Cargo Pants + Strappy Sandals

Happy Monday morning ladies! we are off to another week, which means we are one more week closer to sunny and warm days! I don’t know about you ladies, but the time change in Spring always messes me up! Get’s my entire system off its regular schedule. But I sure did love the sun going down later!

Not much went on this weekend, we kind of hung around the house and binged watched Batman Vs. Superman. Brooklyn loves Wonder Woman and if ANY, and I mean ANY movie comes on that has Wonder Woman in it- we are watching it! At this point, I am a Justice League know it ALL! I can’t blame her, I loved Wonder Woman when I was younger. Lynda Carter was my HERO when I was growing up LOL!! Who was your hero when you were growing up? I loved Charlie’s Angels too – looking at the older shows on TV now, makes me appreciate how far we have come in acting and filmography! Wow…what a change!

We had a warm day yesterday and even though it was rainy some, it felt so good not to be bundled up! So I grabbed up some strappy sandals and decided to give my cargo pants a new look! I wanted to take the items I have in my closet but create a new look. My goal this year is to save a little money on my wardrobe…I have not done very well! Honestly, I’m probably going to fail at this attempt LOL!

Today is going to get up to 69 degrees, so I thought I would pair my denim jacket by Lee Riders with my Loft Cargo Pants in Marisa Fit. I wear these year-round and they are so comfortable. They fit TTS and I am wearing a Size 8 in these. They are $59.99 and you can take an extra 40% off with code NEWNOW! Get the cargo pants HERE. You can wear these with strappy sandals like I did, or choose flip flops or even Converse sneakers. Pair the cargo pants with a graphic tee and Converse – CUTE Spring casual outfit!

I decided to wear a black camisole underneath, that way I won’t get too hot during the day. The one I have on is from Loft and I purchased it years ago, I probably have had this top at least 4 years if not longer. It was a great purchase, to say the least HA! I found some similar ones for you below. A comfy tee shirt would have been a great choice too. Actually any kind of shell would look great with this outfit, even a shell that had color like a floral pattern or polka dots – all that would look really cute!

The sandals are some of my favorites, these particular ones came from Burkes Outlet, I looked online and they have sold out of these. I did manage to find some similar below. I chose these shoes to wear with the outfit to give it a pop. I wanted something to stand out and make the outfit look “cool” LOL. I liked the contrast in colors and I thought the beige went well with the olive pants. Not to mention it really brought the denim coat out. I think the sandals pulled the entire outfit together. What are your thoughts? I love to hear what you ladies think!

I chose the Thea Pave Necklace to wear today, well…I’ve been wearing this necklace for the past 3 days! I got this necklace in the mail Friday and once I put it on – I decided this was going to be one of my faves! I like this necklace because the actual pendant slides on the snake chain, it is always in the right spot on my neck and that…I love! It’s $30 and only comes in silver right now. This was a new piece JBloom Designs added to its line in January. I can see why it has been so popular!

I chose my Silver Bar Necklace, the Kyle, I was telling you girls about this in a post last week. This is my Silver Kyle that I had personalized with our wedding date on it. Est. 12-10-10. I whipped this baby out and showed Barry and asked him what did the engraving mean. He promptly told me it was the day Hoyle Nation was established HAHA! I was so tickled he remembered!!!! Get the Kyle HERE.

SO what are your thoughts on this outfit? Remember, I am taking things from the Winter Outfits and trying to incorporate them into Spring. I switched out a lot of my clothes this weekend and realized I have a lot of Summer clothes! I think I’m going to donate some of these so I can make room for some new trends!! LOL! Don’t tell Barry HA! See you girls tomorrow on the blog and thanks for stopping by!

Bright Eyes and Less Puffiness

Ok, the product that I am loving right now. I had high hopes for this product and to my surprise, it did not fail me! It’s the Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex. I have very sensitive eyes and with allergies, they can get puffy very quick. This product has totally changed the puffiness under my eyes…I can tell when I skip a few nights. I am human and every now and then I fall into an “Oops, I forgot” mode. The results have been amazing though, you want to look fresh, give this a try! Check out the results below.

The first picture was around October when my eyes were really taking a beating with my allergies. The second photo is only 2 weeks in with full makeup on. The third photo was a month in. I used this product day and night and can definitely see the results. Shop the Bright Eye Complex HERE. Remember, this has a money back guarantee – I love the products and have had some really great results personally. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected], I’d love to hear from you girls!

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  • sandy

    Happy Monday…we are suppose to get to 39 today so I’m hoping to get out and get some “fresh air” even though i may have to get a short walk in mud…ugh. Going to be a rainy week for us and that on top of snow and frozen ground will not be a good combination. Thoughts on the outfit…..adorable of course! It looks so comfy and I can easily see it with the different types of shoes you mentioned. It would be so easy to switch to a different color top and have a whole new look too. Switching out my closet is still a job I have to do. I need new clothes SO bad and it’s time to retire some of my old things and buy some of these new looks that you have been showing and I have pinned. Since I have a denim jean jacket in blue, I’m going to try and order the “red” one and it’s in my cart right now. And..loved how your hubby interpreted the date on your necklace!!

    • Beverly

      Lol. Barry is a hoot!! Wow!! Your weather has been insane, bless your heart. Yes, this is a versatile outfit on all kinds of levels. These pants have been the most popular pants ever on the blog. Crazy huh? The cropped denim pants are closing in on it though lol!! I haven’t switched everything out, but I’m getting there-I hate doing it because it’s such a huge job. But it has to be done ✅ Have a great day Sandy!!!

  • Johnna

    Another outfit I had to Pin. Love the pants. I have similar pieces so might try that look today. I tried the Bright Eye Complex because of your results and it’s done wonders for my eyes. Thumbs up!

  • Johnna

    Quick question. Are the J Bloom earrings all sterling silver or gold? My ears are sensitive and have to wear real gold or silver or something that won’t irritate my ears.

    • Beverly

      Johnna, they are all made of stainless steel. Not sure if that answers your question. I have sensitive ears and they haven’t bothered me. I usually get nickel free when I’m buying earrings at boutiques or stores.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Cute outfit! I like that you show us how to switch things up by just changing out an item or two. That was so cute that your husband knew right away what the date stood for. My husband Troy is the same way and very good at remembering special dates and occasions. Our anniversary is 1-01-02 so we too have 0’s, 1’s and 2’s in our date 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful week!!

    • Beverly

      Lol. You got married on New Years Day!!! Love that. Thanks for the compliments and I was impressed with Barry lol. Have a great day!! It’s been a busy one at work for me. Home now 🙌🏻‼️‼️

  • Amy Christensen

    Looks lovely, and I always like a denim jacket over just about anything! Cute necklaces. I loved Wonder Woman and Charlies Angels too. I always thought it would be cool to be able to come to the rescue and save the day. That is part of why I like to write. It gives me a chance to get outside the reality box. Ha, ha. – Amy

    • Beverly

      I’m so glad I have a fellow Wonder Woman fan!!! I airways wanted to save the day too!! Best I can do is save dinner 😂😂 thanks for the comment Amy!! Have a great day!!

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