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Today I have compiled outfits I have been wearing that are casual, everyday outfits. Some days or weeks, you kind of like wearing clothes that are loose and perfect for curling up on the couch and kicking back. Even though I love a casual outfit, I will try to make an outfit out of something even if it’s sweats – well most of the time. It seems like last week was a very casual week for me, except when Brooklyn picked out the outfit. Check out her skills below!

It’s been really rainy here lately and when it’s raining, I find myself throwing on comfy clothes because getting “dressed up” isn’t fun when it rains daily. I love this Pullover Hoodie, for the price and the pretty purple colorblock. I started buying up a few “active” clothes for my big New Year’s Resolution – getting back in the gym. I have really failed in this area, so come Jan. 1st, I’m back on it! Outfit Details: // Hoodie // AE Jegging Jeans // Sneakers

I’m all about a good pair of joggers and a comfy sweatshirt. I found this sweatshirt for under $10, see it here. I paired it with a pair of Lou and Grey Slouchy Joggers that are incredibly soft! The inseam on these is 31 1/2 inches. If you like super soft sweatpants the Lou and Grey brand from The Loft is top-notch in the comfy and cozy category. These sweatpants are an alternative if joggers aren’t your thing.

You girls know I am a Goldendoodle mom to Princess Ziva, so I am all things dogs! I showed this sweater in a post over the weekend but decided to show you how I styled it while hanging around the house. There are so many options with these sweaters if you size down. I purchased mine online and they do run large, so size down! (I ordered a Medium and normally wear a medium- you can see how much room I have)

I have a slouchy comfortable look going on! LOL If I had sized down I could wear this with a pair of cute slacks or ankle jeans and boots. This is a great sweater that can be worn through the winter, isn’t he cute? See the sweater here. Outfit Details: // Sweater // Jeans // Boots

I snapped this picture on the way out the door on a rainy and cold day, so I wrapped this LC scarf around this Cable-Knit Crewneck Sweater. When I worked at the bank it would be super cold in the offices in the winter, so I would wear an infinity scarf all day long to keep me warm – it seemed to work. Does anyone else have any tips on keeping warm? Outfit Details: // Sweater // Scarf // AE Jeans // Boots

On my day with Brooklyn, we headed out all gussied up! She is a BLING BLING little girl, loves all things shiny and sparkly. She channels her inner Dolly Parton daily! So she helped pick out my outfit. Outfit Details: // Jacket // Tee (similar) // Skirt // Boots

Have you ever wondered what I did while I was in Fashion? I was a Store Manager, an Area Trainer, and an Area Visual Artist. In other words, I put outfits together like the ones below. I loved working a floor move and taking down a wall and fixing it back up. It was so much fun for me! At times I can’t believe I traded all that fun in just to go back to college in my 30’s??? LOL!

Fun Colors & Trends

Don’t these colors look merry and bright? I like the green on green with the denim and the duck boots really make this outfit pop. Outfit Details: // Vest // Sweater // Jeans // Boots

We have quite a few different brands of rain boots here and these Tommy Hilfiger boots may be coming also. I saw these in the store a while back and almost bought them, aren’t they cute with the slouchy socks?

I love bright colors, but it seems when I look in my closet I see the same old thing. Anyone else feel like that? I really liked these outfits!! The colors are fun, they coordinate well together, and it’s something different. (Not the same old thing)! What are your ideas about wearing bright colors? Would you rather wear a pop of color? Or deck it out and go for it? Outfit Details:// Jacket // White Jeans // Boots

If you have been thinking of trying the faux leather legging trend, I saw this outfit and thought it was so chic! I liked the way it’s put together…you are still covered, looking cute and sassy, and this would be a great outfit for a dinner party or date night. Outfit Details: // Sherpa Coat // Michael Kors Cheetah Shirt (on sale for $32.99) // Faux Leather Leggings

Today I am going to try and finish up my Christmas shopping except for Brooklyn. barry and I normally go together to get her Christmas from us – he has a ball shopping for her! What are you girls up to today?

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Lisa

    Great looks Beverly. Bright colors for me. They give an extra glow during the dreary winter months. I really like them at Christmas. I have the Kelly Green Crown and Ivy vest. I bought it back in the Fall during one of Belks great sales. Have fun shopping. We are back home after a really good weekend….now it’s back to the office grind and battle the school traffic on the way to work. My children are grown however there is not a short route to my work so I go through three school zones on my way….ugh. Enjoy your day🎄🎁🛍👜👢👛~Lisa~

    • Beverly

      Merry Christmas!! Isn’t that green so pretty?! There is a small part of me that misses the office grind lol!! But 3 school zones—WHOA!! Have a great day Lisa!!

  • Sandy

    You have had an eye for fashion for a long time already…no wonder you are so good at it! Comfy sweatshirt is definitely me and those are cute joggers. I wear a lot of scarves this time of year so I like the black scarf, sweater and jeans with low boots too! I think Brooklyn did a wonderful job of putting your outfit together…she should have made Grandma proud of how well she did. It had to be so fun to see what she put together for you. Would be kind of fun to have her do this every once in a while 😉 It was a busy weekend of traveling to a wedding and then a family Christmas at our house yesterday and yes…Hallmark movies work really well while walking the treadmill or relaxing with a cup of coffee 🙂

    • Beverly

      Hey Sandy!!! Brooklyn is a hoot for sure! I told the kids I wanted a VLOG camera for Christmas to start doing videos for hair and showing multiple ways to wear clothes. It would be cute to show her creativity also lol. Not sure if they will take the five and buy one or not. But it’s on my list!! Merry Christmas my sweet friend!! I knew you have been a busy bee!!❤️❤️

  • Lisa Richardson

    Brooklyn has a future as a stylist! I didn’t know you worked in fashion…of course I’m late to the party. I love bright colors (on others) I wear them occasionally but seem to stick to more earth tones these days. Have a great week! XO

    • Beverly

      I love my earrings tones too lol!! Brooklyn already has an eye for cute outfits, she will compliment you on earrings too lol! Yep, I’ve got about 15 years in fashion, then I went to college and went on to work in accounting and ended up being a Corporate Trainer for 3/4 of the States. I’m home retired now!! Woohoo!! Lol

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