOUT and more. Stop by and see us on 3/22 from 5-7 pm. I’m so tickled to have such a renown Fashion Blogger come to our city!! Check out the website if you have time, I am in the midst of totally revamping our site – so make sure you check back and see my work later LOL!!! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!

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  • Susan Stancliff

    I love your outfits! I too wear a cardigan all year because of my cold office. One thing I do wish you would do. I know you are tall but I wish you would link your jeans and pants to petite sizes too. I often like what you wear but they never come in short or petites. Help us short girls out!

    • Beverly

      It’s funny you should say that, because I thought yesterday I should link to petite and plus!! Not just regular. Great idea!! I will do that!! I love that last live you wrote!! Made me giggle. So, I will help ya out 🤗😘😂

  • Johnna

    I don’t think I’ve seen an outfit you’ve put together yet that I don’t like. And I’m going to have to have those shoes!! Would love to attend the event with you and Tania. Too bad I live so far away. Happy Taco Tuesday. 😊

    • Beverly

      I wish you could come too!!! That would be so awesome!! We are going to Nashville in September for conference—hint hint lol. Thanks for the compliment on the outfits and you’re going to love the shoes. I’m loving them!!! I think I’m going to order the cheetah print ones today 😂

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Taco Tuesday to you!! This is another cute outfit. I like to have a light weight sweater to wear even in the summer when I am in places that are air conditioned cause my arms get chilled easily. Wish that I lived close enough to attend your event next Friday and meet both you and Tania. I will be praying that it goes well. 🙂

    • Beverly

      Thanks Kelly!! I wish you girls could come too!! My arms get chilly too!! I have a variety of cardigan colors lol. Happy Taco 🌮 Tuesday!!! 🤗

  • sandy

    I’m having to have my second cup of coffee with you this morning as I had to give my hubby a ride to take his pick up in to get serviced early this morning. Oh my….another cute outfit that I will have to pin and yep…I usually have to wear a sweater as they run air conditioning so cold if you are going to be inside in the spring and summer. I maybe even prefer a 3/4 length sleeve to keep a little more of my arms covered. You asked how we dress for a date….for me this “would” be a date outfit…LOL My hubby and I very seldom go anyplace fancy for a date. I guess around our little populated area, no fancy places to go and to be truthful, I feel dressy if I put on maybe a dressier blouse and longer earrings and shoes with heels with my jeans!! In the summer you will find me in mid calf dresses with sandals or a long skirt as I love wearing long skirts to keep my legs cooler. I wish I could come to your boutiques Ladies Night Out but will have to hear about it through your blog! And…I was wondering if you had started your intermittent fasting exercise program yet so I’m wishing you good luck as you incorporate this into your day.

    • Beverly

      Ok lol…you dress up for date night the way I do!! And I like the 3/4 length sleeves too!!! I’m all about skirts in the summer, so you will see some of those. My actual start date is next Monday. This week is prep week and learning what to do and what to eat. I hope and pray that I can hold out and complete this. I like my food haha!!! I wish you could come to. I will try and get a lot of pictures to show!!! Happy Tuesday!!! I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee ☕️ lol

  • sandy

    LOL…I enjoy my food too Beverly but this might be easier since you know others that have done it or are doing it with you. I was happy to hear you like skirts so I’ll be anxiously awaiting WARM weather and the chance to see what you pick out and how you style them! Enjoy that cup of coffee!!!

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