How I Grew My Pinterest Monthly Viewers to 600K in One Month…

Before I started my blog I knew that I eventually wanted to earn an income from it, but in order to do that, I had to have an audience – one that was engaging with my blogs. As you know, I am a fashion and beauty vlogger, but always had a love for writing. And lets not forget that I only started this a few months ago and boy, has it grown faster that I ever thought.

So, I started out with hair and makeup videos and I was seeing pretty good traffic from Facebook, so I felt I was starting to grow  – just a little. So I immediately got into business mode. I had to take this serious like it was an actual job and show up and start thinking like an entrepreneur. So I took my Pinterest and Instagram accounts and turned them into Business Accounts. Once I did that, I could start seeing the analytics from my platforms and I was stunned at how many Impressions I was getting on Pinterest.

Let me tell you about my Pinterest, it’s just like every other woman’s out there. I had a fashion board, makeup, home decor, weight loss, quotes… get the picture, right? I would log on to Pinterest maybe three times a month and Pin an item that I liked and wanted to save for later….well, when I looked at my Average Monthly Viewers it was at 2.4K. Ok, some people might not think that is a lot, but I was SHOCKED that was my average a month, I wasn’t even working Pinterest as a business tool…just something for fun.

Of course, my little mind started moving those gears in the back of my head and I started really thinking about what was a “rich” pin, what did I like the best, what were women pinning the most. I could look at my analytics and see who was engaged and with what. And I found that most women were pinning the same things I was. So I started making my own pins. Hairstyles seem to be a HUGE thing on Pinterest and since I have a Cosmetology License I thought I’d give it a whirl. I had some favorite hairstyles and thought I would share them.

Now when you start pinning and you look at how many Impressions you get on a Pin… may get to feeling a little down. That’s ok! Not all pins are going to go mini viral or viral…you make get 20 Impressions on one Pin and 2K on another Pin. It’s all in your descriptions…we will discuss that in a few.

I Pinned Hairstyles, Videos from Youtube, Makeup Pins from my business….I was posting about 10 –  15 posts a day…I’m not even lying! It was a job…especially since I had to do the videos and get pictures together for my Pins. Enough of that……so I was seeing an increase in traffic the first 2 weeks….I jumped from 2.4K Monthly Viewers to 24K viewers. Ok, I was on a high just from that, I could not believe it really was this easy…and I got HUGE traffic to my Blog! Then one day, I get up and I start checking those analytics on Pinterest and I had a Pin that went MINI VIRAL…OMG…..I had hit over 100K on a Pin. Oh my gosh, I was on a huge high then and I went in to overload thinking and researching the do’s and dont’s of Pinning. My first Pin that went mini viral (some may say that’s mini viral – but in my mind – that was MINI VIRAL!!) so back to what I was saying…the pin was a simple hair pin. See below.


Nothing major, but I realized women like me wanted to know – what do I do with these BANGS as I grow them out. Alrighty, once that Pin started moving around Pinterest I saw my web traffic quadruple in one week. Let me totally honest, I was Pinning Fashion (my own outfits), hairstyles and videos, and makeup ideas and beauty hacks. Well, I couldn’t spend my day taking pictures and posting, so I started repining about 7 Pins a day from others items that popped up in my main News Feed. But my mind was still on overdrive about making this a “real” blog, so I had to step it up and make sure my videos and pictures started looking professional. Being professional with your Pins will go a long ways. Thats’s when I added a watermark on my Pins, including my videos I was posting. I learned how to make a trailer for my videos and really taking this serious.

I was consistent every day, I put as least 5 – 10 Pins that I personally made on Pinterest and I would repin about 5 – 7 Pins from other Pinterest Users. This may seem like a lot, but honestly I may have spent an half hour to an hour a day working on this to build my traffic. I had to, I was a brand new blogger and I had to put the effort in to see results. You will too!!!

