Sunshine Top + White Sneakers

Happy Friday everyone! Just saying that puts a pep in my step! It has been a busy week with work the blog, training for Rodan + Fields and FASTer Way To Fat Loss. I watched videos and read and read and read (you get the picture) last night trying to catch up. I got caught up, I have learned so much about nutrition it is unbelievable! I honestly can say I am excited about starting this lifestyle Monday. More for learning how to eat better than losing weight, but burning fat is not a bad thing either!

Thanks for all the comments on yesterdays blog, I was a little uneasy about sharing it at first. With all the responses I got, I feel like much better. All of your comments were so sweet and encouraging!! You girls ROCK! Everyone of yo are awesome!!!

Today will be a glorious 70 degrees and I am ready! I brought out a new top I purchased from Cato Fashions a few weeks ago and BOY–it is yellow! I don’t know what it is about this top, but it kept drawing me over to it…so I finally grabbed it up and brought it home. I am not a big “yellow” fan, if it’s a pale yellow then I’m good with it. Bright sunshine yellow?? I didn’t think I would be that bold, but after putting it on – I’m good with the color and I don’t feel like I’m a walking pile of sunshine. HAHA!

I loved the sleeves in this top and the neckline the most. This top comes in white and yellow and made with a crepe-like material. It fits true to size, Sizes XS-XL and it’s only $19.99! This top has a beachy feel to it, or Bohemian. It’s called the Cutout Sleeve Crepe Top and the color I am wearing is Aspen Gold. That sounds so chic and fancy!! I just say yellow LOL!! I decided to pair it with Kan Can Midrise Destroyed Skinny Cuffed Jeans. These are limited in sizes right now, Sizes 30 and 31 and they are $49.95. (I found some similar for you below). I bought these jeans back in November and I put them in my closet and somehow they got pushed to the side and covered up. I cleaned my closet out and was very pleased to find items I had forgotten about. Isn’t that the BEST feeling…when you find money you stuck somewhere or find an article of clothing you totally have forgotten about??!! SCORE!

I have to mention these earrings! I have been looking some white tassel earrings, but not too big. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off a big white tassel or fan like earring…but these were perfect! I found them on Amazon and they are called…hold on to your boots because the name is LONG – Me&Hz Colorful Layered Tassel Earrings Bohemian Dangle Drop Tiered Tassel Druzy Stud Earrings. They are only $14.99 and they come in 27 colors! They are just the right size for me, I’ve got a black and white outfit I am going to be styling next week with pink heeled sandals and these are perfect!

Since the blouse is an “Aspen Gold” and I chose white tassel earrings, I did not wear but a few simple pieces of jewelry. I thought I might better keep it to a minimum since I am wearing bright colors. What do you girls think? Got any ideas on jewerly that would look good with this top?

I chose to wear the Converse Chuck Taylor Tennis Shoes, these are on sale for $49.99 right now! I ordered these but ordered a size too big. If you buy these online you might want to size down. It has been a while since I purchased a new pair and forgot they run a size big. I will probably end up giving these to Raegan, but until my size comes in – I will be sporting them around town. LOL

I thought I would show what this outfit looks like with a pair of shorts. The same outfit, I just switched out to some denim shorts. Doesn’t this look like a beach outfit? And boy would it look good with some Tory Burch flip flops!

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Ladies, I hope you have a great Friday!! Who has date night this weekend? If your answer is “not me”, then I’m right with ya LOL!! I think Brooklyn is coming over, but she will be spending the majority of her time with Raegan and Barry. I am going to work on Saturday for a little bit. We are having a big Sale for St Patrick Day!! If you are nearby, come on out! We have sales on Vera Bradley, Costa, Simply Southern, Tervis, Swig, Davinci and a LOT more!!! See you girls back on the blog Saturday!!

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Friday 🙂 This top is so cute and so are the tassel earrings! I don’t wear a lot of yellow either but every Spring I find myself wanting to buy a yellow top and this one is really cute. I have been thinking that I need to stop in at Cato to see what they have. I am off from work today and will be finishing up things around here to prepare for our oldest daughter, her husband and 2 of our grand daughters to visit for their Spring break week and I am sooooo excited!! I will be thinking of you and praying that all goes well with you and Tania at your event. Have a wonderful day!

    • Beverly

      I know you’re loving your family coming!! I don’t know if Cato switched buyers or what, but the clothes are sooo much better!!! I’m really liking the tassel earrings more than I thought!! Have a great Friday!!!!!

  • sandy

    I chuckled as my first thought was how I loved the sleeves first and the neck second on this top…only because tops that don’t fit close to my neck always feel like they are falling off my shoulders; but, you gave some great alternatives with closer fitting necks that would work better for my neckline shape. This top is so cute styled both ways. Don’t you hate when you buy a pair of shoes and wear them and then realize you wish you had a different size. Just did that with my walking shoes and now too late to take them back for the right size. You have a busy weekend ahead. I am hoping we can get to our sons 2.5 hours away to visit but, the state of Nebraska had TERRIBLE flooding here yesterday with major damage and losses so I don’t even know if we can get there very easy because of water going across so many roads. We were lucky and do not have water in our basement or damage but I need to check in with my parents to see if they have cleanup as their town got hit hard. It would be nice if we could say the sun is shining today and everything is better but water doesn’t stop running overnight so this will be a long slow process of getting everything cleaned up and roads repaired AND replaced in many spots. Have fun at your events!!!

    • Beverly

      Wow!! You guys really got hit hard!!! I hate that for you all. I will keep you in my prayers. And you’re right-getting the wrong size is for the birds!!!!! Lol. Hope your cleanup goes quickly, and I’m praying for the rest of your family!!! 🤗

  • Johnna

    The yellow is very flattering on you and you look cute as ever. I’m so ready for Spring and sunshine and this outfit makes me think of that. Happy Friday 😊

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