8 + Ways To Style Distressed Jeans Over 40

Hello Tuesday and Hello ladies! Do you ever look at a pair of jeans and think, how in the world can I wear this differently than I have been? We all get in those ruts where we wear the same thing over and over, well, today we are going to shake it up a bit and try new ideas! After taking a few outside pictures, I started digging through my closet and…well…you will see what happened LOL!

Who loves a blanket scarf? I love them because of the versatility and this tan and black scarf is one of my faves. It’s neutral-toned and goes with nearly everything, but I especially liked it with the rust sweater. Rust is trending this year and I’m sure it’s going to still be going strong after the holidays! I added a cute black vest with gold detail and was ready to walk the runway – right out in my yard HA!

Honestly, I have a very full neighborhood, mostly retirees, and I always have someone catching me take photos – which is embarrassing! I had to let most of my neighbors know I was a fashion blogger. To which they replied – what is that? These are older folks, and they are not up on things like this, so I had to resort to…I take pictures of myself and put them on my website. One little lady said…But WHY? LOL!! I said, “To keep me busy”. She says, “Lord child, I have plenty for you to do over here”. HAHAHA! I love older people!

Ok, back to the post…

The distressed jeans I am wearing are KanCan Mid-Rise Distressed jeans, these are normally found in local boutiques. Amazon has them in stock here. I found a few alternatives that are a better price in the carousel below.

This sweater is on clearance right now for only $25, it’s super comfy, but the sizes are limited to Medium/Large. See it here.

Add a denim jacket to black jeans and taupe boots for a casual, but put-together look!

Different Looks

Black is as versatile as denim and like denim, it can be dressed casual or casual chic! Not to mention it’s slimming! I styled a chambray shirt with a cheetah print blouse (similar here), or dress up your look with a striped longer cardigan (these are on sale for only $35).

Add an olive moto jacket with a blouse that has a pop of color or layer a black turtleneck like this one, under the moto jacket for a classic look. I love my long duster and I wear it quite often, I like the long slimming look with the black jeans and cognac boots with a higher boot shaft. (** the cognac boots just dropped to 50% off!! See them here)

For a night out I really like the eyelash sweater with my Sam Edelman boots, add a cute jacket or a single-breasted coat like this for a dressier “going out” look.

What was your favorite look?

I think I could have kept going, but by the time I’m taking my last few pictures, I have nearly wiped all my makeup off and tossed my hair to the point I need a scrunchy for a bun. Ha! that’s the real “stay-at-home” wife/mom look!

Thanks for coming by the blog today!! So happy you girls are enjoying the blog! Today I am doing a little cleaning for my mom, running back to the grocery store and start on a batch of 4-ingredient Oreos Balls. If they turn out good I will post the recipe! What are you girls up to? What was your favorite look?

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Tracey Crews

    Hi Beverly! You are so cute in all the outfits. I love opening your emails. I laughed at your neighbor’s comment about stuff to do at her house 😉 have a great Tuesday. <3

    • Beverly

      Thanks for commenting Tracey! My older neighbors are a hoot!! They ride around on their golf carts during the day visiting other neighbors and they catch me a lot!! Their always making me laugh lol!!

  • Lisa

    Beverly, by the way I pray a lot on my 30 minute commute to work….however I will say there are some mornings I feel like I have already ran a10K by the time I head out the door at 7:30…haha. I have “numerous” of favorites from you girl. Today I would say the rust sweater with the black vest, anything leopard and the Christmas tartan plaid shirt with the black vest. I have a shirt like that from Old Navy I bought a couple of years ago. Speaking of sausage balls, this Southern girl could eat a ton of those and then top them off with the Oreo balls too. I have been so slack with my exercise routine so I need your expertise on your exercise/eating regimen for 2020 because you look great. Enjoy your day. ~Lisa~

    • Beverly

      I would pray when I had to drive to work also!! ❤️❤️ I’m going to do a post this week or next about the plan I went on last March. It has been amazing! My entire family ( Mom, husband, brother, SIL, and now my niece) are on this program because they’ve seen that it works and you eat. Girl, I have to eat! Lol!! I loved all these outfits, sometimes I get carried away with my imagination, but you girls seem to like to see different ways to wear an item. I’m off to conquer sausage balls lol. Have a great day!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! Do I like baking? LOL I bake all of the time! Baking for me is a stress relief and relaxing. I use the time that I am baking to pray for the people that I am doing the baking for while I listen to music and dance around the kitchen 😉 My favorites today are the ones with the long cardigan and duster. I was wondering if you could do a post about how to tie and wear scarves? I have some scarves but never wear them, because I don’t feel confident in how to tie or what type of outfit to wear them with. Today I am moving very slowly due to working until midnight last night and getting into bed in the wee early hours of the morning. I will be baking some things today for Troy’s office party tomorrow. I will make 2 triple chocolate bundt cakes, a caramel apple cheesecake bars with streusel topping and caramel drizzle and I may also make some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese filling and frosting. I hope you enjoy your day!

    • Beverly

      You make me want to bake!! I will work up a video on how to tie scarves!! I’ve been thinking about that, it’s been so crazy here lately. It’s on the list though!! Have a great day!!

  • Lisa Richardson

    So many cute options. LOL about the photos. I know what you mean. I can’t even take any out front. Our yard is literally about the size of two card tables. The back is small too (thank you CA), but I do what I can. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m crazy since there are at least 5 houses that can see down into our back yard from their upstairs. HA!

  • gina

    I like most of these looks. Probably my favorites are the rust sweater/denim jacket and the leopard print top with denim shirt. Lord, I know your neighbors keep you entertained as much as you probably entertain them. It is quite comical at times to hear an older person’s take on something perfectly “normal” to us this day in time.

    • Beverly

      Gurl, you just don’t know!! These senior citizens are so dang funny!! One rides by and hollers, hey miss super model. Most of my neighbors know what I do now, so they jab at me 😂😂. Oh, and the one little lady will ask me if I’m writing an article lol. I feel like a reporter ha!

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