I saw that I was getting thousands of Impressions, Saves and Clicks from my HairStyles Board, Makeup Board, Beauty Board and Skincare Board. My Fashion board was mediocre at best. I definitely wanted to increase my fashion pins, but I knew that would come as my audience grew. Honestly, I have been posting fashion pins for about 3 weeks and I’m starting to see some increased traffic on that board. The Hair, Makeup, Skincare and Beauty Boards were on fire and I had to continue that avenue and work my fashion in.

I saw my website traffic pick up to over a 1000k a week…easy! That means that 1,000 more people were reading my blogs and checking my site out. I was happy….I was new to this and I was willing to put the time and energy into building it up….the SKY is the LIMIT! Don’t forget that, you can be a success at Pinterest and your blog, direct sales or whatever it is you are pushing. It’s a numbers thing….the more you Pin, the more traffic you will start to see and your Monthly Viewers WILL INCREASE!

So, 3 weeks in I see that I have went from 24K to 329K…check it out below.


Nothing like seeing a visual to get you motivated, huh? OK, how Pinterest updates their analytics is still slower than I would like. They update about once a week, but it could take longer. Keep checking and keep looking where your audience is and what they are eager to see. I’ve had several Pins hit 100K now and more that are from 15K to 100K. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still get a little down when I see a Pin that has 4 Impressions…but hey…it’s a numbers game!! Remember that!!! Keep PINNING!!!!

Now, I have checked where my stats are today and I’m at 600k, but it will not show on my Pinterest Board till next week probably. So here is a few things to remember when pinning.

  • Create a Business Account
  • Verify Your Website with Pinterest
  • Enable Rich Pins (look to your audience to what they are looking at on your board)
  • Create Pin Worthy Images (Make them look professional) I had issues with this and now I have a photographer to help….I got a friend, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you can download some great apps that help pull your pictures together and look very Pinteresty. 🙂
  • Use Keywords in your description for your Pins. Think how you would search for something on Pinterest. For example, I love looking for Fashion for Women Over 40, I make sure I use those key words in my description, If you are a fashion blogger, a great description would be 10 Casual Chic Work Outfits for Summer 2018. These are examples…you can choose how you describe your items. Curious about keywords? Check out your tabs across your feed when you search something.


  • Still curious about Key Words? Type in a search for what you are about to pin and look for these keywords so you will know which ones to utilize for your page.
  • Join Group Boards, joining group boards is a great way to get your Pins out to the public. Check out Pin Groupie, it’s a great directory of group boards categorized by niche.
  • Showcase your best board. How do you do this? Your cover photo…put your best board up there or if you are having a great increase with your own pins, use your Most Recent Pins option.
  • You can also showcase your best boards, to set that up go to settings and right under your website you’ll see the option to edit your showcase. Click Boards then click the Drag and Drop and put your boards where you want them.
  • It’s important that you are able to share your pins, example – if someone goes to your board and wants to Pin something directly from your board, you can have a Share button. I use Social Warfare for my share buttons, and I like Sassy Social Share for my website or AccessPress.
  • If you have a website, add a Pinterest Widget to your site so people can Pin directly from your site.

These are all the things I did to increase my traffic and Monthly Viewers. You can see below this week I am at 574K….you will drop some and go back up. Remember it’s a numbers game!!


You can see the growth on my chart, the viewers is slightly in the way, but if you look close, you will see the purple growth line and it’s been moving back up over the past few days. If you are not looking at your analytics often, you definitely should. It’s a huge platform to market you and your product. The more people are engaged the more followers you will gain and this will ultimately put you up in the numbers bracket you are trying to achieve. Throw ideas around in your head and brainstorm a pinning strategy…you need a strategy and you need to make sure you are working that strategy!

Am I where I want to be? No, but I feel like this is a good start and I’m feeling pretty awesome about it. Cause let’s face it ladies and gents….anything and everything is on Pinterest!!!!

If you’re struggling with Pinterest, please take these few ideas I have given you and make them work for you. It’s a game changer..why? Because the audience that is the biggest on Pinterest are women from age 18 – 65. That’s nearly ALL grown women…looking and could be looking at your Pins and your website. And there you have it ladies! Any tips or tricks I missed, be sure to leave a comment and let me know!!

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