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    Looking Stylish The Casual Way

    Looking stylish is something I have learned that women over the age of 40 really embrace. Yes, we like our comfy clothes to wear around the house, our workout clothes, and tees. But it seems when we go out to work or dinner, we tend to want to pull an outfit together that says, hello world! You can look stylish…

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    2 Casual Weekend Outfits

    If you are like me, you have been doing quite a bit of online browsing and shopping in the past few months. I’m trying to stay home and I have found that online shopping has been therapeutic for me, although it has hurt the wallet – still therapeutic lol! I have been trying to explore different boutiques and stores online,…

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    Shop My Closet: Mixing Casual & Dressy

    This week I will be “Shopping My Closet” styling pieces for everyday looks with new and old items. A lot of times when we buy “outfits” we tend to stick to that particular outfit and not shake things or try different ideas. We tend to keep casual tops with casual bottoms, and dressier tops with dressier bottoms. We can mix…

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    Are Graphic Tees For You?

    Styling a graphic tee has certainly changed over the years and these days it’s more trendy than ever before. Styling a graphic tee lets your personality shine through, whether it is a band tee or a tee with positive vibes. Not only do they look cool, but they’re ultra-versatile, and that’s what we want…versatility! For a casual look, pair yours…

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    9 Winter Looks: What I Wore

    During the holiday season, we all are looking for outfits that are affordable, trendy, comfortable, and cute. When we feel confident in our clothes, it shines through and our self-esteem seems to be booming. I’ve said it before, when I was in the workforce and would buy a new outfit, I felt good the entire day. It made me more…

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    Casual Outfits Tuesday & What I Wore!

    Good Tuesday morning girls! It has been a little busy this week getting back in the swing of things after the holiday. I have some really cute outfits to post this week, so keep an eye out! I wanted to share some outfits that I wore and put on social media that were very popular, plus some items from the…

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    A Ruana For The Pumpkin Patch

    Hello Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week and I know you are looking forward to the weekend. I said in an email that I was in a baking mood, so I will be trying out some new desserts this weekend! If any are REALLY good, I will share them with you. I only do easy, so there won’t…

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    Chambray On Denim

    Happy Hump Day! Mom and I are very busy today, we are dropping her car off at the shop then headed to the doctor’s office then stopping by a few stores on the way home. Both of our schedules seem to be busy or chaotic, so I really enjoy the time I get to spend with her, even if it…

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    Loft Try-On Haul

    Happy Saturday ladies! The weekend is here and for a lot of people, it’s a long weekend! With a long weekend comes SALES! I was running errands yesterday and stopped in The Loft Outlet to see what kind of new arrivals they had and thought I would share. The Loft is having a sale of 40% off your order (shop…

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    3 Outfits For Now & Later

    I wanted to share a few outfits that I am wearing now and will be great for transitioning into the Fall. I have worn these on cooler days, but here lately it has gotten back up into the 90's and the shorts and tees have been my daily wardrobe.