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I had a talk with Brooklyn this weekend, asking her why we celebrate Christmas and she quickly responded it was Jesus’s birthday! When I asked her why we give gifts, she said…”Because I’m good and I like lots of presents!” I was rolling on the floor at this point – the things that kid says! HA! So I shared with her the entire story of the birth of Jesus, she listened here and there but caught right on when I told her he received gifts.

My brother happened to come over and spend a little time with me and he was saying he wasn’t buying gifts for his siblings this year. Wait…what? No gifts? He said at our age what do we really need? I had to remind him why we give gifts also, even if it’s a tin of brownies or a pair of fluffy socks!

Why We Give At Christmas

Shortly after Jesus was born, a small group of men traveled hundreds of miles to pay Him homage and give Him gifts. When they finally discovered Him, the Bible says, “they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh” (Matthew 2:11).

Although we can’t be certain, over the centuries the example of those “wise men” (as we usually call them) probably contributed to our modern custom of giving gifts at Christmas. Unfortunately, we’ve almost forgotten the meaning of those original gifts. They were given to honor Jesus—but all too often today, our gift-giving has become self-centered and materialistic, or even burdensome. Let us all see it instead as an opportunity to express love and respect for others. In honor of Jesus!

In the busyness of this season, remember that we show love and appreciation to our friends and families for all they do for us. Something we may take for granted during the year, we can say “thank you and I love you” with something small and meaningful.

Let’s Get To The Top 10!

#1 Madewell 10-inch High Rise Jeans

These have been quite the superstars for the past few months! I’ve said that this brand has become one of my all-time favorites and I have ordered more! They are that good! Outfit Details // Moto Jacket // Blouse // Jeans // Booties

#2 Camo Skinny Pants

These were limited, so I offered alternatives – see below. Outfit Details // Sweater // Camo Pants // Boots

#3 Crown and Ivy Striped Sweater

One of my favorite sweaters and one of yours too! (Notice that I’m wearing the #1 item also!) Outfit Details // Sweater // Jeans // Boots

#4 Flirty & Flawless Makeup Collection

I purchased one of these for Raegan for one of her Christmas presents. These are inexpensive and girls of all ages from 12 to 25 (or older) will love this! I would love it lol!

#5 Pierre Dumas Rimini Boots

I have had my Rimini boots for well over a year and love them! In fact, I am asked constantly where I got these from when I do wear them. They are a boot that stands out with jeans. Super cute! See them here.

#6 American Eagle High Waisted Distressed Skinny Jeans

I wore these in a Try-On here, and boy did you girls like these jeans! I usually am wearing skinny or tighter jeans, but these were super popular! See them here. Outfit Details // Jacket // Flannel Shirt // Jeans // Booties (similar) // Transport Bag

#7 Redken Diamond Oil

One of my favorite products and is essential to combat split ends! Read the post for all-day volume here!

#8 Women’s Corduroy Skinny Jeans

I love my cords and these were super popular this week! Outfit Details // Camel Coat // Infinity Scarf // Green Balloon Sleeve Sweater // Corduroy Jeans // Boots

#9 Apt 9 Long Cardigan Sweater

You girls loved this cardigan from the Kohl’s Try-On, read it here. I love this color for Christmas! Oh…and Valentine’s Day is coming too!! See it here.

#10 Riders By Lee Denim Jacket

This is a big item on the blog and I style my denim jacket with almost everything. You girls really liked it with a few of the Skirt Outfits, Styling A Skirt 11 Ways, read it here. Outfit Details // Jacket // Buffalo Plaid Scarf // Plaid Scarf // Cheetah/Leopard Scarf // Ribbed 3/4 Sleeve Sweater // Skirt // Cognac Boots // Black Boots // Beige Boots

Was your favorite in the Top 10?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Barry is working today, so Brooklyn and I are heading to church together – I’m kind of pumped about our girls’ day all alone lol! What are you ladies doing??

Have a blessed day!

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  • Lisa

    Beautifully said Beverly about why we give gifts at Christmas. We can offer our time as gifts too. Enjoy your girls day. My daughter came home from college last Thursday. She is working some on her break, however our girls day is next Saturday and I pumped too!!! My husband and I are in Waynesville, NC (30 minutes from Asheville). We came up last night for their annual event called “A Night Before Christmas”. It is where the town keeps all their stores open which are antique shops, gift shops, local artists, restaurants, etc. They do horse and wagon rides through the town, Santa for the kids, carolers, Christian based themes and the town is full of Christmas lights and decor. This is the first time we went and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminds me of a Hallmark Christmas movie. We will do some shopping in Asheville and head back home~Lisa~

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh that sounds so wonderful!! I’d love to go see something like that and it does sound like a Hallmark movie!! I think we have a lot of Hallmark Christmas lovers following ❤️ Happy your daughter is home, I can’t imagine being away from my Raegan!! Thank you so much Lisa, and I’m not that far from you as I am on the edge of Raleigh ❤️❤️ Enjoy your Sunday!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    My favorites are the Crown and Ivy Striped Sweater and a close 2nd is the distressed jeans. Today we are going to church then driving to Athens to meet up with Troy’s father and step mom, 2 of his sons and 2 of our grandsons for lunch. After lunch we will all drive to Troy’s father’s house to do a gift exchange. When we get done there then everyone except for his dad and step mom will travel to our house for dinner and gift exchange here with us and my mother in law who lives with us. This week I will be working 2 days, 4 to midnight, bake, bake and bake some more, attend Troy’s office Christmas party and pack for our Florida trip. Let the crazy commence!!

    • Beverly

      Girl, you guys stay busy!! Whew!! You and Troy are such a great couple, I love the way you guys do so many things together. Barry is not as involved in Christmas “things” since his son passed away 6 years ago near Christmas. I feel very bad for him, but I love hearing of all the fun things you girls do. I had a friend have a Ugly Christmas Cookie Decorating Night. It was a huge hit. Of course I thought of you since you love to bake!! Enjoy your get together!! Xoxo

  • Lisa Richardson

    Thanks for the reminder of the “why” we give gifts. You shared it perfectly. A girls day is so fun. My daughter got home Wednesday night and my husband left to visit his mom Thursday, so we’re having a ball do whatever we want and watching lots of Grays Anatomy. LOL
    Happy Sunday! XO

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