“Shop With Me” at Jernigan’s Boutique!

Today I visited a local boutique in my city and decided to show you girls some pieces that I was trying on. Well, let me tell you…I had the BEST time trying on all kinds of different clothes, from shorts to jumpers! I browsed through the store looking at the cutest displays of clothes and jewelry and starting diving in! They have the cutest dresses, blouses, off the shoulder tops, jeans, shorts, you name it – they have it!!

This zip front sweatshirt caught my eye when I was heading to the dressing room…like, it was calling my name, I’m not kidding you! You girls know what I mean when you see an article of clothing in a store and it SCREAMS “I’M YOURS BABY – TAKE ME HOME”!!! Yep, it was screaming it and once I tried it on I thought I was in heaven. Seriously, you guys know I shop to find deals, but I can tell this was premium material cause it felt like pure butter when I put it on. I did not get it today, but I will be heading back to get that baby!

Jernigan’s is a Boutique beside Jernigan’s Nursery in Dunn, NC. I can remember when they started out years ago and I actually worked in the building the Boutique is in now. The Boutique building used to be a bank 20 years ago and I sat at the teller drive thru window watching them build the building that is now our famous Jernigan’s Boutique. So I feel kind of close to this company and family due to the fact that I was sitting right there watching them start from such a small business and build it into a HUGE thriving company. Jernigan’s not only has the Boutique section , but also another section of the store where they carry Vera Bradley, Lily Grace, Simply Southern, Rainbow, Dansko and I could keep going on and on…you get the picture! It’s an awesome store!! If you are curious about the store click here to Shop Jernigan’s

Also, as I started trying on clothes and snapping pictures I actually was LOVING everything I tried on. Seriously, not one item disappointed! I’m warning you though, if you see any outfit or piece that I am featuring in this blog, you better grab it before it gets gone! The awesome thing is I only spent a small amount of time trying on clothes, the inventory is huge – I barely scraped the surface of the looks that you can find there. Yes, I recommend a weekend shopping trip with your girlfriends and head over to check this store out! And if you’re from the area- support local businesses!!! Wait..oh my word, I didn’t even talk about the cute sandals and shoes. Wait…what about the accessories and bath boms? They have it all, all the latest and trending items that you want and will love…..so head on over to the store or online at Jernigan’s Nursery and Boutique and get your shop on girl! Go treat your self! Life is short – why not treat yourself every now and then? You know when you get a cute outfit and you feel really good about how you look – it kind of boosts your self esteem up? It makes you feel pretty and you hold your head up high when you walk??? Then go get you a little self esteem booster at Jernigan’s today. Now, check out some of the outfits I tried on…you’re going to LOVE THEM!!!!!


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