Foundations That Made the Cut the Last 2 Years

Good Friday everyone! OMGosh, I hope everyone has had a great week! Thank the Lord it is Friday and I am “technically” off, but I always seem to find work to do. But, I’m at home and that makes it better!! Let me tell you about my week real quick, we’ve been super busy at work (I work in Marketing with a local company here in my hometown) and we have been getting ready for an additional store opening, enlarging our own store, and getting ready for the holidays -WHEW! Just saying, talk about busy – it has been crazy! We had an event at a college, UNC of Pembroke, and I was there yesterday afternoon kicking with the college students. We had a really great time, a pretty good turnout, but girls, talk about HOT – after sitting in the heat for about 30 minutes, I honestly thought I was sitting by Satan himself and feeling his heat shoot flames from my head to my toes. I was sweating so bad (and I don’t like to sweat unless I’m prepared for it -workouts, sports, etc.), but I made it through and I actually learned something about a product I was wearing. Which brings me to this blog post

Finding a foundation that you love and is a great match to your skin tone is one of the hardest things a woman can try and tackle. I’ve changed brands through the years over and over and when I would find one I liked I normally stuck with it for a year or two then something new and better would come along. Any of you ever done that? For the longest time I used Bare Minerals, I was in my mid 30’s then and it did the job. I didn’t need full coverage, I didn’t have any fine lines or wrinkles and I could wear it easily, even without primer. As I got older I switched over to IT Cosmetics and stayed with them till last summer. As I hit my 40’s I was starting to get fine lines; small, broken blood vessels in my cheeks and I needed something that would cover and give me a more flawless look. BYE-BYE IT Cosmetics did a fabulous job, I really didn’t venture out and try a lot of brands, so I was content.

A year ago I had a friend selling Limelife by AlconeI watched some of her videos and I liked the way it looked on her, so I went online and purchased the makeup. Let me tell you about this makeup, it’s full coverage, 50% pigmentation, can cover anything on your face/body and it stayed on throughout the day. I liked that and I was sold on it. I used this makeup for about a year and a half, then I got a Swag Bag for Ulta and it had Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation along with their Eyeliner Sex Kitten and a few other products for me to demo and blog about. Well, let me tell ya girls, the first time I used the Amazonian Clay Foundation, I was IN LOVE! I did use a Primer from Limelife by Alcone, the Perfect Setting Powder from Limelife by Alcone and the Oil Strike Perfect Matte Setting Spray by Limelife by Alcone and oh my word, I worked a 9 hour day and when I got home, I still looked as fresh as I did when I left for work. I was shocked that I did not have to update my makeup before I started taking pictures for Instagram and the blog! That says a lot ladies!! Needless to say, I have been using it ever since and still loving it as much as I did 6 weeks ago. then I tried the Sex Kitten Eyeliner and it didn’t disappoint either! I only got a month’s worth of samples of the Sex Kitten, I ordered a full size from Ulta today! It stays on, it didn’t run and it goes on as well as any higher end eyeliner I have ever used. It’s a pencil but glides on so smooth, it feels like a pen. So if you want to try a great eyeliner, this one gets 5 stars from me!

Most of you know that I am passionate about my Skincare and I sell Rodan + Fields (there are links on the main menu of my blog to access the Limelife, Rodan + Fields and JBloom Designs Jewelry), R+F launched a new product October 1st called, Radiant Defense. Let me tell you about this product really quick so I can tell you what happened to me yesterday at the outdoor event. Radiant Defense is like a tinted moisturizer, although it’s more than a moisturizer. It has a 30 SPF and once you apply it, it will continue to work on your skin. It protects and perfects, it’s a product that works to perfect your skin while you are wearing it. I went online and used the tool to get my perfect shade and it was dead on!! All you do is click on the tools section, upload a picture of you with no makeup on and it tells you what shade they recommend. The tool also asks you questions about your skin and the doctors at R+F actually send you an itemized email with products they recommend. You don’t have to purchase the items, but isn’t it nice to get feedback from doctors and NOT go to a dermatologist? I do go to a dermatologist and she recommended I go back to R+F, so you guys know I’m sold on the products simply because they work, but having a doctor recommend it made it even better lol. I’m almost 50 and it is very hard to play catch up with your skin when you didn’t really take care of it like you should in your younger years.!!

So, yesterday I used the Radiant Defense, instead of my Tarte Amazonian Clay, it went on great and made my skin look dewy and sort of glowing. Check out my picture from yesterday morning before going to work and you can’t tell it’s not full coverage. I was concerned if it was going to last all day, so I packed me a small makeup bag to take with me since I had an event and I would be working no less than a 12 hour day. Girls, I say this in all sincerity, I was SHOCKED that it held up all day. Now… it has a high SPF and I was out in the sun from 3pm to 7pm, and guess what?? I had sunglasses on, a sleeveless top and shorts, I got tan lines on my arms and legs, but my face did not burn, get red or have any signs that I had been in 90-degree weather for 4 hours. You can best believe once I got up this morning, I whipped that Radiant Defense out and used it again. It is so nice to have “color” that looks flawless and dewy, but doesn’t feel heavy on my face at all – even in the heat! So, my new favorite foundation is Radiant Defense, and I ordered the Sand if anyone wants to know. I get emailed a lot of questions, so I thought I’d throw that out there for you girls. Sand seemed to be right in the middle of the colors and I suspect it will be in high demand.

All of these products that I have told you about are great products, but when I find a product that is WOW, OMG I love this!!! – I’m going to share it with you girls! I added a picture from this morning that was up close so you could really see the coverage and remember – it’s a tinted moisturizer/perfector. Not to mention, this would be great for working out or being on the beach. Still have some color, but without the heaviness….this one gets 10 stars! I have yet to find a tinted color/moisturizer that looks great, feels great and works on fixing/perfecting my aging skin. At 49, I need to take my skincare very serious, this is the only skin WE get, WE need to take care of it!! Talk with you girls later, be on the lookout for a new video on how to curl your hair, like I did in the picture above. Please leave a comment, scroll all the way down and drop me a line on your favorite products! I’d love to hear from all of you!



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  • Gloria

    Thanks for sharing this as I am in the market for a new foundation. I’m in my 50’s and like you started using BM, then also IT and most recently MAC. Although I am lucky to have good skin but I do a prefer full coverage foundation and would love to try this but paying over $60 for a tinted moisturizer is a little risky. Wish it would be possible to try a sample before I invest in it, as I really do want a new product.

    • Beverly

      I actually do have samples! Send your information to [email protected] and I will send you a pack. I have used MAC also, that too is a great brand, I used that for maybe 2 months before I went over to LimeLife! I think you will like this, it only takes a small amount to cover your face. Once you apply it, wait about 10 minutes before you finish your makeup. Finish off with setting powder and spray, it will last all day. Thanks for commenting!!

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