Gift Guides, Sales, & Sunday Inspiration

Today is a mixture of Gift Guides, Sales, and my Sunday devotional. Grab a chair because this is a longer post than normal. I have accumulated some items that I feel are a great gift or items that I currently love on sale. I tend to shop more than I should in December, but I really can’t help it – the sales are so good! I like to shop the higher-end stores during the holidays to get the sale price, I hope you enjoy this post. The Sunday Inspiration is at the end of the post for those of you that like those. Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

Newest Gift Guides

Gift inspiration under $25 is one of the most popular guides on the blog. If you would like to read the post and descriptions of each item, click here.

The Gift Guide for The Home is another popular post. This offers ideas for family, friends, and the hard to buy for people on your list. There are things on this guide we all can and will use. Read the post here.

Boys are sometimes hard to buy for when they get into their teens and as young adults. I asked Chase for his opinion on these gifts, some are add-on gifts, and some are more expensive, but they all would make a great gift for the guy in your life. Read the post here to see the descriptions.

Sales I Am Loving This Weekend

I am a Loft lover, and the Loft Outlet is up to 65% off this weekend. I have rounded up a few of my faves below, or you can shop the sale here.

J Crew is always a splurge for me, I love their classics, and the pieces they offer are quality items. They are having a sale of up to 60% off; use code FESTIVE for 20% off your order. I rounded up my faves below; the candles are wonderful! Shop the sale here.

I shop Express often, the quality of their products is also fantastic, and when they have sales, I tend to hop on them. Their jeans, joggers, and sweaters are my faves! I have rounded up the items that I am loving or have bought below. I split this one up for guys and girls, and the cologne for men smells wonderful! Shop Express sale of up to 50% off here.

Old Navy is having a site-wide sale this weekend. Up to 60% off storewide and get an EXTRA 20% off using code: SWEET. Shop it here, or check out some of the Cozy Classics below.

Banana Republic is another store I am addicted to, although I shop at the outlet stores most of the time. The Banana Republic is having a sale of 40% off plus an extra 10% off. Here are some festive faves of mine, plus a few classics. Shop the sale here.

Sunday Inspiration

Today I am sharing a short story devotional from this week, I thought it was fitting especially since it has to do with wearing a mask. How many of us walk around with a smile on our face, but deep down we feel tired, burdened, or alone and we are forcing a smile on our face? I smiled through a marriage that was abusive, horrible verbal abuse, and I was constantly feeling like I was walking on eggshells. I have learned that those years molded me spiritually more than I can imagine. I learned what faith was, I learned to lean on Jesus and depend on him. I grew leaps and bounds those years, even though I considered them to be the worst years of my life. I hope this helps someone today, it certainly did me. Stay safe girls and have a great Sunday!

On the outside, Olivia looked like she had it all together. She always wore a smile and never looked frazzled or tired. Her secret?

A mask. It was easy to look put together wearing a mask. No matter how out of sorts inside she felt, her mask was always smiling. No matter how bad the sickness from which she suffered was, her mask always looked healthy and vibrant.

Only there were a lot of problems with wearing a mask. For one, it kept her from getting better. Underneath the mask, Olivia was suffering from a terrible illness, and the mask only trapped it all inside, making it worse and keeping her from getting help. After all, others had no idea she was even sick!

One day, Olivia realized she couldn’t handle the mask any longer. She needed help. Hesitatingly, she allowed a friend to see under the mask. To her great surprise, her friend didn’t freak out. Instead, she pulled up her own mask, showing that she, too, was trapping an illness inside. Honest with each other at last, they were able to help one another and get the treatment they needed. Oh, how freeing it was to let the mask fall off!

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.” 1 John 5:7 (ESV)

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2 (ESV)

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16 (ESV)

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Lisa

    Beautiful Beverly….Thank you for all your hard work with these gift guides. You have some good suggestions. The devotion says so much about my past and so very true. So many people thought I had it all together and my three sweet little children and my ex and I looked like that ideal family….spoiler alert!!! They did not know what was going on behind closed doors and behind “ my mask” that I wore everyday along with the sopping wet pillow from crying myself to sleep. I feel the same way as you do when you said that your past molded you more spiritually than you could have imagined. I have learned more scripture and leaned on God more than ever. I’m so addicted to God. I honestly do not see how someone can get through tough times (look at this unknown year of 2020) without God. Moving fast forward, I remarried to an incredible man that I would have never picked on my own. God placed him in my path. He is and has been exceptionally great to me and my children (now all grown). So as the Bible says about bringing beauty out of ashes….God did beyond more than that for me. You are a Blessing Beautiful Beverly!!! Enjoy your Sunday.

  • Maribeth conklin

    Good morning!
    Thanks for the work you put in. I think about wearing a mask a lot. I have a job wear I wear my mask for 6 hours a day. I find myself sometimes catching myself clenching my teeth or frowning or just a blah smile that no one can see. I have to learn how to read my co workers by their voices and the eyes. Our eyes tell quite a story. Maybe someday we can live in a world where we can see one another smiling again!

  • Jami

    Thank you so much for the gift guides! My daughter’s boyfriend of 6 years is just like our son and we never know what to buy a young man! 2020 has certainly been a year where it has been difficult to hold on to the pain we feel inside. My mask has been coming off since I experienced the deaths of 3 family members so close together in the last few years. I now just let my pain show and it helps others realize that it’s okay to feel and God will meet us right where we are and pick us up, pain and all. He keeps all of our tears in a bottle. Blessings to you and thanks again!

  • Eve

    Great gift guides. I just bought comfortable shirts for my husband. This seems to be a year for comfort in our gifts. That fleecy warm thing or a food gift. Something to brighten the home or something nice like the candals you suggested.

    We are blessed as believers. We have a certain peace that unbelievers do not. We can’t know what sort of day someone has had so when someone is rude in the grocery line, be kind. They could be bearing a terrible burden.

  • Deb

    Love the gift guides Beverly! The Sunday devotional was exceptional today. I’ve kept my mask on many times and it is not a good thing. We all need each other to help us through the tough seasons of life. Blessings to you😍

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