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Happy Friday everyone! Today on the blog we are talking about how I am making my life less stressful for the holidays, and how I pulled together a last minute girl’s brunch with ease. This is a busy time of the year and if you are like me, you want things to b e less stressful, all while pulling off the perfect get-together with family and friends. Walmart is my go-to for pre-made and pre-packaged foods that gives me extra time with my family and I can find everything I need from prep to presentation.

I planned a last minute brunch with a few of my girlfriends and it was a huge hit! I made an easy and mouth-watering quiche that I am sharing below, but before we get to that…let’s talk about the good stuff. The finger foods and the home items I picked up! I am all about cute presentation and Walmart had everything I needed. I have been asking for this Pioneer Woman Cake Stand for the past three years, and Barry has yet to buy it, so I bought it myself and it is a must-have! it’s perfect for cakes, pies, cupcakes, or you can use it like I did and put those lovely croissants in. (I’m a bread and sweets girl…can you tell?)

When I am planning my family or friend get-togethers I want it be fun, festive, and have food that is not only appealing, but is delicious. Food brings people together and sitting around the table enjoying a few appetizers, talking or reminiscing with our family is my kind of fun. These get-togethers are the types of memories and traditions I want to make for my kids and grandkids. And if I am being honest, every time the kids (or young people) in our family come over for the holidays, they always go for the food first thing. I know you moms and grandmas can totally relate!

I love this tiered serving tray whenever I am hosting a get-together, it not only offers more space for food, it is appealing to the eye. I like to use tall items like the Cake Stand, medium to large serving dishes or bowls, tiered serving trays that keeps the eye moving and gives the appearance of making the table look full and vibrant. I topped my table off with the gorgeous garland with berries for added color and a “home for the holiday” vibe. Doesn’t it scream, come over and have a seat?

I loved decorating my centerpiece and I think it really stood out with frosted greenery garland. You could add some candles and twinkle lights for a more eye-catching look. Someone once told me presentation is everything! What do you think? Presentation or the food? I’m stuck right in the middle between those two, although I do lean towards the food, lol!

With the holidays approaching make your big and small get-togethers easy, like I did, with pre-made and pre-packaged foods from Walmart. From fruits to cheese trays and add some pre-made desserts for all your guests and keep them smiling. The holidays are stressful enough, so do like I do and let Walmart take some of the stress away! Also, be sure to check out some of my most recent buys in Christmas decor from Walmart below.

Easy Brunch Spinach and Egg Quiche

Check out the short video below for all the details on a fan favorite here at the Hoyle house. It takes no time at all to make and is mouth watering delish! **This was my first recipe video, so it may be a tad raw, nonetheless, I am proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone. 😁

The end product looks gorgeous in the Pioneer Woman Casserole dishes! You can use a normal pie plate, but I think I liked the look much better in the casserole dish. Especially with the red dishes and white plate set! Loving that pop of color for the holidays!

I shared this Batter Bowl and Measuring Set in the Gift Guides For The Baker, and I would highly recommend this for any lady on your list that loves to bake or cook. The measuring bowls and spoons are quality made and the batter bowl is a perfect size for big or small Christmas baking projects you may be planning with the kids or grandkids. See the Batter Bowl and Measuring Set here.

Level Up Your Centerpiece With This Cake Stand by Pioneer Woman. This is something you will use all year round!

*This post was sponsored by Walmart, all opinions are my own.

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Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hoped you enjoyed the post and you get a little inspiration for home decor, brunch ideas, and gift ideas! See you on the blog tomorrow for the “Celebrate You” post! Have a great day, stay safe, and be blessed! XOXO

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  • Pam T

    Your table looks beautiful! I’m fortunate to live a couple of hours away from the Pioneer Woman’s restaurant and shops with all of her lovely pieces. She also has some great jeans and I love her cami. I bought mine at her shop but have also seen them in my local Walmart.

  • Jennifer Robinson

    Love the cake stand! The green is beautiful!! I have a similar one and can flip the stand where the flat part sits on the counter and the glass top will sit on it to use as a punch bowl, or a very pretty candy bowl on your counter. Will this one do that? I’m loving your blog. So glad I joined!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Vicki Malberg

    That cake stand is beautiful, yet bittersweet. ❣️ My mom passed away unexpectedly in June. She had this cake stand on her kitchen island, and always had goodies in it. We made iced valentine cookies together last year, and they were so fun for her to display under the dome. This item just made the top of my Christmas wish list!

    • Beverly

      Oh, I’m so sorry about your mom! I love the way you told the story of your memories with her. So heartfelt! Made me tear up. Life is bittersweet, but those memories last forever!! Hugs to you!!

  • Lisa Michels

    This whole post is screaming my name! My Italian family on my mom’s side would gather every Holiday with food to feed an army. They taught me to cook and bake (and candlestick make. lol) It stuck with me and when my kids were young, I would entertain every Holiday, decorate the whole house and be in my glory. Then life got busy and I practically hauled away all my decorations and simplified (I could say that my fashion and decorating sense was an elegant Clark Griswold). 😂😂 Christmas is my Holiday so I will go all out for that. And Drummond roll please….all of the Pioneer Woman’s colors make me happy! I did, however, sell one of my Christmas trees because three in my house is a little overboard. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 🎄🎄 I am equally about food and decorating as a great presentation is fun for me! With all that being said, as I have many squirrel moments, I am getting the decorating itch! I may need that cake stand in my life for my entertaining of “3” people for Thanksgiving. Thanks for all your inspiration and making me laugh (at Chase’s expense 🥴😂🤪)! TGIF (Thank God I’m Blessed) and have a fantabulous weekend Beautifully Dressed and Blessed!

  • Karen christina

    Love your tablescape. The food looks delicious. Think I am going to steal few ideas from you🤭
    So happy I follow your blog

    • Beverly

      Yay!! When I get finished decorating I’m going to do a short video. We don’t go all out, but I still like sharing ha!! Thank you for the compliment!❤️

  • Kelly Palmer

    Happy Friyay, everything looks so beautiful and festive! I haven’t even started to decorate for the holidays yet. Not sure if I can get into the holiday spirit this year but I will try. You did a wonderful job on your first video and I will definitely be making this recipe. I am so happy to hear that Chase is getting some relief from the pain and pray that he will continue to be pain free and that surgery goes well. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    • Stacy T.

      Looks so pretty and delicious!! I’ve had my eye on that pioneer woman cake stand for quite some time too!!❤️🎄❤️🎄

    • Beverly

      Hey Kelly!! You are in my prayers for sure! Barry has a hard time during the holidays since Austin passed away. It’s been 8 years and it hasn’t gotten better for him, although he tries very hard. It does help with Brooklyn being around. Love you and huge hugs!!

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