How To Combat Dry Skin

Ok girls, we all know that cooler weather is coming and with that comes the horrid DRY skin! Some of us battle dry skin all year round, and I happen to be one of those women. As I was getting ready for work this morning, it hit me that there has to be a lot more women out there dealing with this other than me. WIth that, I decided to blog about what I use and hope it helps some ladies. If you are constantly dealing with dry skin, or you need to exfoliate all the time, then this article is for YOU!

You girls already know what my skincare rountine is, if not, see Why I Changed My SKincare Products and you can read all about it. My face is really not my issue with dry skin, it’s my body. My problem was pretty simple, I could put lotion on in the morning and by 3 in the afternoon, my skin was dry and flaky (legs are the worst!). I know some of this is from going through menopause and genes, but geez…it’s the hardest thing to fix!

For years I used lotions from Bath & Body Works, but I needed something stronger when I hit about 40. I then went to Gold Bond Radiance Renewal and that worked really well till I was about 45, then it seemed I had to use an exfoliator to get the benefits I was looking. If any of you are like me, you may be experiencing the same isues. If I don’t shave my legs at least every other day, they get drier and rough feel. This may be due to sun damage from all the laying out I did as a teenager and then I hit the tanning beds at least twice a year to keep my color.

At first I was using exfoliating soap (any kind – I tried them all) and nothing seemed to work. About two years ago I tried Limelife by Alcone Bamboo Renew and I absolutely LOVED this for my legs. It looks like coffee grounds, but smells heavenly. it’s made with polishing Walnut Shell Powder, Bamboo, and a refreshing essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Mimosa Flower, and Litsea. This stuff stays in our house, and as right now, my daughter has taken it over – so I need to order more. Having teenage girls is a wonderful blessing, but who knew they would take all your good stuff! I have to hide my stuff so Raegan doesnt find it. Anyone have a daighter like that? I scoop up the Bamboo Renew and rub it in circular motions on my legs and it forms a lather where you can really rub it in and feel the effects immediaetly!

Once i tried this, I decided to get the Limelife by Alcone Scrubtini this super-moisturizing sugar body scrub made with Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea and Olive Butters, and refreshing Lemon Verbena Oil. Sugar granules gently exfoliate to instantly reveal glowing, healthy, and hydrated skin. Ok, let me tell you about this product, I keep it in my shower. I use it every other time I take a shower. When you open it, you will immediately LOVE the smell, it looks like a sugary substance and it has a semi thick consistency. I rub this on my arms, chest, stomach and anywhere else I want to feel soft. You scoop it up and start rubbing it on in circular motions, and work it all over the body part you are woeking on. WHen you’re done and you rinse off, Oh My Gahhhh, talk about feeling ooey, gooey soft – you WILL!! Seriously, this is a product that sells out ALL the time, it’s always in high demand. Once you use this and pat your self dry, run your hands over your arms (or wherever you used it) and I promise you, you WILL be impressed!

Next on the list is somehting I do to my face, we all need to exfoliate the dead skin cells, which in turn will make your skin look smoother, it will glow, and look younger! I have found NOTHING better than the R+F Micro-Dermabrasion Paste , this has been named numerous times in Beauty Top 10 posts in magazines everywhere, and I’ve seen many Beauty Bloggers using it and swear by it. It takes only a little, you rub it on your face, work it in circular motions and rinse off. Wham! Your skin feels 15 years younger – and thats with no botox or going to a spa to get facials. I love my facials, don’t get me worng, but I can do the same thing right here at home and a fraction of the cost. The facials are geared more towards relaxing me – we moms need time for ourselves too!!!

Another great product that I have been using, but only for a few weeks, is R+F Active Hydration Body Rreplenish face if you have taken the tools section on my R+F website, you may have had this suggested for you. Girl….get it!!! You can see changes in your skin instantly, like there is a boost of collagen. There is also one for the face, like I said before, I had a dermatolgist recommend I go back to R+F, and I’m so glad I DID!!! Do Like me and grab a little bit each month lol

If you suffer with extremely dry skin, I do suggest trying any of these 3 products. I swear by all 3 of these, like – I will ask for these for Cristmas haha!! I want them and I don’t ever want to run out! I still use a loofah in the shower, but now I can use different soaps and my skin is not dry when I get out of the shower (thanks to the Scrubtini). I can tell when I start skipping days, don’t do that!! lol

I would love to know what my readers are using, so please, drop a comment at the bottom. I’d love to try something that works well for other women!! I’m off to go worship the Lord and give my time to Him. God Bless you all and I will talk with you soon!




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