4 Looks With A Hooded Cardigan From Amazon

Who loves a great Amazon find? Most of us, I’m sure! Well, I have been shopping Amazon and have found a Hooded Longline Cardigan that I have been styling and loving it. It has been one of my most popular outfits on Pinterest this week, so I am sharing the love. I decided to show you a few ways to style this cardigan; some items have been favorites on the blog, so hopefully, this will give you a little inspiration! Hope you enjoy!

The first outfit with the stretch hooded cardigan is styled with the very popular wide-leg cropped jeans from Target. This cardigan is a definite #amazonfind and I love the caramel heather color option. It’s a great neutral that can be styled through the spring easily with denim or shorts. It has pockets, which is a plus, it is a longline cardigan, and it has plenty of stretch, another important factor for all-day comfort. It comes in multiple colors and fits TTS. The wide-leg jeans are a huge trend this season and I promise if you try them, you just may enjoy them as much as I am. The camisole I am wearing is also from Target and has been a fave on the blog.

These Camo Ankle Jeans were very popular with you girls, so I thought I would show you a different look with them. If you didn’t grab yours, they are on sale for $13 if you use code SALE. Yes, I said $13 bucks- whoa! They’re totally worth it! The neutrals are perfect with the Stretch Hooded Cardigan and camisole from Target. See the camo ankle jeans here.

Outfit Details: // Cardigan // Camisole // Camo Ankle Jeans (on sale $13 with code SALE) Fit TTS // Booties (very low stock) // Necklace

Style this longline stretch cardigan with lighter denim and a pair of cozy winter boots. I love my Uggs and tend to wear them quite often since it is so cold right now. My jeans are sold out, but I found a similar pair from Express that’s 40% off this weekend. Express is having a 40% off site-wide this weekend and it happens to be one of my favorite stores. Their jeans are phenomenal! See the jeans here or shop the sale here.

Get cozy and casual with these bootcut Danskin Sleek-Fit Yoga pants and your favorite slippers. It’s rainy and cold right now for me, so this is a comfortable loungewear outfit to binge-watch Bridgerton. Anyone else watching that?

Here is a better look at the Bootcut Yoga Pants paired with a classic white pullover sweater by Daily Ritual. This sweater has a slight mock-neck and comes in several color options. This sweater is one of the most popular by Amazon. Fits TTS. See the sweater here.

Outfit Details: // Sweater // Danskin Yoga Pants // Adidas Sneakers

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I hope everyone has a great day! I am trying to get caught up on work today since I have no one to babysit or teach (animal and human lol). What are you girls up to? I’m sure your weekend plans are way more exciting than mine especially since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend! Any big plans? Stay safe girls!! XOXO

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  • Cindy Crook

    I hope your weekend is relaxing with some fun family time thrown in. Love the yoga pants outfit today. Snow forecast for Arkansas this week. Perfect outfit for staying indoors.

    • Beverly

      I saw where snow is coming across your area, I’m so jealous lol!! I love those yoga pants!! They were very popular on my IG stories, so I thought everyone would like something other than leggings ha!! I love them!!

  • Tammy Gravis

    Sorry to hear about your dog, that’s horrible. What shoes do you recommend as being the best for walking at a good price. Thanks so much.

    • Beverly

      Girl! Have we not had something constantly going on? Wow!! Ok, the walking shoes is something I totally know!! Barry and I both have tons of sneakers for walking and running. I like Asics, Sketchers Go Walk, anything by Ryka, STQ running sneakers air cushion. Those are my faves. Barry likes HOKA and I like the fit but they have a lot of cushion but I feel too tall in them. They are really good for joint pressure though. Happy Saturday sista!❤️❤️

  • Maribeth conklin

    Your daughter must feel just awful. I hope the dog recovers quickly. I love Dan skin yoga pants.
    On a side note I would love to see you pose in a different position.😍😍

    • Beverly

      Danskin are good ones!! It’s funny you said that, my son told me the same thing last week. I told him it was habit ha!! Since we have not gotten out to take pictures, it’s I’ve gotten in a rut. But!! Barry is going back on his old schedule, so I think we may be getting back outside soon. Woohoo!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Eve

    So sorry about the dog. I pray he recovers fast. I like all these outfits, That is a very versatile sweater. Have to check it out. Not that I need another cardigan. It’s going to be 25 Monday night and I live on the MS Gulf Coast! Grateful for all that fleece I bought this year.

