L’ange Wand (Bijou Bundle) Product Review

Last Christmas I got the Lange’ Bijou Luxury Styling Set and I thought I’d give you girls my opinion on it. Let me tell you a little bit about it first! It comes in a really cute pink box, I mean the packaging is high end  and the products are too. I got the Rose Gold, I believe it comes in white and black also. It comes with a Turbo dryer, a 1.25″ titanium flat iron with infrared strips and, a 25mm and a 32mm titanium styling wands that are interchangeable. The wands are digital, goes up to 450 degrees and has an automatic shut off – you know in case you leave your house – it won’t burn it down! Nice!!  And you get a glove so you don’t burn yourself!! Two awesomes!!

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I bought this with a HUGE discount code and when I first saw it I was not disappointed. I mean, seriously, the boxing is so pretty I hated to take everything out. Anyway, as I rumbled through it and I was reading the directions I got scared, maybe more like worried. Either I was going to be really happy or I was going to be standing in line at the post office to send this baby back and get my $$ back!

I waited a good week before I even tried it out, first of all it had to be on the weekend incase it totally sucked..I wouldn’t be rushed getting ready for work. I had to plan this right down to the last detail…I’m just kidding..haha. Seriously though, I tried the 25mm wand out first and it did not disappoint. I literally have the best curls that will last for at least 3 days. The wands have  a sleek design, feels comfortable holding it and has a tip to grab hold of at the end. The picture below is with the 25mm.


Next I wondered how I would like the 32mm wand and yes, just like the 25mm it holds the curls for 3 days easy. I get up the next morning after I have curled my hair and all I have to do is literally….fluff it! If you want to go around the crown of your head and redo the curls to freshen it up, you can do that also. Below is pics with the 32mm.


You can tell difference in how tight the curl is. The 25mm is a tighter curl, but the 32mm can give you loose beach-like waves or just a more wavy look. It all depends on how big of a section you curl around the wand.

Ok, let’s talk straightener….it straightens your hair as good as a Chi or any other big name brand. I typically do not ever use a flat iron on my hair because I like more volume. Raegan on the other hand loves her hair straight. And this is her all time favorite styling tool. So at this point, I think you know where I’m going with this review.

The hair dryer is a very nice one, not too heavy and it makes your hair really soft after you use. It seems to me that my hair is not as damaged since I have been using it along with Redken Diamond Oil. If you have problems with split ends I highly recommend this product along with the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment between these two products, the hairdryer and the Biotin gummies I take (VitaFusion Bitotin Gummies @ Amazon )I have seen a huge difference in my hair.

So is it worth the money? Yes, if you have at least a 50% off code. The Bijou Bundle is normally $500 and that’s really a comparable price with higher end styling tools, but…I am a little frugal with styling tools so I am looking a coupon code! I have Hot Tools and Chi items and they have lasted for years and I love them, and I’m sure L’ange will last just as long!! My advice to you if you are on the fence…get them now! Get them while they are on sale, so TREAT YO SELF!

Seriously, the Bijou is HALF off right now and the Wands run anywhere from $29 to $59. I have the Lustre pack and it’s well worth it. Check it out at Get L’ange Styling Tools!! So my overall rating from the packaging to the durability to the effectiveness of the tools..they get a 5 ♥♥♥♥♥ RATING from Raegan and I! We go no where without them and we used them more than any other styling tool we have. So there you go girls, if you were wondering….now you know you can go show yourself some love and get you one! Just click on the L’ange Link above!


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