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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great Monday and is getting their week started off on the right foot. We had a great photo shoot yesterday and I will share a couple of pictures with you at the bottom of this post so you can see some new Spring outfits.

You girls know that yesterday was my first official day of FWTFL and it went pretty well. I stayed on target all day, then 9 pm hit and OMGAH…I was wanting a late night snack! I knew this was going to be the hard part for me. I love to snack at night, a bowl of cereal, some cookies, Doritos – I love them all! And boy did I feel the sting last night HA!

I thought giving up the creamer in the coffee was going to be the hard part, but that was the easy part! I’m just glad I stayed on track and finished the day out right. I know in a few days I will be adjusted to this change, but girls…can you say detox??!! I eat so much processed food, I literally am going through a detox stage. You can’t really see it in my pictures (I camouflage very well lol), but my main issue is the mid-section. I have gotten thicker, well, let’s be honest – I have a layer of fat there and I don’t like it one bit. Menopause is for the birds! So all you ladies that haven’t reached the late 40’s or early 50’s – don’t wait like I did!

The Outfit!

I wanted to be comfortable today because I have to go through a lot of giveaway items for our event with Tania from 50 Is Not Old, Friday night. So I thought I would wear a graphic tee with the Utility jacket I got from Catos last month. I have been looking for a cute graphic tee and I ran across this one at Burkes Outlet. This is a perfect tee to wear under a jacket. It is sleeveless so you don’t have to worry about getting too warm in a jacket like I have on. I can wear the jacket all day and be very comfortable right now.

Since I was kinda going with an edgy look, I paired it with a pair of distressed KanCan ankle jeans. I have worn these before on the blog, even as a dressier look with a white blazer. These are very versatile pieces, so I am going to show you other ways I have worn the jacket (you have seen this one before), the pants and the graphic tee. To shop these Looks you can click on the Menu Bar at the top of my page or Click Shop My Looks and all the outfits are there.

Since I am stepping out in a “relaxed” look and I will be doing a lot of “digging” through things today, I pulled the Chucks back on. Yep, 2 days in a row…sorry! I do have some leopard print and hot pink sandals I will be styling this week!! I think you girls will really like the cute outfits coming!! I did not get a real close up of the Converse – if you remember I told you that I ordered the wrong size. Every time I look at the picture I took, I swear they look like boats on me LOL! Isn’t it funny when we look at our own feet with a shoe that is too big it looks awkward, but on others, it looks just fine?

I wanted minimal jewelry, some days I just don’t feel like getting “dolled up”, are you girls like that? I chose the Layla earrings because they are simple, lightweight, yet that stand out just enough to give me a little bling.

I’m sorry this post is short and to the point, I am headed out to work a little earlier today since it’s going to be a busy week for us! Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned this week for some really cute Spring outfits with those cute shoes! And I want to congratulate Jayne Finkbohner one more time! She won the $50 Giveaway and her email she sent me touched my heart! ALL of you girls are a true blessing and I am thankful you share your thoughts and comments with me! I truly LOVE chatting with you!! See you tomorrow ladies!

Some of our photos from today!

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  • sandy

    You DID it…you HAD a great first day and got past the temptation for late night snacks. And I agree with you that it is way harder to “start” a more healthy journey IF you wait until menopause or after. Hind-sight is 20/20. I’m loving the sleeveless t-shirt. I will be looking for a couple of those for summer! And OMG…I just told my hubby when we were out taking a walk Sunday that I’m so mad I didn’t get my new walking tennis shoes a half size smaller as they feel big and look BIG on my feet and you are right, I doubt anybody else thinks they look huge…LOL Can’t wait to see all your spring styles…seeing your style posts at the bottom makes me want warmer weather and the wish to put away my winter clothes. Have fun getting ready for Friday night.

    • Beverly

      Thanks for the encouragement!! I started laughing when you told about your shoes lol!!! Yes!! I’m ready for Spring to get here and stay. You’re going to love the sleeves tees-first time I’ve had one and I love it!!!

  • Johnna

    I wish I could get on the super distressed jean wagon but I just can’t. You make them look so cool. I never thought about wearing a sleeveless tee like that either but the jacket just pulls it all together and gives it a “look” instead of just jeans & a tee. I’m going to try this. Cute earrings. I saw them in catalog and almost bought them but now I think I have to have them. You’re breaking me up, girl! 😉

  • Kelly Palmer

    Congratulations on making it through your first day of the new diet!!! I too want to snack late at night. I like something crunchy like chips or popcorn. Last night my daughter, 2 grand daughters and I went shopping and I finally got a camo t-shirt and guess what??? It was only $5!! I feel the same way about my feet. I wear a size 9 and I have always thought that most shoes look so cute on smaller sized feet than mine. Hope you have a great and productive day 🙂 Congratulations Jayne on the $50 giveaway!

    • Beverly

      Woohoo!! You got some Camo and at a good price!! Thanks for the encouragement!! Lord I was dying last night haha!!! Thanks for congratulating Jayne too!! It’s a busy day!! Lol

  • Julie

    Recently found your blog and I love it!!! I’m in the last two weeks of my second round of FWTFL. I can’t say enough good things about it! I turned 53 last month and I honestly never thought I’d see my waist again 😂 Boy, was I wrong. I’ve far surpassed any goals or expectations I had of the program. It was a last ditch effort without much hope except that I would improve my overall health, I’m stronger, sleep better, have way more energy and I lost so many inches that I no longer fit into the smallest size pants I own. Stick with it, I’m sure you will be amazed by the changes. Love your outfit, especially the jeans!

    • Beverly

      Welcome to the blog Julie!! I’m so glad that you posted this comment!! That makes me want to reach my goals even more!! I’m so glad you like the blog! Did you do the workouts or which ones I should say. I’ve been so busy, I’m not working out like I wanted to. But-I’m changing that after this week. I was curious what kind of loss to expect after the first round. Most of my blogger friends did 2 rounds, and I figured I’d be doing 2 also. Congrats girl!!! That’s awesome to hear!!

      • Julie

        I have strictly done the home workouts. I’ve been very disciplined my entire adult life with working out. Granted, I may have been doing a lot of the wrong things, but I did them religiously 😂 Anyway, when I started the program I was discouraged and burnt out, so I didn’t do a lot of the workouts. As I started to feel better and see some results I incorporated more workouts and now I totally love them. I still do the at home version even though I haven’t given up my gym membership just yet. I promise it will get easier for you if you just stick with it and you will be so glad you did! I just wanted my clothes to fit better and now they don’t fit at all. Be kind and patient with yourself. It’s a journey and you will get there!!!

        • Beverly

          Oh my gosh-You sound like me!!! Lol. I’ve gained weight since last summer, so I’m looking to get that off. I know this works, I’ve seen way too many results. I’m excited and I know I will really be getting into when I see some change. I will be updating you lol. Thanks so much for sharing all of this. It makes me feel so much more determined to complete this and get to where I want to before my 50th Birthday in May!! Have a great Wednesday!!!! And thanks again!!

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