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh Eve, this weather is something else right now! Yes, that sweater is so versatile and I thought the same thing. I don’t need another one lol, but it will definitely help with giving the illusion that I have more outfits than I do lol! Kilo is doing pretty good, it’s very pitiful. If Chase hadn’t taken him in to the vet I think he would have bled to death. Our garage looked like ( as Barry put it) Charlie Manson had been there. It took me all night getting everything cleaned up. We all got to bed around 330 that morning. Poor Raegan, she’s so sensitive, I felt so bad for her. I still can’t believe he got out that quickly and tried to jump on that golf cart. Chase is home till Monday so he can pick him up and lay him down when needed. Raegan and I tried, but he’s too heavy. He’s a real loving dog and my dog Ziva stares at him like a sister that’s watching their sibling that’s hurt. It’s been a trying week. Lord Jesus! Stay warm girl cause it’s gonna get cold at 25!! Layer up!! Happy Saturday ❤️

  • Jami

    Lots of love to poor Kilo and Raegan. I’m a dog lover/owner, and it’s just heartbreaking when something like this happens. Hugs to all.
    Love the outfits and I can’t wait to wear my own again! In Michigan it’s been just grocery store and mailbox trips for me for months and months, so not much cause for cute outfits! Soon! Thanks for the inspiration. Love it all!!

    • Beverly

      Jami you are so right, it’s so heartbreaking watching him. And Raegan couldn’t stop crying, I kept telling her that accidents are accidents snd she could not see Kilo jumping from behind her. I wonder if she will ever get her license. I did make her another appointment but here in NC they only have 1 day a month to go. I will be so glad when things are normal. Btw, I’m totally loving the yoga pants, got them in today lol! Happy Saturday ❤️

  • J

    Have you tried making an incline so the dog doesn’t have so far to “lay”down? I am wondering if the motion is stretching and pulling on the stitches? Happy galentines!!!

    • Beverly

      I think it’s the stretching also. I did put a bunch of big pillows around his bed and I can kind of push him over but he can’t get comfortable. I will tell chase to work on something. He can pick him up then flip him real quick onto pillows where he is laying on his back and side. I can’t flip that heavy booger like that ha!! I’m hoping he heals quickly. He def does not like the cone! Thanks for that idea!!

  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly…..First of all I am so sorry to hear about your Precious Kilo. I hope he gets better soon. I feel for Reagan too. My favorite outfit is the one with the camo. I hope y’all get a little R & R this weekend. xoxo

    • Beverly

      Hey my gorgeous friend!! Hope all is well with you and your family!! Kilo is on the mend although I have him alone today and between him and Brooklyn, my hands are full lol! Our schedules should be back to normal in March, she goes back to school at least 4 days a week. Whew! It’s been a struggle ha!! Happy Monday ❤️❤️

  • Tammy Wingate

    All I can think of is Kilo and Reagan. I’m so sorry that happened. I hope they both heal soon! I’m amazed you could do your blog, Bless your heart! I do appreciate you and your honesty. Sorry I can’t help with having him lie down. Only thing I can think of is getting a shorter height carrier so he really can’t stand all the way up, at least part of the time. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Tammy from PA.

    • Beverly

      Hey Tammy!! Girl…it’s been a struggle! I will be posting throughout the week but not daily just yet. Kilo is on the mend but he has a ways to go. That had to be so scary for Raegan. Her and that golf cart. Smh! Thanks for that idea!! I’m putting Chase on it!! Happy Monday ❤️

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