Try-On Haul: 10 Looks With Blouses & Tops

Happy Monday everyone! I got a few goodies made this weekend and I wasted no time in trying them out. Why is it when we bake or cook, we are ALWAYS taste-testing the food? Ok, I didn’t just taste-test the icing and batter, I scraped the bowl and didn’t share LOL!

Today on the blog I am showing different looks with tops, cardigans, and coats. Plus, I’m giving ideas of how you can have different looks with some of the pieces.

I am a lover of camo, if you follow then you already know this, and I found the softest and I mean SOFT cowl neck camo sweater at Belk. This is my favorite out of everything I tried on, so it had to have the #1 spot in this feed. This comes in a blue/gray camo also. If you like soft and cozy for cooler days – this would be a great addition to your wardrobe. it looks so good with denim! See the sweaters here.

This striped cardigan has the perfect colors to wear with denim. This would also look great with a knee-length skirt and some cute booties! Check out the mulberry and pewter colors here.

I love a holiday sweater and Crown and Ivy had some really cute ones. I am wearing a traditional sweater (these make me think of ski trips), but they have so many more. Take a look here.

Quilted coats have been super popular for a few years now and this one is so lightweight and cute. This can work with a casual outfit or a dressier outfit, plus there are several colors to choose from here. Check out the cranberry color, it’s soooo adorable!

I have seen a lot of the cardigan blazers/coats in stores this season and I really liked this plaid cardigan blazer. It’s a snuggly gray and black print and would look great with a dress, jeans or slacks. Wouldn’t a cranberry top really pop with this?

I am all about a pullover in the winter, especially if we are sitting by the fire on the patio. This Crown and Ivy pullover is SUPER warm. It’s a quilted pullover and it holds in the warmth. Trust me…I was getting hot when I was trying it on. HA! I liked the denim detail on th sleeved and collar also, there are more colors to choose from here.

You can’t roll into the holidays without some type of red sweater to wear! This sweater has a mock neck and white trim around the waist and the sleeves. I would probably pair this with a white button-down or dark chambray shirt underneath. How would you wear it? See all the colors here. (The green is gorgeous!)

I am a camel color loving girl and this boyfriend shirt was right up my alley. I love to pair camel with black jeans or slacks (or skirts), this has cute pocket detail and the sleeves roll up with a button closure to hold your sleeves in place. This color is called Tan Twine online, but I call it camel – see all the colors here.

If you love wearing vests in the Fall and Winter season, you must have a plaid shirt! I like to layer my clothes, so I would probably wear a white tee underneath this and add a vest. Add some knee-high flat boots and a crossbody handbag and this would make a great weekend outfit. See the plaid shirt here.

Who doesn’t love animal print? I asked that question on IG and boy the response was overwhelming that women LOVE it! I found this black and white cardigan at Belk, but could not find the one with the black trim online. I did find an alternative sweater that has a gray background (there are several color patterns to choose from including camo), see it here. As soon as this new item goes online, I will let you girls know!

I have a question for you girls, do you have more pants/jeans or do you have more tops? I and to have double the tops than I do jeans and I was curious if I was the only one.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and I hope you girls have a great day! I am going out to lunch with an old girlfriend today then going to spend a little time with my mom. What are you girls up to?

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  • Kelly Palmer

    Good morning! I saw the camo sweater on a recent trip to Belk. However, I didn’t get a chance to try it on because Troy was with me and he had already started to do the husband heavy sighing thing, lol! I don’t know if anyone else’s husband does this but when he has been out shopping with me and had enough instead of outright saying anything he will just start to heavy sigh. I really like all of the options that you showed today but my absolute favorite today Is the Crown and Ivy Christmas sweater. I could use some prayer please? I had started to make progress and feeling better and then for whatever reason yesterday I began to feel worse again. I am praying that I make a huge improvement today as I am scheduled to work tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. I hope that you have a wonderful week!

    • Beverly

      Barry sighs too!! It gets on my nerves lol!! I know the feeling of having to hurry up, that sweater was my favorite too!! It is a well made sweater of great quality. Crown and Ivy clothing is really good!! I will be praying for you, I will put you on our prayer chain also. I sure hope you get to feeling better!! Being sick is horrible😘

  • Laura Harmon

    I love that you feature clothing from Belk because not many bloggers I’ve seen do. Most show Nordstrom and I don’t have one of those near by. So thanks!!!

    • Beverly

      Thanks Laura!! I don’t shop Nordstrom much, sometimes online, but they are a little pricey. For most of my wardrobe, it’s not expensive -that way I can get more lol!! I appreciate you making this comment!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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