Top Faves Of The Week + Sunday Inspiration

Another week has wrapped up, and I’m sharing the Most Popular Items from the blog and social media. Some items really surprised me of how they moved up so quickly and some items I knew would be top on the list. I know we all love a deal and we certainly love when the sales are going on, so you all are going to love this post! Some of the top faves are well under $17! My Sunday Inspiration section is at the bottom of the post for those that like to read those. Today I am sharing my Prayer Journal and Prayerful Planner and with the “extras” I am using. I know some of you will love this! Happy Sunday and stay safe! XOXO

At #1 is the Camo Skinny Jean from The Gap, and I’m not surprised. Everyone has loved these jeans on all social media platforms and the blog. These jeans have an impeccable fit, and girls…they are on sale for 50% off and under $13 right now! Use code SALE, see them here. Fit TTS.

The Time and Tru Wrap Sweater has been one of the most popular items on the blog this year and it’s still holding at #2 in the Top 10. This fits TTS, comes in multiple colors, and is under $15! See the sweater here.

The Adidas Cropped Sweatshirt came in at #3! This sweatshirt is on sale for $33 at Kohl’s and comes in 4 other colors. This fits TTS, it is roomy but not oversized, see it here. At #4 is the Adidas 2.0 Sneakers and these are great for walking and standing all day. I had these sneakers on when Kilo was in the wreck and he bled all over them; can you believe they came out of the washing machine looking brand new? See the sneaker here.

The Red Blazer from Amazon is sitting at #5 and is the perfect blazer for work or play. This fits TTS and comes in multiple color options. See the blazer here.

At #6 is my favorite Skinny Ankle Jeans from Express. These sell out nonstop, but right now they are fully stocked! These are a mid-rise button up jean and hits right at your ankle. These come in petite to tall. These are 40% off for President’s Day, check them out here.

The Misha Pump has climbed to the #7 spot and boy were these loved by the girls on Instagram! Brooklyn swears these are her favorite and I love wearing them…I cannot lie! They give a pop of color that really stands out. The Misha Pump is on sale under $30 and I sized up 1/2 size for extra comfort and toe space and I’m glad I did. These come in multiple colors and patterns, you can see them here.

The Stars Above Soft Fleece Jogger was a huge favorite this week and made it to the #8 slot. Girls, these are the softest jogger you will find, get your regular size in these and I promise you will fall in love with the comfort! These are Heather Gray and they come in a few other color options as well. See the jogger here. (Honorable Mention goes to the Fleece Active Jacket, see it here)

These Straight Khakis from The Gap are probably my favorite khakis I have. These are styled with the Wrap Sweater from Time and Tru in the pictures above. Style these with heels, sandals, or sneakers..they are a great pant. These are 50% off this weekend for only $13 using code SALE. See them here. Fits TTS.

At #10 is the Woven Cami from A New Day at Target. I have been wearing this on repeat it wears so well. This comes in multiple colors, but I really liked the neutral brown since I could style this with so many outfits. This is also 20% off this weekend, see it here.

We had a tie for the #10 spot! The Vintage Straight Cropped jean has been very popular with everyone across the board. Looser jeans are in style right now and these cropped jeans fit the trend well. These fit TTS and can be styled with sneaker, bootie, and your favorite sandals as it gets warmer. See the jean here.

Sunday Inspiration

I have been using this Prayer Journal and Devotional for a while now and I am enjoying it so much I thought I would share it with you girls. I have been writing my prayers down (like letters to God) since I was 26 and it has really taught me how to put my feelings into words. Have you ever been praying or trying to pray and get lost in what you should be asking for or what you are thankful for? Writing my thoughts down like a letter has helped me grow in my faith more than you can imagine. Plus, it’s a great thing to have so you can look back over the years and see how far you have come.

The “Be Still And Know That I Am God” journal is a cover with a lined notebook inside to write whatever you want to in it. You can change the notebooks out as you fill them up. The Planner (above) includes scripture verses, reflections on the Word, and journaling prompts to guide your walk with God and strengthen your faith. And the stickers are added plus that has been a fun way to make sure I am spending time with the Lord each day. Brooklyn has taken a big interest in the Bible and praying since we have been using these.

The Prayerful Planner is the planner I am using for the blog that has months, weeks, etc. for me to plan my week and months out. It also has areas for prayers, goals, priorities, and can be found here. All the other items are in the carousel below.

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly…..Happy ❤️alentine’s Day to you and Barry and your family. I have been journaling a long time too so I really like the planner and the stickers. Enjoy your day.

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Sunday morning and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and the family!! How is Kilo doing? I have been praying for him and you all. This weekend I worked yesterday and Troy and his oldest son, Adam, are working on the renovations in my mother-in-law’s bathroom. I am longing and looking forward to a break in renovations which will hopefully be soon. How are your home projects coming along? There are so many good items in today’s post. My top 2 are probably the Camo Skinny Jeans and the Misha Floral Pump. It is another cold and rainy day here today. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and a wonderful week ahead!

    • Beverly

      Hey Kelly!! Kilo is slowly getting better, but he has a ways to go. Thank you so much for praying!! As far as renovations I told Barry to pause it for a while. I can’t believe I told him that. You know he moves as slow as a sloth in Nutella!! But so much is going on and with kilo hurt, we have to stop. It seems like dust keeps falling from the remodeling, I’m wondering how long before that’s all gone. On a bright note…I’m we had a great V- Day. Hope you guys did!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Melanie

    Good Morning ☕️ I woke up to SNOW ❄️😱 here in Texas. Yes it’s definitely shocking haha. It’s been 6 plus yrs since we have had snow. It’s beautiful though. Thank you for sharing the top faves. My absolute favorite outfit is the blazer outfit with the floral heels. I have really never thought of keeping a prayer journal. Thank you for sharing that. I’m definitely going to look into the one you shared. Have a wonderful Sunday. Stay dry and I’ll stay warm!! Wow can’t believe it’s snowing here 😂

    • Beverly

      I saw where you guys were getting snow!! My cousin lives in the Dallas area and her daughters were sharing pics. I was sooooo jealous! I bet you’re loving it huh? And yes, the prayer journal has really helped me stay on track. Especially since I keep it on the table next to “my chair” ha!! Enjoy the snow lovely one 🙌🏼❤️❤️

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