Best Hair Products For Volume

One thing I am asked the most from ladies is what hair products do I use for volume. My hair is fine and thin, but you would never know it to look at any of my pictures. Most of you that follow me know that I was behind the chair as a stylist for a while and I have a love for all things hair and beauty.

Today I want to share the products that I use daily to keep my locks healthy and voluminous. We will talk about shampoos later in the post, but let’s talk about what products I put in my hair after shampooing.

Root Boost is the most important product I use to give me lift and to keep my hair bouncy throughout the day. I have been using Big Sexy Root Boost for years and I will not be changing. I recently ordered 5 new products to review and none of them held up in comparison to Big Sexy.

How Do I Use It? Have towel-dried hair and spray at the roots. I section off about an inch of hair and spray my roots, do this throughout your scalp. After you have sprayed it in, take fingertips and work it into your scalp and ends.

**When drying your hair, dry your roots first, I use a hair pick to lift up my roots and I blow dry roots first then blow dry on warm the rest of my hair. Let hair cool before using any styling tools, use a protectant like this before adding any heat to your dried hair.

Once you have curled or styled your hair, I love using the Kenra Dry Volume Blast. It holds, it keeps roots lifted throughout the day and you will still have volume for second-day hair. Lift sections, spray, let dry and style hair accordingly. This rates 5-stars for me! It’s an awesome product and I will not go without it!

The shampoo of choice is Big Sexy Extra Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. The Big Sexy line is formulated to work together and as you build on the products, the better your results will be. ** Big Sexy products are Buy 2 Get 1 Free right now, shop here.

Redken Diamond Oil is ESSENTIAL to stop split-ins. I do not use this throughout my hair, I only use one pump in my palm and apply to my wet ends before drying. Guaranteed to help your hair with shine and fewer split-ends.

I do use a clarifying shampoo every other shampoo. Why? Product build-up and to keep my locks healthy. I want my hair to be as healthy as possible and to stay on my head. At 50 years old, the hair will start thinning out due to menopause. Rotating my shampoos helps keep “gunk” off my strands. My favorite is Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo 3.

NOTE: I only wash my hair twice a week. If you are washing your hair daily, only use this product every 3rd shampoo at the most. Try to go every other day with your shampoos, it’s hard at first, your hair will feel dirty the second day. The longer you go, your hair will feel cleaner and have more bounce and shine. It takes a week or so to get this feeling, but it will happen.

What hair products do you love most?

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Have a blessed day!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I’m taking Mom to her first Orthopedic appointment about her shoulder since her fall. Pray she will heal quickly! What are you girls up to?

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  • Sandy

    Thank you Beverly…I found I am not using the root boost in the correct way after reading your post! I agree that once I started shampooing my hair only 2-3 times a week, it was much easier to style but I still don’t get the “bounce” that you get in your hair. Probably because I don’t “curl” it.

  • Gina

    Big Sexy Root Boost is what I use too. Have been for a few years now and I like it. My hair is SO thin I have to watch my products because it may weigh down my hair or not get the desired effect. But that product line is da’ bomb!

  • Gina

    I use the Big Sexy Root Boost too. Have been for a few years now. My hair is so thin now so I have to be careful about trying new products. They may not give the desired effect and weigh my hair down, but the Big Sexy line is da’ bomb!

  • Gina R

    Big Sexy Root Boost is what I use too. Have been for a few years now. My hair is so thin and some products weigh it down more than others. It’s da’ bomb. I hope this comment goes thru. I’ve tried 3 times so either it is going to eventually show up 3 times …or not. Who knows?!

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