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    5 Must-Haves For Women Over 40

    There are some things that women over 40 should buy for themselves to maintain and restore youthfulness! Now that I’ve celebrated my 40th and 50th birthday (and more…), I’ve compiled a list of a few must-haves of things I believe women maturing in age should treat themselves to just because every now and then we need a little pampering. And if…

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    5 Things You Need To Clean Your Kitchen

    Keeping the kitchen clean is at the top of my must-do list and if the kitchen is messy then I can get stressed very quickly. Over the years I have struggled with maintaining a spotless kitchen, especially when the children were smaller, and I quickly learned to use effective products and to clean as I go. I have been using…

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    Drugstore Makeup Favorites

    Spring is coming and with that, I have found myself looking for new shades of foundation, eyeshadows and more. Today I am sharing some of my favorite drugstore faves that I am currently using. First up on the list is L’oreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation. About a month ago I decided to try this foundation and boy am I glad…

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    Current PM Skincare Routine (New Products I’m Loving)

    When it comes to skincare, I have literally tried so many brands I have a drawer full of products that said they would deliver and never did. My biggest concern is something that helps fight the aging process, the lovely signs of getting older and gravity (what once was up – eventually sags down). Most women that are around 40…

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    My Top 3 Products For Puffy Eyes

    Happy Monday ladies! Is it me, or did the weekend go by really fast? For those of you that are off for the holiday – enjoy! Today on the blog I thought I would share some things I have been using to help with wrinkles, puffiness and under-eye bags. Those of you that have been following for a while, know…

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    Do You Pickup or Shop?

    One good thing did come out of our day Monday though, we finally tried the Walmart Grocery Pickup and we LOVED it! I highly recommend trying this out if you are a busy Mom or if you're like me...hate to shop in Walmart!

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    Retin-A, Vitamin A and What It Can Do For You

    Happy Saturday!! I have been doing some research on a few beauty and skincare products and I have to share what I am learning. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom if you have puffiness under your eyes. Whether from allergies, sensitivity, or genetics – I finally found something that works instantly!!!! Y’all know this made me…