Easy Blush Hack & 9 More Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know!!

So, there always comes a time when you are getting ready and the horrible, OMG – I’ve ran out  of a product- test of faith comes, how will you manage without your eyeliner? Or blush? Or lipstick??? I’m going to share with you a quick little blog on how to handle these situations that normally happen when we are late for work or the dreaded MONDAY!!

May blush hack? Well, I did run out of my blush – well actually I think it was ripped off by my teenage daughter. If you have one of those, then I’m sure you know how they LOVE to rummage through mom’s stuff and never put it back…Sighhhh.  OK, so when I ran out I really had to think, Hmmmm, should I try lipstick? I’ve seen that beauty hack before. Wasn’t quite sure about that, so I opted for using a pink/coral color eyeshadow, yes, I said eyeshadow! I took my lip brush and ran it across the eyeshadow, tapped the brush to get off excess and Voila! I had blush and it wasn’t going to be sticky nor would it smear during the day. try that one sometimes ladies….LOVE IT!

Speaking of eyeshadows, have you ever considered putting it on your lips for a new lip color? I use a waterproof concealer, of course, I use Limelife by Alcone, ( Click this link to shop our lipsticks, skincare and professional makeup products Shop Limelife ) over my lips first, then I apply my eyeshadow color with a lip brush. Yes –  it’s a lifesaver and it’s easy…..and you can give it the ombre look by applying just a tad bit of concealer on your lips!! shown below is a “how to ” with regular lipstick, but you can do the same with a lip brush with your eyeshadow.


So, the other way to get some color on your cheeks? You CAN use your lipstick and blend it in, use pressed powder and some setting spray and you should be good to go!!

My eyeliner hack is a pretty common thing now, use eyeshadow as your eyeliner! Yes, this is becoming quite common, but make sure you are dipping your brush into a setting spray so it locks it in and never smudges!

Mascara? Did you know if you heat it up it will go on much better? We are all girls here, so I will tell ya – yep, I’ve put it in my bra while I was getting to ready to warm it up with my body temperature. Does it work? Heck yeah! One more thing, if your mascara is drying up or clogging, add a few drops of saline solution. Shake it up a bit and it will make your mascara moist and just as fresh as the day you bought it!

Have you heard about Eye Primer? Yeah, it’s that expensive stuff you buy from big retailers. Don’t get caught in the saga of losing your money! We all have concealer – SO USE it! I put concealer on my eyelids everyday and it always stays on and it NEVER smudges!!

Now we come to the spraying of the perfume. We know some guys that go way over board with the cologne and you probably know some girls that do too! Tag them in this  blog and share it…the correct way to apply perfume – you always spray on your pulse points! It goes a lot further than just spraying your clothes.


Winged Eye Hack? Girl, get a spoon!! Start your eyeliner as usual and go for a cat eye look, press the rounded side of your spoon against your eye/eyelid. Then move the spoon outwards to give it that winged look. Or –  you could just use a strip of tape to get the winged looks also. Example below:


My last beauty hack is one my readers will LOVE!! A lot of girls use dry shampoo, but did you know that you can spray that dry shampoo in your hair before you go to bed. As you are moving around in the bed while you sleep, that dry shampoo is really getting in there and it’s really getting worked into your hair. Next morning, you will wake up with lots of volume, body and one less step you have to do in the morning. 🙂

Side note: spray your hair at the roots and work in with your finger tips, massage it in good. Take sections of your hair, pull it up and spray your roots, continue to do this all over your head and massage it in really good, then get ready to see some pretty hair in the morning!



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