Stripes and Chucks

Happy Monday morning! We are off to a great start for the week and I hope you girls are too! I’ve started my “healthy living” journey, a little scared, a little anxious, and I have a lot of expectations for the next 6 weeks. As I have gotten older and going through menopause, I wanted to do everything I can to make life better for me! Not to mention, after 45 that mid-section tends to gather a little extra warmth protection LOL!!!

Today I wanted to wear a casual outfit since I’m going to be kind of busy at work today. We are going to be taking some photos and videos for our Boutique, so comfort was a must! It’s been a while since I styled black denim jeans, I almost forgot I had them! I found them in a drawer when we were getting our Marie Kondi on! I must admit that I do like the way my drawers look using this method, plus I can see everything I have! If you haven’t tried it, check out her videos on YouTube. Her channel is HERE. Follow me for hair and beauty tips HERE.

These are Black Distressed KanCan Jeans, these are heavily distressed, but I have chosen some alternatives below that range from no distressing to heavy distressing. I do want to disclose that I am wearing a size 30 in these pictures, but these jeans are too big on me. These should fit very snug like skinny jeans and they obviously looked like relaxed jeans on me. I lost weight since Christmas!! Heck Yeah!!!! HA HA!

I chose the striped t-shirt from the 2 pack Daily Ritual V Neck T-shirts I got from Amazon. For a set of 2 for $20, I have certainly gotten my money’s worth out of these! These are so versatile, you can wear them with so many outfits – these are definitely a great buy and staple pieces for your wardrobe. (Side note – they come in multiple color options). I purchased the black solid and the striped black and white. I have probably worn the striped tee more than the solid. The striped tee looks great with a denim jacket, a utility jacket, with a skirt and cute blazer – it’s definitely worth the $10 each!!

I wanted to show how useful the tops and a denim jacket can be. During this time of “who knows how cold or warm it will be” a denim jacket is a great piece to carry around. I have shown this jacket with numerous outfits because it’s fun to wear (lol) and it’s a lightweight jacket that goes with everything and I can grab it and go. I don’t have to think if the jacket is going to go with the outfit, I already know denim goes with everything! This jacket is by Lee and it has stretch in it, so you can actually move around and not feel restrained. Fits TTS and it’s only $29.99 from Amazon. Get the jacket HERE. Don’t forget, a denim jacket will look cute with a cute summer dress and sandals or flip flops! And perfect for a night out at the beach if it’s chilly with a pair of shorts!

If you wanted to dress this up a bit, some strappy sandals or cute pumps would go great with an outfit like this. I have my jeans rolled up at the ankle. But if I were going to wear sandals, I would probably unroll them so they would be longer. A pair of brown strapped sandals would be a perfect shoe to give this a little bit of contrast. And you could wear any kind of top underneath, I’m looking at this picture and thinking a pretty green, pink or even a red camisole or tee would look great with this. Add a pair of leopard print flats or sandals and that would look oh so cute!

I love my converse tennis shoes and I’m not giving in to the “trend” and buy a pair of $500 white sneakers. That’s one trend I will be missing out on! Chucks have been going strong since I was little (like single digit little) and they are still going strong!! I don’t try and fix what’s not broken HAHA! In all seriousness, I love the way these wear, I can wash them, and the price point has come down to around $50 now! Wear these with jeans, shorts, knee-length summer dresses, or even a maxi dress! Anything goes! Get Converse sneakers HERE.

I’m wearing MOOCHI Bohemian Fringed Earrings with this outfit, these are some of my favorites! I got these off Amazon; I’m trying to keep this post all Amazon, have you noticed?? LOL! These are so comfortable and wear like you have nothing on your ears! They are like little fringed fans and come in a HUGE variety of colors. These were only $7.99, get them HERE.

I chose the Thea necklace today, keeping a simple look. I wanted my statement to be with my earrings, so I needed to keep my other jewelry muted. To check out the Thea Pave necklace click HERE.

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Tanning Season Is HERE

Ok ladies, the time is almost upon us when we start wearing shorts and short sleeve tops! We all want a pretty sunkissed glow without actually being in the sun. Although while some of us LOVE being outside, a lot of girls do not like subjecting their skin to the harmful rays. So we wear sunscreen and use sunless tanner! Have you used a sunless tanner before?

