2 Outfits: Casual Camo and A Cozy Sweater Dress

I love a cute outfit that is comfy casual and I can take it from day to night. I do work from home so the day casual for me is a lot different than others who work where they have to wear business attire. But you can dress up a casual every day or weekend outfit into a chic-casual night-out ensemble with a few items.

I love the outfit I am styling today because when I’m at home or running errands, I am in total comfort with a pair of sneakers. If I want to change up my look, I can swap out my sneakers for a pair of trendy booties and a chic leather bag and be ready in minutes.

I love camo, whether it’s jeans or joggers – they make me happy for some reason. I feel a little athletic when I’m wearing it and therefore feel like I hit the gym, even though I didn’t lol! My camo skinny pants are from The Loft, but they are very low in stock. The Loft is having a 40-50% off sale going on now + an extra 10% off – shop it here. So, I have found some really cute alternatives and added them to a carousel below.

If you have been following, you may remember this black funnel neck sweater that really looks like a sweatshirt. I loved this sweater and have worn it multiple times. Since it is a sweater, you can wear it with jeans easily, but if you want to pair it with joggers or leggings – it’s a perfect ensemble. See the top here. (It has a place to put your hands in the front of this sweater just like a sweatshirt)

I go through spells with my purses and I really enjoy wearing a backpack when I’m out and about. It’s easy to throw over my shoulder or wear as a backpack and be hands-free. This one has a strap to wear like a regular handbag also. It’s on sale for 40% off and under $54 – see it here.

These Lara Boots are some of my favorites booties and make the perfect accessory to dress camo up. You could easily wear sneakers and look casual-chic, but adding a boot and a leather purse will step it up to chic-casual. I love the detail and they are some of the most popular booties on the blog right now. These come in cognac and black and are on sale for only $29.99 using code: FRIENDS&FAM. See them here.

I loved this ribbed sweater midi-dress, it is cozy and the sleeves are amazing! It has a slit up the side that goes maybe 3 inches up my thigh. I am almost 5’8″, so this would be longer on most girls. It fits TTS, comes in a few colors and a great price! See the dress here and the boots here.

Which outfit is more your style?

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I am off to help Mom out with some cleaning and grocery shopping – Ugg LOL! I hate grocery shopping and I think all of you probably know that by now (how I worked in a grocery store for 8 years in my younger years is beyond my thinking). I will be spending most of the day with her, she is getting better and thanks to all of you that have asked! What are you girls up to today?

Have a blessed day!

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Proverbs 31:25
“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future…”

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  • Sandy

    Oh Beverly….that ribbed dress and boots is ADORABLE on you! Love, love love it on you with the boots!!!! Makes me wish I could wear V-neck dresses like that but that low V-neck does not work with a small chest…LOL Whenever you show that backpack bag, it makes me “think” I need it but I’m trying to be strong and not order it. I bet your mom is looking forward to spending the day with you. So glad to hear that she is improving and getting the hang of how to do things one-handed. Not sure yet what my day will bring.

    • Beverly

      I loved that dress!! It’s so cozy!! You can wear a cami under it, I liked that about it and I bet mom is tickled lol!! Girl- I love that backpack-it’s definitely one of my better choices in purchases. Have a great day ladybug ❤️❤️

    • Beverly

      😂😂 LOL!! Yeah, I’m a little bit over 5’7. Them legs are long but you can’t always tell it in the pics. I’ve noticed that myself lol. I love Belk!! The deals are crazy good!!

      • Gina

        Girl, my 2 favorite places to shop are Belk and the Loft. So I’m in real trouble since they are both 10 minutes down the road, LOL! What a pretty sweater dress! Somehow I dont find myself wearing dresses in winter too much like I would in spring or summer, but I do like that.

        • Beverly

          I wore dresses a lot when I worked ( with tights) but girl, I’m all about some cozy clothes now lol!! I do need dresses for church though. You better hit up The Loft while the sale is going on. I just ordered me some cute clothes for the blog 😂😂

  • Kelly Palmer

    I am all for casual so I really like the outfit with camo for me, but that dress and boots outfit looks great on you! I have a little backpack purse and love to use it when I shop so that my hands are free. I have a cute story about camo that happened recently. One of our regular customers came in while I was not at the front counter. Now, this guy is typically very grumpy looking, very abrupt and never smiles. I looked up from what I was doing and saw that he was standing at the front counter waiting to be checked out and he was wearing head to toe camo. As I walked up to him I apologized for keeping him waiting and with a smile and a wink I said, “I am so sorry for keeping you waiting, I didn’t see you there, must be your outfit” 😉 He busted out laughing and I thought I would never see that happen! I saw one doctor today and will see a second one tomorrow. I will give you an update soon. Say hi to your Mom for me and I am still praying!

    • Beverly

      Don’t you love little things that happen like that with customers? I miss being in retail and seeing all my customers, I think that’s the biggest thing I miss ( and the paycheck lol)! I love the backpacks, they are awesome!! And I look forward to hearing what the doctors tell you this week. I’m praying!! I will tell mom what you said ❤️❤️

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