Joggers + Kitten Heels

Hello Saturday! And hello all you beautiful ladies! I’m getting my first cup of black coffee this morning, I’m practicing up today and tomorrow for the FASTer Ay To Fat Loss program. I found out that I can’t have my “fully loaded” creamer for the next 6 weeks- and I don’t have any almond milk on hand so let’s see how this goes. My feelings on black coffee – YUK! I will be making my way to the grocery store today to stock up on all the foods that I like. Girls…if you see me on Wednesday and I tell you I’m still going strong- it is by GOD ALONE! HA HA!!!

I love some food, but I have got to learn how to eat “right”. So if all you girls can say a pray that God gives me a little bigger does of will power I will so appreciate it!

This week has been a little boring, I’ve been busy getting things ready for next weekend’s big R+F event, but it seems to have been just work, work, work this week. We went out to eat once and we have Brooklyn this weekend – other than that- it’s been a laid back week!

Last week I ordered some camo joggers from Nordstrom Rack and they came in yesterday and I am LOVING them! These are not flimsy “jogging pant” material (although I would love some of those too), these are 96% cotton and 4% spandex. They pull up with a drawstring waist, have pockets in the front and back, and have zippers at the hemline. I got a 10 and I have plenty of room in them. They are only $31.97 right now at 40% off. They are really comfy and I and going to enjoy wearing them with sandals, flip flops, or tennis shoes. Get the Joggers HERE.

I decided to wear a top from Old Navy, it’s a Relaxed Sleeveless V-Neck top. They come in Regular, Petite, and Tall, only $22.99 and sizes XS to XXL. I have had this top awhile and wear it a lot with some of the jackets and cardigans I show here on the blog. It is really cute with skirts also. You might want to think about this one for the Spring and Summer. It a staple piece in my closet. Get the V-Neck Top HERE. I know you girls like all the camo styles coming out and this was a new Spring Trend, I hope you like these as well!

I chose the 206 Collective Eve Stiletto Kitten Heel in neutral leather to wear with it. If you remember these are the cute sandals I got with my Amazon Prime Wardrobe Box back a month or so ago. You can see I am wearing them a lot and for good reason! They go with everything and are a perfect heel for walking a lot during the day. Plus, it keeps this outfit casual dressy – not too overdone with higher heels. Get the kitten heels HERE.

Since I am keeping it dressy/casual I decided to wear a crossbody wallet with it. Not too much of a purse, but just enough to carry the essentials. This is an older wallet, but I found some very similar from Amazon that won’t break the bank!

I wore MINIMAL jewelry, very low maintenance today! I wore the JBloom Danielle tassel earrings, honestly, these were on my nightstand from the other day and I picked them back up LOL! These also come in cream and are $29.00. You can shop all the JBloom Design jewelry line by clicking HERE. I’d love for you to take a look at my page and look around. Don’t forget about this month’s Customer Special! I will post a picture below for you to look at it you haven’t seen it yet.

What’re your thoughts ladies? I’d love to hear from you! I’m going to be cleaning my house, running errands and hopefully get a little rest in today! Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow with our Sunday – Coffee & Girl Talk!! The customer special is below, just click on the picture to see more or to shop! Happy Saturday!!!

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  • sandy

    Coffee with creamer…YUK….please give me a cup of strong black coffee…LOL !!! Every time you wear your camo I love it and love the outfit you put together but why can’t I get myself to buy a camo top or pants??? I’m thinking it is because we are a small community and the “hungers” around here all wear camo so I feel like I would be in that group if I wear it and I nor my husband are into hunting. I need to get past that thought because it’s all in my head for sure. I have had SO many Mondays where that is going to be the day I get “back on track” with my eating and by Wednesday I’m off again but I think where you are in a group and with people you know, that’s going to make a big difference on staying on track with your new program of eating and exercising. I need prayers for will-power also as yesterday I ate four chocolate marshmallow bars and then I wonder why my pants are tight (insert rolling eyes). We were hoping to visit our son but I don’t think we can get there due to the flood waters in Nebraska. Thank you for the prayers from yesterday. All the photos coming through FB news feed ect. are so sad and it’s not over yet and then all the clean up afterwards. It’s going to take time and patience as there are so many roads and bridges that are washed out. Have a restful weekend Beverly!

    • Beverly

      You are my spirit sister!! I’m going to learn to LOVE black coffee lol. Sandy, I live in a very “country” area where the hunters and fishermen wear Camo A LOT!! I was hesitant too, but after seeing it everywhere I decided I was going to put my own flare to it lol. Break down and get you some girl 😂😂. I’m still praying for you guys-I saw on FB where it was bad over there. It’s horrible!!! I can’t imagine!

      • sandy

        Ok Beverly…OK…I WILL break down as your camo outfits have been so pretty and look so comfy. Thank you for the prayers. Yes the photos on FB are devastating with all the damage the flood waters are causing. Our little town was spared because we do not live by a body of water and we are not in the path of the running water. Just water in basements and there too…we haven’t found any yet down there. My parents town not so lucky so we did go over today and help them rake all the debris out of their yard and the town is busy cleaning up. It will take time and some money but everybody’s town will eventually get back to normal. Make sure you coffee is HOT and then you will really like it “black” 🙂

        • Beverly

          Sandy, I laughed when I read your first sentence lol!!! Bless your hearts and all the people affected by the flooding! Thanks for that tip about the ☕️! I start trying it out in the morning. 🤞🏼

  • Johnna

    You are causing me to buy too many clothes!! Lol! I want something from every post. I’m digging the Camo look so I think these pants are a must. Thanks for tip about where to find them at a good price. Gonna check it out when finished here. Enjoy your weekend 😊

    • Beverly

      I’ve looked the joggers everywhere and they are so expensive. I can’t dish out $50 for pj pants lol. I like the ones from Nordstrom Rack, they are good quality material and on sale!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!!! 🤗

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