The first step in this process is to condition your skin. You must exfoliate your body to give the sunless tanner a clean and even palette. The Microdermabrasion Paste is the BEST thing I have ever used to exfoliate away dead skin cells. And trust me, I have used plenty of products in my 49 years. I use this religiously on my face about twice a week and about 1-2 times a week on my legs, arms, and chest area. It will leave your skin so smooth, you will walk to your husband and say “Feel my skin – doesn’t it feel GOOD!” LOL! I’m not kidding – I literally did that when I first used it on my legs. Get the microdermabrasion paste HERE. This is one of R+F’s best sellers and for good reason! I know my Preferred Customers love this!

Once you have exfoliated, you are now ready to start the tanning process. The R+F Sunless Tanner is a buildable product, so you can give yourself a soft warm glow or get a deep, dark tan. It’s all up to you! Follow the instructions on the bottle for best results. This is only $27 and one fo the best tanners on the market! Get the Tanner HERE.

The next step you want to do is MOISTURIZE! Keep your skin moisturized to give you a dewy glow with your new tan. This will help keep your sunless tanner looking great for a longer amount of time! Stay moisturized this summer with either of these 2 products. Essentials Daily Moisturizer ($27- Get it HERE), or my all time favorite the Active Hydration Body Replenish ($66, get it HERE).

What’s the difference in the 2 lotions? Active Hydration Body Replenish does more than moisturize. It’s anti-aging for your body! It improves the appearance of crepiness and provides long term moisture replenishment 💦 for the elimination of ashy and pasty looking skin! Your skin will look more radiant than ever! If you’re wanting a little more from your lotion – this is the one to go with! You will literally go through a jar a month because your skin feels THAT good!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a GREAT Monday and I will talk to you girls tomorrow on the blog! Swing by Instagram and catch us over there- you can see a lot more “behind the scenes and family life”. XOXO

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  • sandy

    Hope you enjoyed that hot black cup of coffee on your first morning of Faster way!! Looking back I wish I had started being more mindful of what I ate and how I exercised as I was going through menopause and now being on the other side, I find that I struggle…especially with that mid section and my goal for this year was not to stress so much about stressing about my mid section and I’m not doing so well on that goal. If you’ve already lost weight since December, you are already ahead to where you want to be. You are adorable as usual in your comfy outfit for work today. I love black jeans..dressy yet casual. Can you tell me again how the denim jacket fits…TTS or different? I’m wanting to order the red one since I have a blue jean one but it is on back order til the end of March and just wanting to recheck to make sure I’m waiting for the right size. Off to exercise and then to our tax appointment. Always glad when this is done even though I know we still have our corporation one to do in a couple of months. ugh! Have fun with your photo shoots today.

    • Beverly

      The jacket fits TTS, a red one!!! I need a red one lol. I love these jackets. Thanks for the compliment!! I was a size 4-6 from 40-47 then I started gaining weight. I went from an 8 to a 12 last Fall. So I started back working out. I decided I was going to move towards a whole food clean eating lifestyle. So far the coffee is not too bad!!! I ordered nutpods from Amazon that I can have in my coffee. I ordered the vanilla, the girls on my team said they were really good. My goal this week is-to complete the week ha!!! Happy Monday!!!

      • sandy

        LOL…I don’t mean to laugh in a bad way but I did have to chuckle at your comment about your goal for this week to be “to complete the week” ! LOVE IT and you CAN do it. I’m sure the first two weeks will be the hardest and it will get easier after that. I had to look up nutpods as had no idea what they were 🙂

        • Beverly

          Haha!!! I was serious about completing the week 😂😂 I chuckled when I wrote it!! I never heard if the nut pods either, I found them on Amazon. We will see if it’s any good-I will let you know!!

  • Johnna

    There you go again. I’m going to have to get the set of tops. Can’t beat the price. I used the R & F Sunless Tanner last year and although I was skeptical I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. It gives a natural color to your skin and doesn’t take much product. My legs went from pasty white to sun kissed tan in 15 minutes. It gets 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Kelly Palmer

    This is my kind of outfit… cute and casual! You always look so cute and put together. I think that you could wear a burlap bag and look good, although a little itchy 😉 I bought a couple of striped t-shirts at an H&M store while I was in Savannah in February and they were so cheap, like $3.99 or so each! I also recently got a striped shirt from Only Navy that is so soft and has 3/4 length sleeves which I love. I have been wearing my new Keds sneakers a lot lately. I haven’t had any Keds in years and they are so much more comfortable than they used to be. I hope you photo shoot goes well and that you have a great day! I am off to do some sight seeing with our Florida family today 🙂

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