Sunday Inspo + Top 5 of The Week

Good Sunday morning girls! Do you ever sit back and think WHY? Why did this happen to me? Why can’t I move ahead? Why is the world in such chaos? I think these things and more from time to time, then I remember…”Lean not unto your own understanding”.

My understanding is so minor, it really means nothing; I can’t see the big picture all the time. Doors will close, some doors won’t open, I may think a door has open then it doesn’t and then finally THE RIGHT door will open. Why? Because there is one above that hears our prayers and will maneuver things for His will that will benefit you the most.

When you are looking out and seeing the world divided, remember that everything happens on God’s time. He controls all things and people are appointed to carry out His will in our lives and the world. Keep in mind that there is one goal and that is for a time of peace and the return of a mighty God. Worry not about the world, worry not about the doors that close. For there is one that sits high above and will make sure ALL things happen for the good of those that love the Lord.

Does that mean to give up and wait for the door to open? No! we will ultimately find the right door by allowing ourselves to fail and succeed. Walt Disney filed bankruptcy numerous times before he finally got his dream up and running. Steve Jobs started his empire from his garage. Take chances, but ultimately God will move you to your true destination. The biggest thing in our own way is ourselves. Do not doubt your ability, do not doubt that your time will come, do not listen to the naysayers. Your day, your time, and the desires of your heart will come true one day! Keep the faith girls! XOXO

Top 5 Faves of The Week

Another week has gone by and we have a new Top 5! To see the item click on the picture, to read the post click on the heading! Was your favorite in the Top 5?

1. Kaari Blue Faux Leather Jacket in Black

Still hanging in the top 5 this black jacket is holding it’s on!

2. Long Open Front Leopard Cardigan

These leopard print cardigans are popping up everywhere and it certainly came in strong this week on the blog!

3. The Classic Chambray Shirt

A classic, the chambray shirt is a wardrobe essential for your wardrobe. This was one of the most read posts this past week.

4. The Essential Ruana

As soon as this post went live on the blog, I knew this was going to be a favorite among you girls. This has been huge on social media, the blog, and the app.!

5. The Tie-Hem Wrap Blouse

Special Mention: The Perfect Fall Dress

This little black and white striped tee dress has been in the Top 5 since it went live a few weeks back. Very popular with you girls, it tied for 5th place this week! Plus it’s only $12.97!

Did one of your faves make it to the Top 5?

Thanks for taking time out of your day and stopping by the blog! Have a great Sunday ladies and stay safe!! XOXO

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Good Sunday morning! I can’t narrow my favorite down to just one so I will say that my top 3 are numbers #3, #4 and #5. I still have today and tomorrow off and hope that I continue to improve before I need to go back to work on Tuesday. Have a wonderful day!!

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