Black & Denim + A Little From Kohl’s

Good Morning girls! I love black and denim together and I wanted to share a look that is stylish and can be a classic look. I also had to run a few errands and ended up at Kohl’s and decided I would share a few things with you in tops and Christmas Decor. They are having a big sale and you can get an extra 20% OFF with code: GOSHOP20. Shop the sale HERE.

You girls can see that I am getting my money’s worth out of this leather jacket, but I also want to share multiple ways you can wear items that I share. I have a black poet top on underneath that I purchased from Old Navy a year or so ago, see similar here,

My jeans are 10-inch High Rise Madewell Button Up Jeans, I’ve told you these have become my favorites right now and honestly, the stretch and fit in these make these the perfect jean to me. I was just telling Barry there is something to that saying that you get what you pay for. I am a penny pincher but I have ordered more of these brand jeans, so that should tell you how much I like the Madewell brand. See the jeans on sale here.

Let’s talk about the jacket! I wanted you girls to see the versatility of a leather moto jacket, they are perfect with skirts, slacks, dresses, and jeans and some women style it with cute shorts in the Spring. I debated on the boots, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with Suede Tall Boots or taupe booties. Which is your favorite look?

One of my favorite brands of shoes is Sam Edelman and the Valda Boot is a great everyday boot. It has a block heel of 1 1/2 inches, so it’s a comfortable boot that can be worn all day. In fact, I wore these boots for a good 12 hours and the comfort level is 100%! The front of the boot is a little taller than at the back of the knee which I like, it wears like any knee-high boot., but gives you the look of an over-the-knee boot. See the boot here.

I’m building my look with all black and decided to use a Lauren Conrad Solid Square Scarf. This is a great scarf to tie and wrap multiple ways, I doubled it up to get the look I was going for. I wanted it to be full around my neck with the ends falling out underneath. This scarf is long enough to wear as a wrap also, it’s a great material to carry you all the way through the Spring. See the scarf here (it’s on sale)!

What are your thoughts on all black on denim?

Or do you like to wear Black & Denim as a casual chic look? Or mix it up with other boots, booties, or shoes?

What’s At Kohl’s!

If you love a great cardigan and you’re looking for a red one, this is a Christmas red and it is so comfortable! These come in different colors and are on sale for $23.99, see it here. Fits TTS.

This was my favorite top out of the bunch. It’s super cozy and soft and the button detail on the sides really made this top. The cowlneck lays perfect, fits TTS and did I say it was REALLY soft? See it here.

By this time, I had so much static in my hair I was ready to give up HA! Boy, I was electric for some reason and needed lotion to tame my hair. This wrap coat was really cute. It has a leather zip front with armholes, which I like! This is by Rock and Republic and it’s under $53, see it here. I’m heading to Christmas decor now…

I stopped by the Christmas Decor and saw a couple of really cute items. If you like Farmhouse Christmas then this truck is totally adorable! See it here.

I love Christmas Wall Decor and I found a couple of things I liked. First up is this cute “Tis The Season” picture, it’s only $19.99 right now, see it here.

This is a must at my house, it will so cute in my kitchen near the coffee bar! This cute picture is on sale for only $15.99 with code: GOSHOP20 ends 12/4. See it here.

Last but not least, who likes a glass of wine every now and then? I know I have a lot of girls that enjoy that every now and then. When I tried this sweatshirt on and noticed the Shopping changed, I had to video it! Tis The Season For Shopping….or Drinking! HA! That made me laugh a tad! See it here.

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Girls that have iPhone Xr, are you noticing that you have yellow/gold stripes in your pictures some times? Notice the picture with the wrap and see if you see the stripes near the bottom. reminds me of the bold stripe wallpaper from the ’80s! I’m wondering if this is a common issue, or if I should head to the Apple store. Feedback welcomed!

Apparently, Barry is in the mood for sausage balls, so I am going to be making him a few batches tonight…yes, I said a few lol! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I hope you all have a great day. What are you girls doing, has anyone started having Christmas parties yet?

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  • Lisa

    Yes….black and denim for me. I can dress it up or give it a little edgy vibe. The sweatshirt is cute. Have a good Wednesday. ~Lisa~

  • Sandy

    I think black and denim looks beautiful together and I would not have thought of putting a black scarf with a black blouse and coat !! The pink cowl neck is so pretty and I see it’s unavailable on line. Our granddaughter has a pillow and a shirt that if you rub it one way and then the other the picture changes. Who thinks of things like this….LOL Hope Barry is feeling better and no….I have never heard of let alone had sausage balls. Maybe it’s a food popular in your area?? Happy Hump-Day 🙂

    • Beverly

      Oh my gosh, Sandy I’m sending you the recipe. They are sooooo good!!!! Everyone is better but, mom is not so good I’m just getting around to checking my blog like I should!! Wait till you read today’s blog. My my my!!! 😘😘😘 i can’t believe that sweater is already unavailable uggggg!!

  • Kelly Palmer

    I love the black boots but really like the look with the booties as well. I guess I would wear whatever I was in the mood for on that particular day. I do like the all black with denim look. I am glad that I am not the only one that gets static electricity issues when trying things on in the winter. Troy bugs me about trying things on before we leave the store so that I won’t have to do a return. I however, would rather do a return than to do through the staticky (not sure if that is an actual word) hair cause then after it feels as though my hair is stuck to my face and neck,ugh! So just for the fun of it I make a point of touching him when I come out of the dressing room to give him a little jolt. I tell him that I am just sharing the love! 😉 Thanks for showing the video of the shirt, it is so cute!! I also love the little truck but my favorite lately and I should probably get one is the replica of the red truck that you see in one of the Hallmark movies.Anyway, I will be working around the house today and may venture out later on to Walmart to pick up the bulk of my baking ingredients and the kids and grand kids Christmas candy. Have a wonderful day and I am praying that Barry is feeling better and that you stay well!

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